Great Lines

Last Modified April 11, 1998

The lines below are actual lines spoken by The City characters on episodes that aired. They have been submitted by viewers who thought they deserved the title The City Line of the Day.

Cooper (to Tony) : What Steffi and I have is unrepeatable!
(Submitted by Selena,

Tracy (at the end of the third last episode):
"I'll wait. I've got all the time in the world!"
No she doesn't!
(Submitted by Gaz,

Alex: Why were you massaging Carla's leg?
Tony: She had a charley horse...and Ally had a cow.
(Submitted by Sean,

Alex: Where did you sleep last night?
Tony: Who knows, the Bates Motel?
(Submitted by Sean,

(Correction...)Tracy (after talking to Joey about having a party after her mob boss husband's funeral): Now, how would Martha Stewart entertain four goons who want to see her dead?
(Submitted by Deborah Graham,

Vito: Maybe they (Tracy and Gino) went for a walk. Carla: Tracy doesn't walk, she slithers.
(Submitted by Sean,

Tess: You live here?
Tracy: Is there an echo in here or are my words
reverberating off hollow heads?
(Submitted by jake baird,

In questioning Alex about his relationship with Tracy, Jocelyn says,
"How many times did you ride to her rescue?"
(Submitted by alice in SJ,

Jocelyn: [to Alex] No, I'm not walking the streets with a blindfold
on my head. No!

Alex: Come on, it's New York. Who would notice?
(Submitted by susan,

Buck:[who has forgotten to get Angie's wedding bouquet]

Nick, you know I've only got two brain cells and
they are not holding hands today!
(Submitted by Susan,

Carla to Danny: Am I getting warm?
Danny to Carla: I don't think that's a temperature you're familiar with
(Submitted by Danielle Whren,

(Tony tells Carla to call her cellular phone, which they think
the Masquerader has stolen)

Carla: Like he's really going to answer. Hello, this is the
Masquerader, can I help you to an early grave?
(Submitted by susan ,

Ally: (Cheerfully): I'm going to move in with my boyfriend after he gets married.
(Submitted by Josh,

Tony: (To Ally about Carla)
Don't worry, I'm going to leave her so fast she's going
to feel a breeze up her skirt.
(Submitted by susan,

Carla to uncle Gino after he tells her she must marry Tony:
"I just want to kill myself"

Uncle Gino: Well, there's a gun in the car---just don't make a mess"
(Submitted by Simona, Simona@AOL.COM)

Molly to Danny:
"There's a lot of things you don't know about me."
(Submitted by Jeff Burns,

Tess: (To Danny, after he slept with Sydney) Why do I get feeling you already ragged your milkbone into Syd's kennel?
(Submitted by Josh Allen,

Sydney <kneeling over Jared's corpse>: Checkmate, darling..
(Submitted by Josh Allen,

The line of the summer has been "Look Molly, do I have to spell it out for you?
That of course being Danny. I think that Molly is pretty good with the spellcheck!
(Submitted by Alicia Doyle)

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