Kyrre's Confessor Template

This confessor has good staying power, the ability to heal, block well, and the melee resists to rival a barbarians, but it's not all survivability. It can DoT nicely, and has a very nasty nuke, especially when coupled with a resist debuff from your local channeler. That being said, let's start.


Take away 5 from strength, dex and spirit. Then take Wizards apprentice and Brilliant mind. Now raise your con and take Healthy as an ox. This should leave you with a few leftover points to put into int.

Your stats should be:

35/100 STR
25/100 DEX
60/105 CON
63/120 INT
35/95 SPI

You should try to apply the biggest int rune you can find, a godly int is great.

Stats at lvl 75:

35/100 STR
25/100 DEX
105/105 CON
150-160 INT
Rest into Spirit. Should be about 85-95.



1 train into things like Invoke the sacred flame, and Inspire the chosen. If you feel you have trains enough, put 10 into Visage of Purity. Takes care of those pesky huntress/wizard pets. The reason I don't train the Con buff is that a lot of buffbots already have it for you, let them do their job, you can do yours. Inspire the chosen - tell your local mages to tell you when they run oom. You can make their day by filling them back up!


Armour - With the recent addition of resist prefixed armours, those will be your best bet. Melee resistant armour pieces, windlord boots of course. Also, use a High priests hood of Genius. This helps both your healing and damage, as you have inspiration of zealots, you're find for mana anyways, so runed isn't needed.

Shield - For a shield, I use +30 magic resist, +3 passive def.

Jewels - Charmed ammy of Thaum, +30 mental resist of Thaum, +30 holy resist of Thaum. The suffixes of these could be changed to Of Genius, but I feel thaum helps more by adding atk as well as damage. With these you should have a decent spread of melee and spell resists. Never forget than defy the witch can dispel those resist debuffs put on you such as Shatter Will, Hex and the Channeler debuffs.

Some simple advice:

High def toon? Defy the witch is your friend.

Mages - Don't bother casting purgation. Open with contrition and mix Brand with heals. Defy any resist debuffs they cast on you, but check to see the debuff icon is in the top left corner of the buffs/debuffs window.

High hp fighters - Throw both DoTs on them, recast purgation if they decide to break the snare. Then just kite and nuke, if you're feeling brave you can decide to just stand there and blast, heal yourself when they get through your dmg absorber.

-Written by Kyrre.