My Electric Car

Last Modified May 30, 2011

In April 2011 I bought a Nissan Leaf, my third pure electric vehicle. It's been over 11 years now since I've bought gas. The Leaf is a great car and we're very happy with it, although disappointed it doesn't come in green.

Nissan Leaf

In April 2002 I leased a brand new Toyota RAV4 Electric (yes, pure electric, not hybrid). Previously I had leased a brand NiMH GM EV1 which I really liked, but GM refused to let me renew the lease. The RAV4 EV is very nice, but I did miss certain nice features about my EV1 such as not needing a key, faster acceleration and longer range (120 miles on a charge versus 80-100 on my RAV4 EV). On the other hand, the RAV4 EV seats more people and has a lot more space for stuff. If I'd not had the GM EV1 first I'm sure I'd love the RAV4 EV more, but I still like it quite a bit. When I get home I just plug it into the charger (we now have solar panels, so we're producing quite a bit of our own power) and it's definitely quieter than a normal car.

Picture of My RAV4 EV

RAV4 Electric

Picture of My Dearly Departed EV1


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