Kyrre's Templar Template

Keres, My Last Templar

I call this templar 'My Last Templar' because it is just that. From the beta templars, to my str HG templar on release, to the debuffer, the hybrid, and now this. My time with Templars has always been fun, but the time for me to leave Shadowbane is here.

I like to think this template is the best i've ever had, as it suits my playstyle more than anything. It may not be a perfect template, it's beatable, but solid nonetheless.

So here goes, because leaving something makes me feel better about quitting

Keres, My Last Templar.


Starting Runes - Warlords page, Brilliant Mind, Lucky.

In Game Runes - Godly Con, Godly Int, Human +10 max int Bloodrune.

Discs - Dark Knight, Blademaster, Huntsman, Commander.

Stats (The ones that matter)
Con - 150
Int - 160



Some people may argue to spike Heavy Armour for more def. I'm quite happy with my def without the spiked trains. As a 'deflar' you have a huge sign over your head saying 'Def debuff ME' or 'Blind ME' This is where having around 6k hp, heavy armour resists, a stun to interrupt casts and massive block bails you out, somewhat.

My point on spiked HA is, if they can hit you now, after a def debuff - they will still hit you after a def debuff, even with spiked HA. And it is likely you'll get def debuffed in a large fight.

This is why I chose to put 40 of those trains into thaumaturgy, extra damage and attack is something I know that I can always depend on, not a bit more def that means nothing when i'm inevitably def debuffed.

On Dark Curse - To interrupt a cast, the caster must be stunned when the spell finishes, not as the spell is being cast. If the stun wears off before the spell fires, the spell will still fire regardless.

With 20 trains in the stun instead of 5, this means that you can stun to interrupt and cast your own spell, rather than wait 2 seconds, stun to interrupt, then cast your own.

On Hunstman over Bounty Hunter - The pet, place one point in it. Let's say you've been dotted, you killed the target, but you're slowly but surely dying with nobody to heal you. You turn to your faithful pet, and consume him! Free hp in time of need.

No Sway the Balance? - Every time I think to myself "Damn, I don't like that debuff much, i'd like to sway it", I look at the icon, and it's not in the top left corner ready for sway. Dispelling their debuffs? Why bother? Hit a style, dot, and they'll die anyway. Don't waste time and mana.

Forced March - As i'm usually alone, I like to put those 20 spare trains into Forced March. A lot of runners, if you can get a dot on them, they will die. So it's important to me to be able to get into range for that. If you know you can count on a run buffer at all times, dump those 20 trains into HA instead by all means.


Some figures

Without full Shrine buffs, I break 1800, maybe 1850 def. Probably breaking 1900 with full shrine buffs. This is enough for me considering I have a 30% atk debuff style, a 20% atk debuff style and a insta 30% blind. Not to mention Wall of steel and Active block for melees. I break 1000 mana in wings, without a spirit buff.

Without full shrine buffs, AE damage gets to 1150 max, Cleanse about 320 max, Consume about 250. I see Malorns sword dot for about 140-160, bleed for around 80-120. I proc for.. a lot. The thunderbolt damage varies, but i've seen it hit for over 1k before

Rather Obvious Tips

So there it is, not much of a secret, the 'deflar'. But this build is my favorite templar i've ever played, and i've played a lot.

-Written by Kyrre.