Rivkah's Shadowbane Notes


Note: Not Updated Since 2005

These are notes of useful things I've found while playing Shadowbane (a Windows/Mac massive multiplayer online RPG). I used to play Rivkah SunSoar (an Irekei fury) on the Mourning server, originally from the War server (as well as Zeherah Surestep, Zynith Ravenclaw, Evensong Minstrelsea, Urbeth, Shiol Darkstar, Cazna of Spiredore and Mireille). I am no longer playing so this information is not being updated anymore, but if you are playing World of Warcraft like me now you can visit my Rivkah's World of Warcraft Notes.

   * Useful Shadowbane Links
   * Hunting Grounds and Other Locations
* Sirinx's Class Armor Drop List
* Item Names (and what enchantments they mean)
* Shadowbane FAQ
* Sirinx's Runedropper List
* City Management Tips
* Zone Listing
* City Maintenance Costs
* City Upgrade Costs
* Armor Types and Dex Penalties
* Stats Overview
* Rolling Resource Requirements (Excel format)

Useful Shadowbane Links

Hunting Grounds and Other Locations

Note: These coordinates are only for the Aerynth mapset (Mourning and Test). For other maps I recommend visiting the map links above.

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