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Runegates - Vorringa Map

Note: Not Updated Since 2005

Vorringa Runegate Map

There are 3 runegate circuits on the Vorringa mapset. Going through an element's gate in a specific circuit takes you to the corresponding gate in the circuit (going through the element that matches the gate you are on does nothing). You can transfer between circuits by using the spirit gate to go to the island which contains runegates for all 3 circuits. You can also access the 3rd circuit (Outland Circuit) by going through the portal which leads to Maelstrom's Eye on the Rise of Chaos expansion island- this gate does not require traveller but does require the Rise of Chaos expansion. Thanks to The Great Library for the information needed to create this map and the coordinate list below and thanks to Tigress for her Photoshop skills.

  1. Ice Isle Circuit (all runegates are on the large northern Ice island)
  2. Mainland Circuit (all the runegates are on the mainland)
  3. Outland Circuit (the runegates are in the desert, the undead island, the southern bog island and Chaos isle)

1. Ice Isle Circuit

2. Mainland Circuit

3. Outland Circuit

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