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Bauer, Abigail
Bauer, Bert & Bill
Bauer, Ed
Bauer, Hillary
Bauer, Hope
Bauer, Johnny
Bauer, Maureen
Bauer, Meta
Bauer, Michelle
Mike Bauer
Bauer, Rick
Blue, Jesse
Bradshaw, Coop
Bradshaw, Jenna
Burke, Michael
Camaletti, Julie
Sonni Carrera
Chamberlain, Henry
Chamberlain, J
Quinton Chamberlain
Cooper, Buzz
Cooper, Eleni
Cooper, Frank
Cooper, Harley
Cooper, Marina
Cooper, Nadine
Cooper, Pops
Crede, Dahlia
Cutter, Patrick
Dutton, Annie
Charles & Vivian Grant
David Grant
Grant, Gilly
Guthrie, Eve

Hill, Tangie
Kouperakis, Stavros
Drew Jacobs
Hart Jessup
Brent Lawrence
Layne, Cassie
Lewis, Bill
Lewis, Billy
Lewis, Dylan
Lewis, HB
Lewis, Josh
Lewis, Marah
Lewis, Mindy
Lewis, Shayne
Lewis, Trish
Gabriella Lopez
Bess Lowell
AC Mallet
Blake Marler
Dinah Marler
Ross Marler
Samantha Marler
Kelly Nelson
Floyd Parker
Raines, Lillian
Reade, Ben
Reade, Fletcher
Holly Lindsey-Reade
Reardon, Bea & Tom
Bridget Reardon
Reardon, Chelsea
Reardon, Jim
Reardon, Matt
Reardon, Nola
Reardon, Peter
Reardon, Sean
Reardon, Tony
Reardon, Vanessa
Jennifer Richards
Morgan Richards
Sampson, Kyle
Shayne, Hawk & Sarah
Shayne, Reva
Shayne, Roxie
Shayne, Rusty
Alan Spaulding
Alan-Michael Spaulding
Spaulding, Alexandra
Amanda Spaulding
Beth Spaulding
Spaulding, Lizzie
Spaulding, Lucy
Nick Spaulding
Susan Spaulding
Phillip Spaulding
Speakes, Hampton
Speakes, Kat
Roger Thorpe
Williams, Griffin
Williams, Marcus

Abigail Blume Bauer

Daughter of Max and Charlotte Blume of Goshen, Indiana. Abby was raised in an Amish-like religious community. Due to a childhood illness, she became deaf and learned to communicate using a home-grown sign language known only to her parents and close friends, including Rebecca the healer. Rebecca was, in fact, the amnesic Reva Shayne, who somehow found her way to Goshen after driving off a bridge in the Florida keys and losing her memory. When a local farmer was gravely injured, the trauma team from Springfield descended on quiet Goshen and Abby got her first glimpse of Dr. Rick Bauer. She was immediately smitten. By this time Reva had begun to regain her memory, thanks to a run-in with Alan Spaulding, who recognized Reva after being run off the road by her horse-drawn buggy. Some time later, when Abby's headaches became intolerable, Reva & Alan convinced Abby's parents to send her to Springfield for medical treatment. Once in Springfield, Abby discovered a whole new world. She learned American Sign Language and improved her speaking ability, and finally decided that she did not want to return to Goshen. Her romance with Rick blossomed, but she was dealt a cruel blow when the scummy Roy Meecham attacked Abby and attempted to rape her. After Roy's case was dismissed on a technicality, Abby impulsively grabbed a court officer's gun and shot Roy dead. She was convicted and sentenced to prison, but she & Rick eloped beforehand. Abby was recently released from prison on bail pending the consideration of new evidence in her case.

Bertha (Bert) and William (Bill) Bauer

Parents of Mike and Ed Bauer. Bill was an alcoholic who survived a heart transplant only to presumably die in a plane crash. He returned alive, years later, and we learned that he had a daughter (Hillary) by another woman, Simone Kincaid. Bill was then killed again, this time by Eli Simms (Tony Reardon's father-in-law). Bert started out as an ambitious woman who pushed her husband beyond what he would ordinarily have bothered to achieve, but two children and a lot of life experience mellowed her into GL's matriarch. Bert's cervical cancer was cured by a hysterectomy, but years later, she lost a leg (and later her life) to another form of cancer. Through it all, she was full of grace and good advice for her sons, their many wives, her grandchildren (Hope, Rick, Michelle and Christina/Blake), her great-grandson (Alan-Michael) and most of the rest of Springfield.

William Edward Bauer, M.D. (Ed)

Second son of Bert and Bill Bauer. Former chief of staff at Cedars Hospital. The much-married Ed battled alcoholism and finally won, but not before losing first wife Leslie to his brother, Mike. Leslie was the mother of Ed's son, Frederick, now known as Rick. Ed was also married to Holly, but lost her to his nemesis, Roger Thorpe. His marriage to nurse Rita Stapleton also failed. Ed finally found happiness in his marriage to Maureen Bauer, but lost her in a car accident after she discovered his brief affair with nurse Lillian Raines. Although Maureen was unable to have children, she gladly adopted Michelle, Ed's daughter with Claire Ramsey. Michelle was conceived in Beirut when Ed & Claire believed their loves, Maureen & Fletcher, to be dead. After Maureen's death, Ed began another ill-fated relationship with Dr. Eve Guthrie, who died of an incurable illness before she & Ed were able to wed. To deal with his grief, Ed departed for Africa to continue Eve's research. He recently returned to Springfield and has yet to become seriously involved in a major storyline.

Hillary Kincaid Bauer, R.N.

Daughter of Bill Bauer by Simone Kincaid, Hillary came to Springfield as a nursing student and went on to nurse at Cedars. After learning that Bill was her real father (she had been brought up to believe her father was Simone's husband Victor), she lost her virginity to Roger Thorpe. She later roomed with fellow nurse Katie Parker and developed a terrible crush on Kelly Nelson, while Katie's brother Floyd was smitten with Hillary. But Kelly's heart belonged to Morgan Richards, so Hillary resigned herself to just being Kelly's friend, and later found true love with Jim Reardon. Sadly, Hillary's happiness was short-lived. She died when a music box intended for Annabelle and Tony Reardon exploded and blew her to smithereens.

Hope Bauer

Daughter of Mike Bauer & Julie Conrad Bauer. Hope fell for her dad's archenemy, Alan Spaulding, when they were stranded on a desert island after a plane crash. (Sound familiar?) Hope & Alan were married, but the bliss didn't last long. They had one son, Alan-Michael Spaulding, and the marriage fell to pieces shortly afterwards, thanks to Alan's affairs, which led to Hope's alcoholism. After receiving help from AA, Hope divorced Alan and moved to New York with her toddler son.

Johnny Bauer

Airplane pilot and son of Jack & Lainie Bauer. (See Part 3: Family Trees.) Due to his past involvement with art smugglers Paul and Christine Valere, Alan Spaulding was able to blackmail Johnny into smuggling items for him. Later, Johnny developed terminal throat cancer while involved with Roxie Shayne. In one of GL's more absurd stories, Johnny went up in his plane, planning to fly until he crashed & burned from lack of fuel. On the ground, all his friends held a candlelight vigil for him, and eventually they convinced him to land the plane. After he landed, Johnny was miraculously free of cancer, but Roxie had a nervous breakdown and was institutionalized. Johnny later became involved with Chelsea Reardon. They hosted a TV show together on WSPR and became engaged, but then Roxie started to get better, so Johnny left town to be with her.

Maureen Reardon Bauer (Mo)

Oldest daughter of Bea & Tom Reardon. Former administrator of Cedars Hospital. Married Dr. Ed Bauer, a marriage that was mostly happy and stable, but occasionally marred by Dr. Ed's indiscretions. The first of these occurred in Beirut, when Ed & Claire Ramsey thought that Maureen and Fletcher Reade were dead. In their mutual grief, they conceived Michelle, who Maureen later adopted.

Maureen was best friends with Vanessa Chamberlain, and worked for her as her executive assistant at Spaulding Enterprises. During one rocky stretch in her marriage, Maureen almost had an affair with Fletcher, but in the end remained faithful to her husband. The same cannot be said of Ed, who boinked former wife Holly Lindsey during this period. Maureen died at Cedars as the result of a car accident, after discovering the affair between Ed and Lillian Raines.

Meta Bauer

Daughter of Friedrich "Papa" Bauer and "Mama" Bauer; sister of Bill Bauer. As a young woman, Meta was estranged from her family and pregnant, though unmarried. She gave the boy up for adoption, but later reunited with her family and won back her son, Chuckie. Under pressure from her family, she married the boy's father, Ted White, although she did not love him. Meta eventually left Ted and won custody of Chuckie. During a visit with his dad, Chuckie died in a boxing accident, and Meta subsequently shot and killed Ted in a fit of rage and grief. She went on trial for murder, but thanks to the help of sympathetic reporter Joe Roberts, she was acquitted. She later secretly married Joe, who had two children from a previous marriage, but this marriage didn't work out either and Meta soon fell for Dr. Bruce Banning. Joe died of cancer, and Meta and Bruce evenutally married. Meta and Bruce moved to New York. Some 30 years later, Meta returned to Springfield alone to keep an eye on her grand-niece and grand-nephew, Michelle and Rick. Her storyline has been virtually non-existent, and she seems to appear mostly at holiday times to cook and make inconsequential conversation.

Michelle Bauer

Daughter of Ed Bauer and Claire Ramsey; adopted by Ed's wife Maureen. Michelle was conceived in Beirut when Ed and Claire turned to each other in their grief after Maureen and Claire's fiance, Fletcher Reade were presumed dead in terrorist gunfire. Michelle was devastated when her mother died, and developed a close relationship with Ed's ex-wife Holly, which has since been forgotten. Michelle grew up as fast friends with "Little Billy" Lewis, but their budding adolescent romance was never pursued. Instead, Michelle fell first for the mysterious Zachary, who deserted her because he was really an angel, and then for the illiterate, street-smart Jesse Blue, who turned out to be the recipient of Maureen's heart. On the eve of her planned elopement with Jesse, Michelle lost her sight in a fire at the Lewis house. When it seemeed that her sight loss would be permanent, Michelle disappeared from Springfield without telling Jesse the truth. She went to a school for the blind to learn to live with her disability, where her doctor, Dan, began to develop feelings for her. Jesse finally found her and discovered the truth about her blindness, so he obtained a job as an aide and befriended her as "Carlos," with a really bad Spanish accent.

Mike Bauer

Frederick Bauer, M.D. (Rick)

Rick is the son of Ed Bauer and Leslie Jackson Bauer. Michelle is his half-sister and Holly Lindsey Reade was his stepsister (when his mother was married to Holly's father), as well as stepmother. His alleged son, Kevin Marler, was conceived during a drunken one-night stand with Blake Marler, and is being raised by Blake and Ross, along with his half-twin Jason, who is presumably Ross' son. Rick spent 5 years working in Chicago to serve a community service sentence for his part in faking best friend Phillip Spaulding's death. While Phillip was supposedly dead, Rick married Phillip's fiancee, Beth Raines, to throw the police off the track. Another close friend is Mindy Lewis, who Rick has had feelings for in the past. Rick was also married to Dr. Meredith Reade, Fletcher's sister, but after her baby was stillborn (Phillip was the father) their marriage fell apart. While in Chicago, Rick was married briefly to alcoholic nurse Annie Dutton, but later learned that their marriage was never valid because she had been married to someone else earlier and then faked her death. Rick is now married to his fourth wife, Abigail.--adapted from FollyWorld

Jesse Blue

Son of Jack Blue, who had a vendetta against the Bauer family because he believed Ed Bauer was responsible for his wife's death. Jesse's mom, whose maiden name was Diaz, died in childbirth at Cedars Hospital, and Jack never got over it. Jesse was a sick child, but Ed Bauer secretly arranged for a heart transplant that saved his life. The heart Jesse received came from Ed's wife, Maureen. Jesse was raised in a tough neighborhood where he built motorcycles and hung out with some shady characters. Due to missing so much school as a child, he was also illiterate. His life changed when he met Michelle Bauer, who was searching for the recipient of her mother's heart. She taught him how to read & the two fell in love in the process. When Michelle was blinded in a fire, she left town without telling Jesse of her condition. He found out on his own and followed her to a school for the blind, where he posed as a Hispanic attendant named Carlos. Michelle regained her sight and reunited with Jesse, but their relationship has been shaky ever since she returned to Springfield.

Henry Cooper Bradshaw (Coop)

Son of Jenna Bradshaw and Buzz Cooper, and named for Jenna's dear friend Henry Chamberlain. Buzz didn't find out about Coop until the kid was about 2, because Jenna left town when she was pregnant, without ever telling Buzz that he was about to be a dad. For the first couple of years of his life, Jenna raised Coop along with high-class criminal Jeffrey Morgan, who was listed as the child's father on his birth certificate. Coop is seldom seen, often left to the esteemed baby-sitting services of the even-more-seldom-seen Mrs. Popoff.

Jenna Bradshaw

Reformed British jewel thief, former president and majority stockholder of Spaulding Enterprises, former half-owner of WSPR. Originally came to Springfield to steal the Spaulding jewels and was caught red-handed, but got off when she & Roger Thorpe blackmailed Alexandra Spaulding into dropping the charges. Starting looking for her father, since a photo of a car he owned gave clues that he lived in Springfield. Henry Chamberlain, hoping to save Spaulding Enterprises, told her that he was her father. She later found out that this was not true. Was living with and off Roger when they discovered her dead father had invented something that generated huge profits for Spaulding. Sued Spaulding for damages. Unbeknownst to her, Roger hid evidence that proved her father had been compensated, and Alan-Michael (in his lust to find Eleni and Frank) lost the contract proving the compensation, thus allowing her to win the court case that put her in charge of Spaulding. Married Roger, but divorced him after he got violent & caused her to miscarry their child.

Learned from Alexandra that her father didn't die in prison in 1974, but used various aliases to hide from the IRS, and did die in 1984, leaving her a $3000 bequest in his will. Lived in the firehouse with Buzz Cooper and became pregnant, but didn't tell him because he had remarried Nadine. While pregnant, she worked for Alan Spaulding, who had recently been released from jail. She left for Rio after a tearful farewell from Buzz at the gate to the airplane, without telling him she was pregnant. Gave birth in Rio de Janiero to Henry Cooper Bradshaw on Christmas Day, 1994.

Returned to Springfield two years later, but did not immediately tell Buzz that little Henry was his son. Her husband, Jeffrey Morgan, followed her to town and tried to get her to return to him and their life of crime. Jenna was caught red-handed in front of an open safe in the Grant home, but Buzz convinced Vivian Grant to withhold her testimony, so Jenna was only sentenced to probation and community service. Jeffrey blackmailed Jenna into remaining in their marriage, despite her desire to reunite with Buzz. In order to escape him, Jenna conspired with Harley and Phillip to pull a "sting" on Jeffrey, which was successful and resulted in his being sent to jail. After being reunited with Buzz, Jenna learned she was pregnant again, but was devastated to find out that Jeffrey was the father. Since Buzz suffered an untimely case of amnesia just as she learned this information, Jenna has yet to tell him that the baby she is carrying is not his.

Michael Burke, M.D.

Michael was first introduced as Vanessa Reardon's physical therapist in her Swiss convent clinic. It was later revealed that he had been a practicing physician in the U.S., but lost his license after being accused of murdering a patient. The patient was a married woman with whom he was having an affair, and she had the same incurable disease as Vanessa. In fact, Michael loved her deeply and did not murder her, but her angry husband was able to pull enough strings to cost Michael his license. Michael returned with Vanessa to Springfield after her illness went into remission and worked for a time at Cedars Hospital, where he crossed the line between physical therapist and physician one time too many and got himself fired. He subsequently went to work for Spaulding Enterprises, ostensibly developing the fragrance "Simply Annie," but also using the lab as a cover for his private research. He was unsuccessful in developing a cure for Vanessa's illness, so he branched out into cloning. First he cloned a cat, and then he cloned Reva Shayne for a distraught Josh Lewis. He wants to pursue his research, but Josh won't back him, so Michael's friend/associate Vicki Brandon convinced him to approach Alan Spaulding for funding.

Julie Camaletti

Julie was a senior in high school when she moved from New York City to Springfield to live with her brother A.C. Mallet (who she called by his real name, Tony). Mallet had been in love with a woman named Francesca, but her mafioso father opposed their relationship and married his daughter off to an Italian doctor while his henchmen held Julie hostage. Julie was an aspiring ballerina and spent many hours pirouetting around the gazebo on the Spaulding grounds, where she was spied and admired by Hart Jessup. Julie became friends with Bridget Reardon and Kat Speakes, but Bridget was jealous over Julie's budding relationship with Hart, and advised Julie not to sleep with him. Julie was heartbroken when Hart left town, but didn't know that Hart had slept with Bridget the night before he left, fathering her child. Julie later became involved with Dylan Lewis and was engaged to marry him when Hart returned to Springfield. Confused about her feelings, Julie slept with Hart the night before she was to wed Dylan. Bridget found out and revealed the information to everyone in church shortly before the vows, thus preventing the wedding. Julie subsequently moved out of the boardinghouse and moved in with Frank & Eleni Cooper, where she helped out by watching Marina and working in the diner. But Julie coveted Frank and did everything in her power to woo him away from Eleni, including inserting her naked self into his bed one night when Eleni was away on a catering job. Although Eleni found the two in bed together, Frank was eventually able to convince her of the truth -- nothing happened and Julie was evil incarnate. A number of Springfield residents chipped in to buy Julie a one-way ticket to Florida, where she could bother her brother instead of them. Julie went off in search of the once-again missing Hart instead, and hasn't been seen since.

Sonni Carrera Lewis / Solita Carrera

Anthony James Chamberlain (J)

Son of Nola Reardon and Quinton Chamberlain, and half-brother of Stacey Chamberlain. As a child, J was known as A.J., but as a teen-ager decided that A.J. had one too many syllables. J was born in Springfield, but grew up around the world, going on archeological digs with his parents. He followed Nola to Springfield after she broke up with Quint. J was initially attracted to Michelle Bauer, who was infatuated with him, but Nola and Ed nixed the idea of any romantic relationship between the first cousins, even though they were not related by blood. After graduating high school, J developed an interest in photography, which he studied at Springfield University before departing for a job on the West Coast.

Quinton McCord Chamberlain

Henry Chamberlain

Father of Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon and Quinton McCord Chamberlain. Pretended to be the father of Jenna Bradshaw to avoid a costly lawsuit, but was found out. Until the Bradshaw takeover, he was a Spaulding board member and semi-retired executive. At one time, he lost a substantial amount of his Spaulding stock in a rigged poker game with Roger Thorpe. He & Jenna remained good friends, and he advised her on business matters from time to time. She named her son, Henry Cooper Bradshaw after him.

His other main duties were to babysit for his grandsons Bill & Peter, appear at family get-togethers, and tell Vanessa he didn't approve of Billy. He was originally shocked when he learned of Vanessa's relationship to Matt Reardon, but the young man eventually won his respect because of his obvious devotion to Vanessa.

Henry had a bad heart, which eventually did him in during a visit to Quinton in California.

Frank Achilles Cooper, Sr. (Buzz)

Father of Frank, Harley and Lucy Cooper and Henry Cooper Bradshaw. Son of "Pops" Cooper. Owner of the Wheels & Meals Diner. Thought to be a dead Vietnam war hero by Frank and Harley, he actually returned from the war unscathed, but neglected to contact his family. When Harley found his name missing from the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial wall, she started a search for him, which eventually resulted in his arrival in Springfield and reunion with his family. Harley and Frank at first discarded any idea that he was a "war hero," but shut up when they found out he was awarded the Silver Star. Buzz received the medal after accidentally killing a deranged fellow soldier who had become a sniper. Buzz felt the military gave him the medal to keep the story quiet. Lucy's mother, Sylvie, was the pregnant widow of the soldier that he killed. She miscarried after he informed her of her husband's death, and feeling sorry for her, Buzz stayed in the Phillipines with her. During this time, Sylvie became pregnant with Lucy, and Buzz decided to stay and be the father to Lucy that he never was to Frank and Harley. Sylvie eventually booked, leaving Buzz alone to raise Lucy, which he did by traveling all over the country with her.

For a long time, Buzz was torn between his feelings for ex-wife Nadine and Jenna Bradshaw. He lived with Jenna in the firehouse after she left husband Roger Thorpe, and was with her when she miscarried Roger's baby. Remarried Nadine to win a game show, but eventually they ended it with an amicable divorce. Jenna left town without telling Buzz she was pregnant with his baby. When she returned with the boy two years later, she originally kept his paternity a secret, but finally told Buzz the truth. After dispensing with Jenna's pesky husband, Jeffrey Morgan, Buzz proposed to Jenna and she accepted. Then he fell down a flight of stairs and lost his memory.

Eleni Andros Cooper

A native of Crete, Greece, Eleni came to Springfield by stowing away on the same ship that brought Stavros Kouperakis to the U.S. Stavros had intended her to be his great-nephew Frank Cooper's bride, but Frank wasn't interested. He put Eleni to work at the diner to earn back her passage from Greece (which he had reluctantly paid). He fell in love with her but didn't tell her, so she married Alan-Michael Spaulding in order to avoid being deported after Alan-Michael tricked her into thinking Frank had slept with a French prostitute named Musette. Alan-Michael later tricked her into getting pregnant (by switching her birth contol pills with placebos), but the joke was on him when the baby turned out to be Frank's. Eleni divorced A-M and married Frank only moments before going into labor and giving birth to Marina. She is now poor but happy.

Her good heart led to a lucrative catering contract with "The Willows" nursing home, and a deep involvement in the protection of Bess Lowell from Roger Thorpe and the Spauldings. She kidnapped by George, a henchperson for Roger, but was saved by Alan-Michael and Frank. Spurred by the Willows contract, she started a successful catering company, which became a cause for a strain in her marriage. Resuming her friendship with former husband Alan-Michael was another strain on the marriage.

Was "promised" to marry into another family in her home of Crete, but being already married to Frank, this presented a problem. The family wanted payment, either with Eleni or her family's taverna. Eleni & Frank traveled to Crete to resolve the situation, which involved Eleni being imprisoned on the private island of her would-be husband, Christos. She escaped & returned to Springfield with Frank. Her family in Crete consists of her mother, her grandmother ("Yia-Yia") and two yummy older brothers.

Frank Achilles Cooper, Jr.

Son of Buzz & Nadine Cooper, father of Marina Cooper. Finally married Eleni Andros after a long triangle with Alan-Michael Spaulding. Former owner of the Wheels & Meals Diner, former private detective. Can fix anything with a motor. Once ran a chop-shop out of his garage, but is now a detective on the Springfield police force.

Before marrying Eleni, Frank had relationships with Mindy Lewis & someone named Dana, who was killed by a psychopathic comedienne ["Looney" Rae Rooney]. Has also slept with Blake, but they're just friends. Helped raise sister Harley after Nadine left. Was best friends with A.C. Mallet, Harley's ex-husband.

Was estranged from Eleni after she found a naked Julie Camaletti in bed with Frank, but reunited after they got Julie to confess that she engineered the whole thing.

Lost the house that he renovated for Eleni in the second 5th Street fire and moved his family into the apartment above the diner. Became a cop to earn more money, and was quickly promoted to detective. But he still helps out in the diner.

Harley Davidson Cooper

Named after her father's favorite motorcycle, Harley is the daughter of Buzz & Nadine Cooper. Wild & free-spirited, Harley lost her virginity to Dylan Lewis at 16, and gave birth to a baby she called Daisy. Dylan disappeared, never knowing that Harley was pregnant, so she gave the baby up for adoption and later married Alan-Michael Spaulding to help him get his trust fund, but then fell in love with him. They ran an antique shop on 5th Street that was burned out in the first 5th Street fire. After Dylan returned to Springfield and spent time with Harley, learning about his daughter, Alan-Michael became very jealous. They were too immature to work things out, and so got divorced.

Harley became nanny to Marah & Shayne Lewis, and was engaged to Josh Lewis after Reva presumably died. He broke it off when he learned Reva might be alive and went to search for her. Harley then worked for "Melinda Lewis Designs" for awhile, then entered the police academy after being falsely arrested by crooked cops. [She was acquitted and turned around by then-Judge, now Senator Collier.] There, she met & fell in love with A.C. Mallet, her instructor. They married and moved to Florida, where Harley became an investigator for an insurance company. After a few years, though, the marriage broke up when Mallet cheated on Harley, so she returned to Springfield and is now involved with her former brother-in-law, Phillip Spaulding.

Marina Cooper

Daughter of Frank & Eleni Cooper, named for her maternal grandmother. There is the slim possibility she is really Alan-Michael Spaulding's child, as a DNA test was never done. She was hearing-impaired at birth, which was corrected with expensive surgery paid for by her grandfather, Buzz Cooper. Owned the little stuffed lamb that was Bess Lowell's hiding place for a document proving the true ownership of Spaulding Enterprises. Was saved from the second 5th Street fire by Josh Lewis. Current age: about 7 or 8.

Nadine Cooper

Mother of Frank, Harley Cooper. Was married to Buzz Cooper & Billy Lewis. When Buzz didn't return from the Vietnam War, she left Springfield to seek her fortune as an actress in California, but was miserably unsuccessful and wound up waiting tables & telling fortunes. On returning to Springfield, had relationships with Alan Spaulding & Ross Marler. Was the hostess of "The Love Bug," a dating-game-type show on WSPR. Was known for her flamboyant clothing & scheming, selfish ways, but basically had a good heart. After remarrying Buzz, tried to keep Jenna away from him, and was successful. After Jenna left town, Nadine & Buzz divorced amicably.

After Lucy was raped by Brent Lawrence, Nadine started seeing disturbing visions. Just before leaving town to make a new life for herself, Nadine was killed by Brent and dumped in the lake. Her family, thinking she had left town, didn't realize she was dead until her body washed up months later.

"Pops" Cooper

Dead patriarch of the Cooper family. Immigrated from Crete, Greece & changed his name to Cooper from Kouperakis. Started the Wheels & Meals diner and fathered Buzz Cooper. Helped raise Harley & Frank after Buzz "died" and Nadine left. Was famous for his baklava. Died in the (first) infamous Fifth Street Fire, which was set by operatives of Roger Thorpe during his riverfront land-grab.

Dahlia Crede

Daughter of Tina Crede, a local "working girl." Tina tried to give Dahlia a good life, and kept her unsavory profession from her daughter. In an attempt to better her situation through robbery, Tina found herself facing jail time, so she turned to her good friend Frank Cooper, who agreed to take Dahlia in while Tina served her sentence. Dahlia, then a senior in high school, became friends with Michelle Bauer and Bill Lewis, who were both in her class. She was also the object of Marcus Williams's fascination. Marcus knew the truth about Tina and thought Dahlia should know it as well, so he told her. Dahlia was devastated at first, but eventually came to accept what her mother had done and why she had done it. Marcus encouraged the shy Dahlia to pursue her singing as he pursued his career as a musician. Marcus eventually caught the attention of music producer Sugar Hill, and tried to sell Dahlia as part of the team, but Sugar only wanted Marcus. When Marcus was late to a performance for record company executive David Jacobs, Dahlia warmed the crowd up with a song. Jacobs was impressed and signed Dahlia to a recording contract. Dahlia managed to get Marcus signed as well, and the two celebrated their success by making love for the first time. Thanks to David's meddling daughter Drew, Marcus was briefly fooled into thinking Dahlia was involved with Sugar Hill, but Dahlia was able to convince him of the truth. Dahlia and Marcus now live in the boardinghouse and continue to pursue their musical careers and romance, but mostly off-camera.

Patrick Cutter

Cutter was a police detective with the Springfield Police Department until he was murdered by cross-dressing psycho-killer Brent Lawrence. Prior to his untimely death, his best friend was Tangie Hill, who he also had a crush on. His love life in Springfield never consisted of much... a date long ago with Holly Lindsey (set up by Blake) that happened to have been the night Billy Lewis shot Roger Thorpe. He also had a couple of dates with Mindy Lewis. --adapted from FollyWorld

Annie Dutton

Recipient of the "Edward Bauer Fellowship", which brought her from Chicago to Springfield, to work as a nurse at Cedars. Met Josh Lewis the night of the awards benefit when he was looking lost without a date. She thought he was an awful snob, until the second 5th Street fire, when she learned what a softie he is. --K

For some time, Annie kept a big secret from Josh; this turned out to be that she was a recovering alcoholic and had previously been married to Dr. Rick Bauer. This news broke up her relationship with Josh for awhile, but he eventually got over it & they got engaged again. This time, their happiness was disturbed by the spirit of the presumed-dead Reva Shayne. Reva reappeared in the flesh just as Josh & Annie were married and has been a constant source of strain on their marriage ever since.

Annie, believing Reva to be a threat to her happiness with Josh, developed migraines which she self-medicated with an addictive drug. After an intervention, Annie went cold-turkey at the Bauer cabin, with Phillip Spaulding's help. She returned to Josh determined to make their marriage work, but Josh had turned to Reva. In increasingly desperate moves, Annie first slashed her diaphragm, then was twice artificially inseminated, in an attempt to get pregnant with the baby she believed would salvage her marriage. The second insemination took, and Annie became pregnant. In another desperate move to keep Reva & Josh apart, Annie engaged Alan's assistance in laying a false trail for Reva as she searched for her long-lost half-sister. As a result, Reva thought Annie was her sister. Following her miscarriage, Annie staged a fall down a flight of stairs in order to frame Reva for the fetus's death. When her evil actions were exposed and Reva was acquitted, Annie teamed up with Alan Spaulding to further torture Reva and the Lewises. They located Reva's sister and blackmailed her into working for them against the Lewises. This plan failed when Reva & Cassie figured out they were sisters and turned the tables on Annie and Alan.

Charles & Vivian Grant

David Grant

Gillian Grant (Gilly)

Daughter of socialite Vivian Grant and civil rights leader/lawyer Griffin Williams, but raised to believe that Dr. Charles Grant was her father. Gilly was conceived when her mother had an affair with Griffin while working with him in the civil rights movement in the South. Gilly was married to and divorced from Hampton Speakes. Their divorce was largely a result of the constant conflict caused by Gilly's devotion to her job as producer at WSPR, where she worked for Roger Thorpe, long-time enemy of Hamp and his good friends, the Lewises. Worked for an escort service while in college, and thought she murdered the sleazy guy who ran the service. Her brother David, a juvenile at the time, took the blame for this killing to spare Gilly jail time. (Iit turned out that Gilly only winged the guy in the shoulder. The real killer was Norrie Ryan, sister of the former Springfield Police Chief.) Was engaged to lawyer Sidney Dickerson, but broke up with him when she realized his ambition was even more dangerous than her own. After learning the shocking truth that Griffin was her biological father just as she was about to seduce him, Gilly left town to "find herself." --DVW

Eve Guthrie, M.D.

Eve was a freedom fighter in the country of Cambrai, where she met Nick [McHenry] Spaulding, who was doing the "Scud Stud" thing at the time. She fell in love with Nick, but married Paul, a Cambrai native, after Nick disappeared. She was captured and held as a political prisoner until she was brought to Springfield by Roger Thorpe (under contract with Alexandra Spaulding) to break up Nick's relationship with Mindy Lewis. Eve managed to rekindle her relationship with Nick after Mindy left him at the altar, but went insane when Mindy returned and it became apparent that Nick was still in love with her. Tried to make everyone think that Mindy had gone insane over losing Nick, but got caught, and ended up in a sanitarium. After her release, she lived in Ed Bauer's garage apartment and began a research project at Cedars. She eventually won back her privileges to practice medicine and became engaged to Ed, but before they could marry, she became sick and died of a leukemia-like illness triggered by her exposure to chemical weapons used in Cambrai. --DVW

Tangie Hill

Met Josh Lewis and his children on a beach on the Riviera, and followed them to Springfield in late 1993, carrying a large, heavy handbag containing $500,000. She hid the money in the sand, and Bill Lewis found it. But the money wasn't really hers and a thug named Ray came after her to recover it. Ray tracked Bill and Tangie to the lighthouse, chased them to the top, and then set the lighthouse on fire. Most of the money (as well as the lighthouse) was burned in this fire.

Tangie had an affair with Josh & revealed to him her past connection to Roger Thorpe: When she was a teenager, her parents put her in the care of a man she knew as "Mr. Knight." This man kept an eye on her, watching every move she made, had her followed everywhere, and called her Chrissie. "Mr. Knight" was really Agency operative Roger Thorpe. Roger later explained to Tangie that her parents were spies for East Germany, who asked him to look after her when they were sent to jail.

Worked at the Springfield Journal, where she was unlucky enough to witness a one-night-stand between Holly Lindsey and Fletcher Reade (aka "DeskSex"). Became good friends with police detective Patrick Cutter. Was the first to meet Alan Spaulding when he returned to Springfield from jail, but didn't know who he was until after she (accidentally) shot him while caring for and falling for an injured Alan-Michael. Alan and his son vied for her affections; Alan finally won, but Tangie dumped him when she found out the kind of person he really was. Finally, with her character in a shambles, Tangie took a job in Washington, D.C.

Stavros Kouperakis

Brother of Pops Cooper, uncle of Buzz, great-uncle to Harley, Frank, Lucy & little Henry, great-great-uncle to Marina. He immigrated to the U.S. with Eleni to help out his family and marry off Frank. He used to work in the diner, but hasn't been seen recently. He also plays the accordion, gives lots of advice, and is known for his baklava and moussaka. Was severely beaten by racist thugs during the storyline in which David Grant killed Vinny Morrison. Has since disappeared from the Springfield canvas, but his whereabouts have not been disclosed.

Drew Jacobs

Hart Jessup

Brent Lawrence

Cassie Rae Layne

Illegitimate daughter of Sarah Shayne and an unidentified Chicago businessman. Sarah hid the pregnancy from her family and gave the baby up for adoption in Chicago. Cassie's adoptive parents, the Raes, fell on hard times and Cassie subsequently spent the rest of her childhood in foster homes. She married her high school sweetheart, Rob Layne, and the two had a child, Tammy. Rob was a good-looking, smooth-talking nogoodnik who was arrested for dealing drugs. Although she was uninvolved and unaware of his dealings, Cassie was initially implicated as well, and Tammy was placed in foster care. After proving her own innocence, Cassie struggled to regain custody of her daughter, but found herself mired in the bureaucracy of Chicago's child welfare system. To earn money for legal assistance, Cassie took a job as an exotic dancer in a strip club, where she was tracked down by Annie Dutton and Alan Spaulding. Reva Shayne was also looking for her sister Cassie, having recently learned of her existence from Sarah in a deathbed revelation. Alan and Annie, having laid a false trail for Reva, recruited Cassie in a scheme to take over Lewis Oil, but were foiled when Cassie & Reva made the connection before the scheme reached fruition. Reva and the Lewises welcomed Cassie into their family and helped her obtain custody of Tammy. While working as a mole at Lewis Oil, Cassie was befriended by Hart Jessup, whose engagement to the wily Dinah Marler was precarious at best. Dinah was immediately suspicious of Cassie, and before long, Hart was unable to resist his attraction to the wholesome but needy Cassie, who stood in stark contrast to the manipulative and insecure Dinah. Hart broke his engagement with Dinah and hooked up with Cassie, but their relationship has not been smooth sailing either. Dinah continually tries new schemes to break them up, and Cassie's recent secrecy surrounding her "family problems" (that is, the cloning of Reva) caused Hart to mistrust her.

Tammy Layne

Harlan Billy Lewis, III (Bill, Little Billy)

Son of Billy Lewis and Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon. Currently a college freshman. Used to hang out with Ben Reade & has always been sweet on Michelle Bauer, but lately she's been maturing a lot faster than he. Plays baseball, soccer & football. Is afraid of heights. Once jealous of his mother's relationship with Matt Reardon, he accidentally caused the latest fire in the "5th Street" area. Moved to the boardinghouse after his mother's supposed death, but eventually reconciled with stepfather Matt Reardon & moved back home. Since Vanessa's return, he has been pretty scarce.

Harlan Billy Lewis, Jr. (Billy)

Son of H.B. Lewis and "Miss Sally" (a prominent Tulsa madam/hooker). Raised thinking that H.B. and "Miss Martha" were his real parents. Former president of Lewis Oil. Father of Mindy, Dylan, Bill, and once-adoptive father of Peter Lewis Reardon. Recovering alchoholic, twice married to Vanessa Chamberlain, young Bill's mother. Was also previously married to Mindy's mom (who died when Mindy was very young), Reva Shayne, and Nadine Cooper.

Mortal enemy of Roger Thorpe; Roger hates Billy because Billy gained ownership of the Towers after Roger built them for Spaulding; Billy hates Roger for having an affair with Mindy, his "princess." Half-brother of Kyle Sampson (same mother).

After his first divorce from Vanessa, she left with young Bill for a time; when she returned, Billy was involved with Nadine Cooper. Van & Billy got re-engaged, but Billy left her at the altar, having gotten drunk and run away to Cross Creek with Nadine after learning of Reva's death. In a later bout of drunkenness, he married Nadine in Las Vegas. He eventually sobered up & divorced Nadine when he learned she had lied to him about being pregnant & had presented Bridget Reardon's baby to him as their own. When he discovered that Peter was Roger's grandson, shot Roger & was sent to prison for 5 years, whereupon Vanessa divorced him.

Was released in January 1997 to a prison work-release program. Worked in the diner for a time, then returned to Lewis Oil. Was attracted to his lovely new assistant, Cassie Layne, but that fizzled when it turned out that she had been dating him on orders from Annie and Alan.

Dylan Shayne Lewis

Son of Billy Lewis & Reva Shayne, the result of a brief affair when Reva was a teenager. Dylan was adopted by a Tulsa family but ran away after the mother died. In Springfield, he met virgin Harley Cooper & unknowingly sired a daughter, Daisy. He then served time in jail for armed robbery & returned to find Harley married to Alan-Michael Spaulding and his daughter happily living with adoptive parents under the name Susan LeMay. He discovered his true identity and bonded with Billy & Reva.

He was once engaged to virgin Samantha Marler, but they broke up after she fell in love with the doctor who cured her paralysis [the late Daniel St. John, former Cedars Hospital "Crazed" Doctor of the Year]. Also formerly engaged to Julie Camaletti, another former virgin and sister of A.C. Mallet, Harley's husband. Broke engagement when, during the wedding ceremony, Bridget Reardon spilled the beans about Julie doing the nasty with Hart Jessup the night before the wedding.

Headed up Lewis Construction, a division of Lewis Oil, until a shady business deal mastermined by Roger Thorpe, caused the division and Dylan to go bankrupt. Fell in in love with Bridget and revived Lewis Construction, but was blinded in a car accident engineered by Gabriella Lopez's mysterious Uncle Carlos. Went to a residential rehabilitation center in Duluth, MN, but recently regained some of his vision and returned in a vain attempt to rekindle things with Bridget. She gave him the boot, so he left town again. She eventually joined him in Michigan.

Harlan Billy Lewis, Sr. (H.B.)

Patriarch of the Lewis clan and founder of Lewis Oil. Made his fortune as a "wildcatter" and raised his family in Tulsa, OK. Still owns a camp outside that city, "Cross Creek," which is often used for family get-togethers and getaways. Father of Billy, Josh & Trish Lewis. As a young man he was convicted of writing a bad check, and served time. While in jail, his investment struck oil, enabling him to make restitution & found Lewis Oil. In March 1997, he suffered a heart attack in France, which was a precursor to his death later in the year.

Joshua Lewis (Josh)

Son of H.B. Lewis and "Miss Martha," father of Marah & Shayne Lewis. Was once married to Sonni Carrera. Finally married the love of his life, Reva Shayne, when Marah was a pre-schooler. After Reva's apparent death, became engaged to Harley Cooper, who was the children's nanny. Upon seeing a travelogue with a woman who resembled Reva, Josh went to Italy to search for her. After a few months, he broke his engagement to Harley & sent for the kids.

Returned to Springfield with the children after several years, followed by Tangie Hill,a mysterious woman he met on the Riviera. They had an affair, but it fizzled after Tangie revealed her past association with Roger Thorpe. Josh runs both Lewis Oil and Lewis Construction. He broke his leg saving Marina Cooper from the 5th Street fire, and became friends with Nurse Annie Dutton during his stay in the hospital. They eventually married, despite the reappearance of the presumed-dead Reva, which meant their marriage was doomed from the start. Josh fought a losing battle against his feelings for Reva and was miserable in his marriage to Annie, which was complicated by her calculated pregnancy. Unbeknownst to Josh, the child she was carrying was not his. When all of this was revealed, he quickly divorced her and reunited with Reva.

Marah Lewis

Daughter of Reva Shayne & Josh Lewis [her name is a merging of her grandmothers' names, MArtha and SaRAH], Marah was originally thought to be Kyle Sampson's child, due to timing & some switched blood tests. When Reva supposedly died, Marah, then 4, bonded with Harley Cooper, her nanny.

Marah moved to Italy with Josh, her brother Shayne and her grandmother Sarah after Josh thought Reva might be alive in Italy. She was a kindergartener when she left the show, but when she returned five years later, she was only about 8 or 9 [a rare example of soap de-aging in a child]. She became very attached to Annie as her Mommy & underwent psychological counseling after Reva traumatized her by returning from the dead, but she is over it now that her dad and mom are back together.

Melinda Sue Lewis (Mindy)

Oldest child and only daughter of Billy Lewis; mother dead. Has been married to Phillip Spaulding (miscarried his child, then divorced), Kurt Corday (died in the Venezuelan oil fields), Will Jeffries (died in a fall from a balcony of the Cliff Hotel), and Nick Spaulding (divorced). Has had relationships with Rusty Shayne & Frank Cooper, and is still good friends with both. Had a torrid affair with Roger Thorpe, got pregnant, then miscarried, after which the relationship ended.

Runs a fashion design business and lived in the lighthouse owned by Rick Bauer until it was set afire by someone chasing Tangie Hill). She & Nick separated after he started working for Spaulding and revealed that he too has the Spaulding Scheme Gene. They reconciled when it seemed they might be able to adopt a baby, but Nick realized that Mindy only wanted him so she could get the baby, so they divorced. Mindy went to Europe shortly after the divorce to pursue her fashion design career, but returned briefly for her grandfather HB's funeral.

Shayne Lewis

Son of Reva Shayne & Josh Lewis, Shayne is one of the few children ever born on GL whose paternity was never in question. Left for Italy with Josh as a toddler, he's currently about 6 or 7 and the bane of hs sister Marah's existence. What with his mom and his Aunt Vanessa both returning from the dead, he's going to have a tough time believing in the finality of death.

Trish Lewis

Daughter of H.B. Lewis and "Miss Martha." The first Lewis to come to Springfield, Trish worked for Spaulding Enterprises. Also headed upstart oil company Los Tres Amigos (LTA), along with brother Josh and friend Ross Marler. She was previously married to Holly's brother, Andy Norris, and was later involved with Mike Bauer and Alan Spaulding. She is currently living in Europe (France?), but returned to Springfield briefly for her father's funeral.

Gabriella Lopez

Bess Lowell

A.C. Mallett

Blake Marler

Born Christina Blake Bauer, she was the result of an illicit affair between Ed Bauer's wife, Holly, and Roger Thorpe. For the first years of her life, Holly passed Blake off as Ed's daughter. Eventually, Holly married Roger, but Blake still wasn't told Roger was her father. Soon after the madness with Roger was over, Christina and Holly left town for Europe. Years later, she returned to Springfield calling herself Blake Lindsey in an attempt to escape the specter of being Roger Thorpe's daughter. During her courtship with Phillip Spaulding, it was revealed that she had a prior relationship with his adoptive father, Alan Spaulding. After the marriage to Phillip ended, Blake turned to his brother, Alan-Michael Spaulding. Scared of losing him, Blake faked a pregnancy to get him to marry her and then faked a miscarriage soon after the honeymoon. The relationship ended when Alan-Michael learned of her duplicity from Gary Swanson (an ex-lover of Blake's). Since her attempts to get him back failed, thanks to Holly (in Blake's mind), Blake set out to destroy her mother's happiness by seducing the man Holly loved. Although Holly and ex-fiancee Ross Marler had been estranged for some time, Holly still wanted him. Blake seduced the senator hopeful and fell in love with him in the process. Eventually, Holly came around to them as a couple, as did Ross' arch enemy and now father-in-law, Roger Thorpe. Blake wanted her parents back together, but has come to accept Fletcher Reade's role in her mother's life. She is also establishing a relationship with her step-brother, Ben. Her half brother, Hart Jessup (Roger's son), has provided Blake with her first nephew, Peter. Formerly a PR whiz and detective, Blake is currently trying to have a baby with husband Ross. --FollyWorld

Dinah Marler

Dinah is the daughter of Vanessa Chamberlain and Ross Marler. Bill is her brother and Phillip Spaulding and Samantha Marler are her cousins. She shares a past with Alan-Michael, Cam Stewart and used to be friends with Harley Cooper Camiletti. She had many experiences in Europe that we never know what tidbit of knowledge might pop out of her to become useful at any point. --FollyWorld

Ross Marler

When Ross arrived in Springfield, his brother, Dr. Justin Marler was already firmly established at Cedars Hospital. Ross came to town in 1979 as the cut-throat attorney defending Roger Thorpe against the rape charges brought against him by his wife, Holly. Later, it was discovered that he shared a past with former hellfire, Vanessa Chamberlain; a past which it was later revealed to include a grown daughter, Dinah. Ross has romanced many relatives of the top citizens of Springfield. These include Alan Spaulding's daughter, Amanda, Lillian Raines' sister, Calla, Frank Cooper's mom, Nadine and Billy and Josh Lewis' sister, Trish. Although once engaged to migrained plagued Holly, the only other trip down the isle was to nut case/multiple personality sufferer/murderess, Carrie. Ross has been a very good uncle to Justin's kids. He's always been there for Phillip and for a while he had niece, Samantha, staying with him. His friendship with Ed is a mainstay in his life and he's also been good friends with Fletcher Reade in the past. Ross has been D.A. and was even elected Senator in 1992 (which Judge Collier ended up serving instead), but he's currently in private practice. He is currently married to Blake, Holly and Roger's daughter. --FollyWorld

Samantha Marler

Kelly Nelson, M.D.

Floyd Parker

Claire Ramsey, M.D.

Lillian Raines, R.N.

Head nurse at Cedars Hospital, mother of Beth Raines, and grandmother of Lizzie Spaulding. Formerly married to Bradley Raines, who adopted Beth after Lillian's first husband died. Bradley was a sick and twisted man who abused both Lillian and Beth, and raped Beth. Lillian divorced him & he eventually went to jail. Lillian was later involved with Hawk Shayne, but lost him to his former wife, Sarah. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Lillian had a brief affair with Ed Bauer, the news of which eventually led to the death of his wife, Maureen. Although she remains a frequently seen face in hospital and party scenes, Lillian hasn't had a front-burner storyline since shortly after Maureen's death. --DVW

Ben Reade

Biological son of Kyle Sampson and Springfield Journal publisher Maeve Stoddard Sampson. Believing her husband to be in love with Reva, Maeve lied to him that their child had been stillborn & asked him for a divorce. She then tried to pass Ben off as the orphaned cousin of Dr. Louie Darnell, but when she made plans to "adopt" the child, Kyle did the same and Maeve finally revealed the truth to him. His relationship with Reva a bust, Kyle left Springfield shortly afterward, and Maeve became involved with reporter Fletcher Reade. Right after they were married, Maeve boarded a helicopter to cover a breaking news story and promptly died in a crash. Fletcher then had to fight Maeve's mother, Julia, for custody of Ben. He eventually won and adopted Ben legally. Ben was best friends with his half-cousin Bill Lewis as they grew up together in Springfield, but when Fletcher and his new wife Holly announced they were expecting a child with Down Syndrome, teen-age Ben caught the first tennis scholarship out of town and hasn't been seen since.

Fletcher Reade

Ace reporter Fletcher Reade was introduced during the infamous 'Dreaming Death' storyline of 1983. While covering the mayhem in San Rios, he helped Hillary Bauer (Ed's half sister) escape the country and return to her true love, Dr. Jim Reardon. Unfortunately for Fletch, he fell in love with her in the process. Fletch repeated this pattern several more times in his life; sometimes winning the girl, other times... Also in love with Jim Reardon, Dr. Claire Ramsey became the first major relationship for Fletcher in Springfield. While in Beirut together with Ed and Maureen Bauer, Fletch and Maureen were thought dead. Devastated by their loss (and obviously incoherent), Claire and Ed sought solace from each other, thinking the other was their respective dead lover. This was how Michelle Bauer was conceived. While in Beirut, we learned that Fletcher's daughter, Rebecca, was killed there years earlier (as was her mother, Leah). Never wanting to feel that kind of devastation again and feeling responsible for her death, Fletcher had a vasectomy. Although he had forgiven Claire for not telling him about her one-nighter with Ed, they didn't last. Fletch has a sister, Meredith, who was once married to Rick Bauer and lost Phillip Spaulding's child. Fletcher next fell in love with Maeve Stoddard, publisher of the Springfield Journal and Kyle Sampson's wife. Fletch supported Maeve during her unhappy marriage and subsequent divorce and the two eventually married. Sadly, Maeve died in a helicopter accident. Fletch fought her mother for custody of Maeve and Kyle's son, Ben. Maureen Bauer was there for Fletch and she eventually developed a crush on him that contributed to the disintegration of his friendship with Ed. Later, while stranded on an island with Alexandra Spaulding, Fletch fell hard -- as she fell for the mysterious Adam, who turned out to be none other than Roger Thorpe. This started a feud that continues to this day. Alex and Fletch didn't last, but thanks to Alex's schemes backfiring, he and Journal co-owner/publisher, Holly Lindsey, found each other, married, and had a child, Meg, who has Down Syndrome. Apparently, the warranty on the infamous vasectomy expired. Unable to deal with Holly's continuing fascination with Roger, Fletcher finally left town in exasperation, taking Meg with him. --adapted from FollyWorld

Holly Norris Bauer Thorpe Lindsey Reade

Holly Norris Bauer Thorpe Lindsey Reade grew up spoiled and neurotic and has pretty much stayed that way. She was daddy's little girl, but loved the excitement and adventure that first lover, sexy Roger Thorpe, was able to show her. Her feelings grew into an obsession which continues to this day. Her father, Stanley, was once married to Leslie Bauer, Rick's mother. Holly's role model in neurosis is her mother Barbara. Brother Ken was put in a sanitarium after shooting Ed (but has since been released and is currently living in California) and her brother Andy was sent to jail. Holly's ex-fiancees are Dr. Peter Chapman, lawyer Ross Marler and the late psycho - Dr. Daniel St. John. Ex-husbands include Dr. Ed Bauer (her best friend), Dietrich Lindsey and of course... Roger Thorpe. She is currently married to Fletcher Reade. Holly still wears the emotional scars that loving Roger has given her. In the past, Holly has been raped, tortured, kidnapped and dragged through jungle at gun point by Roger Thorpe. She even spent a good amount of time in prison after shooting him. Their relationship is very complex, but has evolved into a more positive one. A couple of years ago, Roger was shot - again. Realizing her fear of living life without him, Holly threw caution and public opinion to the wind, and reunited with Roger. Unfortunately, they fell into old patterns and the relationship ended. Daughter Blake (Christina) had been a continual thorn in her mother's side, but now the two are quite close. Holly sank into a deep depression after finding Blake in bed with Ross. Holly's friendship with Michelle Bauer was what brought her back to the land of the living. These days, Holly, co-owner and publisher of The Springfield Journal, is building a future with new husband and fellow co-owner/Editor, Fletcher Reade. Together with Fletcher's son, Ben, they are awaiting an addition to the family. Thinking she was entering menopause, Holly was surprised to learn instead that she's pregnant. --FollyWorld

Meredith Reade

Meredith Reade, ex-wife of Rick Bauer and brother to Fletcher, is a doctor. A one night stand (during an estranged time with Rick) with Phillip Spaulding resulted in her getting pregnant. Rick knew the child belonged to another man, but he didn't know it was his best friend. When Meredith went into labor, Rick had to choose who's life to save; his wife or the baby. He did what he always did in times of turmoil; he turned to his best friend for advice. Phillip, sacrificing his own needs, told Rick to save his wife. Meredith lived and the baby didn't. Sadly, it looked like she would never be able to have children. Knowing Rick wanted kids, Meredith left him. Rick eventually learned the truth about the baby's parentage and eventually made peace with it and Phillip. Meredith's good friend during all of this was Blake. --FollyWorld

Bea & Tom Reardon

Parents of the [notorious] Reardon clan. Bea owned the boardinghouse. Tom disappeared when the kids were still small. For years, it was thought he had just run off, but after Tony became involved with Annabelle Simms, it was discovered that Annabelle's father, Eli, had killed Tom. The Reardons had seven children: Jim, Maureen, Tony, Sean, Nola, Chelsea, and one yet-to-be-named. For a time, Bea kept company with Henry Chamberlain, but it never really went anywhere. Now lives with Tony & Annabelle somewhere back East.

Bridget Reardon

Bridget Reardon, daughter of Sean and Mary Reardon, neice of the late Maureen Reardon Bauer and Ed Bauer, is currently running the Boarding House and Company. She loves her munchkin cousin, Michelle. Her brother Matt is very special to her too, but the light of her life is her son by Hart Jessup, Peter Lewis Reardon, whom she shares custody of with Vanessa Chamberlain. --FollyWorld

Chelsea Reardon

The youngest child of Bea & Tom Reardon, Chelsea is a singer by trade. During her stint in Springfield, Chelsea was involved with and dumped by Phillip Spaulding and Johnny Bauer, both of whom left her for earlier loves. She was also enamored with Fletcher Reade, but his heart belonged to Alexandra Spaulding, so it never went anywhere. While involved with Johnny, Chelsea was stalked by a former friend, comedienne "Loony" Rae Rooney in a plotline nicknamed "The Fan." Eventually, with Rae in jail and all the eligible men in Springfield taken, Chelsea left her cozy job at the Blue Moon for a recording contract in London with Jackson Freemont.

James Reardon, M.D. (Jim)

Dr. Jim Reardon came to Springfield under an assumed name to research a cure for the Dreaming Death. He became involved with Hillary Bauer, who he saved from the Dreaming Death, only to lose to an explosion. Jim left Springfield for a research position in Denver.

Matt Reardon

Son of Sean Reardon, grandson of Bea and Tom Reardon. Matt grew up in Flint, MI, the oldest child in a large family. Matt resented his father for being both a loser and a cheater. Matt's independent streak and penchant for older women got him into a few scrapes and sent him drifting around the country after only a short time at college. He settled for a time in Malibu, where he hooked up with Mandy Harper, the Malibu Madame (aka Amanda Spaulding), as an "escort" for lonely women of a certain age. At Summit Lake, Matt met Vanessa Chamberlain, who was taking a vacation to try to forget her recent troubles, including a divorce from two-time husband Billy Lewis. Matt started out doing odd jobs for the woman he dubbed "Contessa," not knowing her true identity. When they were stranded on an island during a storm, they let their mutual attraction follow its natural course. Afterward, Vanessa went back to her life in Springfield. Eventually, Matt found his way to Springfield, too, where his sister Bridget was running the family boardinghouse and restaurant. There, he & Vanessa met up again & continued their affair in secret. Finally, they revealed their secret to the world. While many were disapproving at first, they soon came to accept the May-December relationship. Thanks to Vanessa's influence at Lewis Oil, Matt obtained a job with Lewis Construction, which he now runs. Matt & Vanessa married and survived numerous tribulations, including Vanessa's faked death, her reappearance, her mysterious illness and a complicated pregnancy. Matt is now the father of Maureen Bauer Reardon, named for his beloved aunt Maureen, Vanessa's best friend.

Nola Reardon

Second-youngest child of Bea and Tom Reardon, Nola was a bit of a wild child, with a passion for the movies. She was famous for her movie fantasies, in which she would re-enact famous movies with people from her life playing the roles. She had a terrible crush on Dr. Kelly Nelson, but Kelly's heart belonged to Morgan Richards. Meanwhile, Floyd Parker had a big crush on Nola. Nola was always trying to break up Morgan & Kelly, and went so far as to claim that Kelly had gotten her pregnant. The child was really Floyd's, but the truth didn't come out until after Kelly Louise Reardon (later renamed Anastasia Chamberlain) was born.

While pregnant, Nola took a job with the mysterious Quinton McCord, an archeologist. After many twists & turns, Quint and Nola were married and sailed off in a hot air balloon. After they returned, Nola had a second child, Anthony James ("AJ") Chamberlain. Too happy to remain in Springfield, Nola & Quint went off on a series of archeological digs.

Many years later, Nola returned to Springfield alone, estranged from her husband, who had taken up with a nubile young graduate student. Her devoted son, now known as "J," followed her. Quint also followed, eventually, in a vain attempt to salvage his marriage. Quint disappeared again, leaving Nola restless, despite the fact that she was now in charge of the boardinghouse & Company. She developed an obsession with Buzz Cooper, committing acts of random anonymous kindness that led him to believe he was being stalked. When he discovered the stalker was Nola, he confronted her. After they worked everything out, he promptly fell down a flight of stairs and lost his memory, and now feels much more attached to Nola than Jenna, no matter how much Nola pushes him back toward his now-unfamiliar fiancee and family.

Peter Lewis Reardon

Adorable adopted son of Billy Lewis & Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon. Biological son of Bridget Reardon & Hart Jessup. Current age: toddler. When Bridget learned she was pregnant, Nadine Lewis overheard & thought a baby would save her marriage to Billy, so she convinced Bridget to hide her pregnancy, while Nadine pretended to be pregnant. Bridget lived in the attic of the Lewis house, telling her Uncle Ed and Aunt Maureen that she was doing research in Appalachia. Bridget gave birth to Peter in David Grant's car & turned the baby over to Nadine as planned. Vanessa learned the truth about Bridget being the mother & forced Nadine to tell Billy, who divorced Nadine & married Vanessa. Discovery of Peter's lineage drove Billy to shoot Roger Thorpe. A custody battle ended with Bridget and Vanessa agreeing to share custody of Peter, allowing Roger supervised visitation. After Vanessa's presumed death, Bridget reconciled with Dylan and moved with Peter to Duluth.

Sean Reardon

Father of Matt, Bridget, and several other, younger Reardons. Lives in Flint, MI. Always trying to work some kind of scheme or con, but is usually not very successful. Matt is not very fond of him because he knows that Sean cheated on Matt's mom.

Tony Reardon

Son of Bea & Tom Reardon. Married to college English professor Anabelle Simms. Had a brief affair with Vanessa Chamberlain while still single. Original owner of Company and the club Wired for Sound. Lives somewhere in the East with his wife and mother.

Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon

Daughter of Henry Chamberlain, mother long dead. Mother of Dinah (by Ross Marler) and young Bill; adoptive mother of Peter Lewis Reardon. Dinah was the result of a teen-age affair with Ross; Vanessa gave the baby up for adoption & told no one but her Aunt Grace. Dinah later resurfaced & was reunited with her parents. Vanessa was married twice to Billy Lewis. Vanessa has a history as a rather wild woman; before marrying Billy for the first time, she was involved with Ross Marler, Ed Bauer, Tony Reardon, and others. She was famous for her "fur-coat trick," in which she showed up at the home of her most-recently-estranged lover in a fur coat & high heels. When the door opened, she would drop the coat to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneath. This usually resulted in at least a temporary reunion. In between marriages to Billy, she was engaged to Fletcher Reade, but he broke the engagement when he decided Vanessa still loved Billy.

Vanessa is a shrewd businesswoman and has been president of both Spaulding Enterprises and Lewis Oil. She divorced Billy after discovering that he had begun drinking again after shooting Roger Thorpe. Billy went to jail and Vanessa subsequently battled Bridget Reardon for custody of Peter. They eventually agreed to a joint custody. While on a vacation to try to shake her depression, Vanessa met Bridget's brother, Matt Reardon. After a long secret relationship, the two finally revealed their relationship and got married. Less than a year later, Vanessa came down with a degenerative soap disease, but didn't tell her family. Only Nola, Zachary & Rick Bauer knew of her illness. Rather than put her family through the torment of watching her waste away, she faked her death in a fiery car crash with the help of the Angel Zachary and went to a convent-clinic in Lucerne, Switzerland to sigh out her days. Roger tracked her down there, but agreed to keep her confidence in exchange for some dirt on the Spauldings. With the help of experimental treatments, she recovered & returned to Springfield. She was briefly deterred from telling Matt she was alive because she thought he was in love with Dinah, but it was all in her head. They have reunited and live in their "dream house" that Matt built for them on the island where they were stranded when they first met. When Vanessa learned she was pregnant, she decided to keep the baby, despite the potential threat to her health. She gave birth prematurely to Maureen Chamberlain Reardon, and both mother & daughter nearly died. In a near-death experience, Maureen Bauer convinced Vanessa to return to her family and go on living.

Jennifer Richards

Morgan Richards

Kyle Sampson

Businessman, half-brother of Billy Lewis. Biological father of Ben Reade. Kyle & Billy share the same mother, Miss Sally, a Tulsa madame. Kyle's father was reputedly a member of the clergy (a cardinal?). Was once engaged to marry Reva Shayne [wasn't everyone?] and thought to be the father of Marah Lewis, thanks to switched blood tests. Was married to Maeve Stoddard, Ben's mother, but she divorced him and tried to hide the fact of Ben's birth from him. Eventually the truth came out. --K

Hawk & Sarah Shayne

Working-class couple from Tulsa, OK, worked for the Lewis family. Hawk was engaged to marry Lillian Raines, until he and Sarah realized that they still loved each other. The Shaynes ran the boarding house until they left for Europe to be with their grandchildren, Marah and Shayne. Sarah brought Marah and Shayne back to Springfield to be with their father, then returned to Italy. Eventually, she threw Hawk out for gambling away all their money and he returned to Springfield shortly before his oldest daughter, Reva, was discovered to be alive. He obtained a job working as a chauffeur and spy for Alexandra Spaulding, and developed unrequited feelings for her as a result of a sham engagement they perpetrated to keep Alan and Amanda off-guard. He left Springfield again after Alexandra left town, claiming that his memories of her were too difficult to bear.

Sarah, meanwhile developed a deadly pneumonia in Italy. Reva, Josh & Rusty rushed to her bedside, where she confessed to Reva that she had given a child up for adoption some 10 years after Reva was born. The child had been conceived during a brief affair with a Chicago businessman & she couldn't bear to tell Hawk. She begged Reva to find the child then died. That child turned out to be Cassie Layne.

Reva Shayne

Daughter of Hawk and Sarah Shayne. Reva was married at various times to Billy Lewis, H.B. Lewis, and Josh Lewis. She was about to marry Billy's half-brother, Kyle Sampson, when she was run down by a car and rescued by Josh. While in a coma, she was [briefly] married to Alan Spaulding. Most recently, she was married to Buzz Cooper. Except for the marriage to Alan, which was annulled, all of these marriages ended in divorce. During her marriage to H.B., Reva christened herself the "Slut of Springfield" in the country club fountain.

Reva is the mother of Dylan, Marah, and Shayne. She conceived Dylan with Billy in Tulsa when she was a teen-ager, and gave him up for adoption, only to be unexpectedly reunited with him years later in Springfield. Reva originally came to Springfield at Alan Spaulding's behest, to break up the impending marriage of her ex-husband Billy to Vanessa Chamberlain. This endeavor was unsuccessful, and Reva eventually wound married to her original true love, Josh, but only after many travails, which included her marriage to his father and the discovery that Josh's presumed-dead wife, Sonni, was in fact, alive.

After Shayne's birth she suffered a particularly bad case of post-partum depression, which caused her to wear lots of red clothes and act like a slut. She got medication and went on a trip with her family to Florida. While there, she had a bad reaction to the medication, so she stopped taking it and her condition returned. She drove her car off a bridge that was under construction. The body was never found and she was presumed dead.

Five years later, Reva resurfaced in Goshen, Indiana, living among an Amish-type religious community. She had gained a reputation as a healer and did not remember her former life. After a nasty bump on the head, which temporarily sent her into a coma, her memories started returning in brief flashes. Soon after that, she ran over Alan Spaulding with her buggy and brought him back to Goshen to help him recover. He recognized her & helped her (selectively) recover her memories. When Reva's friend, Abigail Blume, became incapacitated from headaches, Alan convinced Reva and Abigail's family to travel to Springfield so Abigail could receive treatment.

On her return to Springfield, Reva saw how happy her children were with Annie, who was about to become their new mommy. Not wanting to traumatize them, she kept her presence in town a secret. Alan convinced her to leave town with him, but Alexandra learned of her presence and brought the news to Josh & Annie's wedding. Reva stayed in town, but Josh followed through on his marriage to Annie.

To prove she was "over" Josh, Reva married Buzz Cooper, but her love for Josh proved too strong & Buzz & Reva divorced after a short time. On her deathbed, Reva's mother, Sarah, revealed that she had given birth to another child (fathered by a Chicago businessman) when Reva was 10 years old. She gave the child up for adoption & asked for Reva to find the child. Annie, wanting to torture Reva & keep her away from Josh, got Alan to help her lay false clues to the identity of the sister, causing Reva to think that the pregnant was Annie her sister.

In fact, Annie's child had been conceived through artificial insemination and when Annie miscarried, she staged a fall down the stairs in an attempt to frame Reva for the fetus's death. Reva was acquitted when Annie's deceptions were revealed. Annie continued to torture Reva by finding her long-lost sister and using her against Reva and the Lewises. Reva and Cassie recently discovered that they are sisters, and Annie has been vanquished, at least for the moment.

Roxie Shayne

Second daughter of Hawk & Sarah Shayne, Roxie had a dark past as a prostitute, which Kyle Sampson used against her. On a trip to Alaska for Lewis Oil, Roxie was injured, lost her memory, and wound up working as a hooker again. That's how she met Kurt Corday, a Canadian that she married so he could remain in the U.S. But Rick Bauer loved Roxie, and Mindy Lewis fell in love with Kurt, so the marriage was annulled so Kurt & Mindy could marry. Roxie was later involved with Johnny Bauer, who developed terminal cancer. The ordeal of caring for him caused Roxie to suffer a nervous breakdown. Miraculously, Johnny recovered, but Roxie did not. She was committed to a sanitarium. Later, we heard word that she was doing somewhat better, and Johnny left Springfield to be with her.

Rusty Shayne

A police officer and only son of Hawk & Sarah Shayne. Rusty and Mindy Lewis were madly in love, but the stress of loving a cop was too much for Mindy. Rusty eventually fell in love with recovering drug addict Rose McLaren, whom he married. When Rose was killed by Mindy's husband, Will Jeffries, Rusty teamed up with Mindy to prove that Will was guilty. After Will's death, Rusty took a job with the Tulsa police force.

Alan Spaulding

Alan is power. Family means a great deal to Alan, but running Spaulding Enterprises means the world to him. It is his life. His ex-wives eventually learned this. They include Elizabeth, Jackie Marler and Hope Bauer. (we're not counting his questionable marriage to the comatose Reva Shayne) His adopted son, Phillip, was the golden boy who no longer wanted anything to do with his father. Daughter Amanda and son, Alan-Michael, had to fight for any attention they could get from their father. His complicated relationship with his sister, Alex, has led to a great deal of pain for Alan, but his arch rivals include Roger Thorpe, Ed Bauer and his brother Mike, Hope's father. Alan was once engaged to Nadine Cooper and had a torrid affair with Ed's wife, Rita Stapleton. --FollyWorld

Alan-Michael Spaulding

Alan-Michael is the son of Hope Bauer and Alan Spaulding. It is his continuing struggle, trying to reconcile his good Bauer genes with his edgy Spaulding genes, that makes him such an interesting man. Always living under the shadow of his near-perfect brother, Phillip, Alan-Michael has tried very hard to be the best that he can be... all in an attempt to earn his father's unobtainable approval. Now involved with Lucy Cooper, Alan-Michael was once married to her sister Harley, her sister-in-law Eleni and to Blake Marler. Disgusted with the power games at Spaulding, A-M and Lucy have quit their jobs and have gone to work at The Journal, of which A-M owns one third. Return to home page --FollyWorld

Alexandra Spaulding

Alexandra Spaulding, daughter of Brandon Spaulding, sister of Alan Spaulding and half-sister of Amanda Spaulding, has known her share of loss. Her greatest loss was the death of her son, Brandon "Lujack" Luvonaczek. But the discovery of Nick, Lujack's twin, helped to ease her pain. Alex never knew she had given birth to twins because their father, Eric, secretly "sold" Nick to the McHenrys at birth. Alex's marriage to the Baron von Halkein ended badly. While stranded together on an island, Alex and Fletcher Reade fell for each other, but Fletcher was rescued without Alex, and she then spent several weeks on the island with Adam Malek, who turned out to be Roger Thorpe. Alex later married Roger, but divorced him when she discovered his affair with Mindy Lewis. The bad blood generated by the affair caused problems for Nick and Mindy when they fell in love; Alex did everything she could to sabatoge their relationship. After her marriage with Roger ended, it seemed as though Alex might be able to resurrect things with Fletcher, but she ruined the relationship by lying. She might have stood a chance had she not set up rival -- and former friend, Holly Lindsey, to think that Roger, now Holly's fiancˇ, was cheating with Alex. This plan is what sent Holly reeling to the Journal and into Fletcher's arms. Alex is still bitter over losing Fletcher. Especially to Holly. With all of this, you wouldn't think Alex had time for anything else, but she is also a savvy businesswoman who has won and lost her share of battles for control of the family business, Spaulding Enterprises. She lost the latest round and left town shortly after the revelation that Amanda was Brandon's daughter rather than Alan's, as had always been believed. --adapted from FollyWorld

Amanda Spaulding

Beth Raines Spaulding

Lizzie Spaulding

Daughter of Beth Raines Spaulding and Phillip Spaulding. Born in November 1990, Lizzie spent the first several years of her life living in Arizona with her happily-married parents, who were serving a community service sentence. She returned to Springfield with her mom in late 1997 and the two have set up semi-permanent residence in the Spaulding mansion. The frizzy-haired, scrunchie-wearing Lizzie has not adjusted well to her parent's divorce and throws tantrums to keep her dad from moving out of the house.

Lucy Cooper Spaulding

Daughter of Buzz Cooper and Sylvie (the widow of a man that Buzz killed in the line of duty in the Vietnam War). Traveled with Buzz most of her life after Sylvie left them. Buzz kept a trust fund for her, which she used for emergency spending money (she was a sort of "party girl" who traveled around doing odd jobs and banking on her looks and personality, sounds like Nadine, huh?). Buzz withdrew the money to use for Harley's wedding, intending to pay it back. Lucy found out about the withdrawal, and conned the banker into telling her where Buzz lived, setting her on the road to Springfield.

Alan-Michael Spaulding found her on the side of the road after her VW beetle broke down, and she arrived at the diner during half-sister Harley's wedding reception. She moved into the boardinghouse, and got a job as Jenna Thorpe's personal assistant, which she lost. She was beaten up by Roger's operative "George," while trying to help Alan-Michael in his quest for Bess Lowell. She's lightfingered, as well as being a good mechanic. Alan-Michael gave her a job at Spaulding as his assistant. She stayed on as Alex's assistant after Alan-Michael left, and then went back to working for Alan-Michael after he regained the presidency of Spaulding. After breaking up with Alan-Michael, started dating junior executive Brent Lawrence, who raped her, stole her virginity, tricked her into thinking she was HIV-positive, and stalked her for months as a cross-dressing psycho serial killer.

After surviving this horror, Lucy married Alan-Michael. During their honeymoon on the Spaulding yacht, they hit a storm and were rescued by the mysterious Zachary. With nothing left to do but fight with the Spauldings, Lucy & Alan-Michael left Springfield.

Nick McHenry Spaulding

Nick McHenry is the biological son of Alexandra Spaulding and Eric Luvonaczek. He was raised by the McHenrys, old reporter friends of Fletcher Reade. Until recently, Nick had been living with good friends Fletcher, Holly and Ben Reade. Nick's previous involvements were Eve Guthrie and ex-wife, Melinda Lewis. He had a twin brother, Brandon "Lujack" Luvonaczek, but he died saving his girlfriend's (Beth Raines) life. Beth is now married to Nick's cousin, Phillip Spaulding. His other cousin, Alan-Michael Spaulding, is one of the co-owners of The Journal, where Nick and his current girlfriend, Tangie Hill, are reporters. --FollyWorld

Susan Bates Spaulding

Phillip Spaulding

Hampton Speakes (Hamp)

Restaurateur, former pro football player and saxaphone player. Played high school and college football with Billy Lewis. Former wife is a cabaret singer in Europe. They had one daughter, Katherine (Kat). After moving to Springfield, Hamp met, married and divorced Gilly Grant. Ran the Towers Club as a recurring character for many years before fading from the Springfield canvas upon the death of Vince Williams, the actor who portrayed him. The character of Hamp has not been killed off, but has not been recast either. A recent mention of him placed him on a trip to Europe. --DVW

Katherine Speakes (Kat)

Daughter of Hampton Speakes, Kat was a perky high school girl when she ran away from her mother to live with her father in Springfield. Was madly in love with "Fugitive 1993" David Grant, but dumped him after falling in love with another man during a summer trip to Europe. She transferred to Harvard to be with her new love. --DVW

Roger Thorpe

Roger Thorpe is a very complex man who considers himself above the law; answering to no one. Roger has never been satisfied with what he has achieved; he always wants more. His father, Adam, always a major motivational factor in Roger's life, made Roger feel like he was a constant disappointment. The major female influence in his life has been Holly Norris, but in-between dysfunctional dalliances with her (which produced a daughter), Roger tried to be a good husband to sweet Peggy Fletcher and good father to her son, Billy. But Peggy tired of his lies and left him. Discovering he was sterile (which, apparently, reversed itself later in life) daughter Christina became Roger's obsession. He married Holly to get closer to their daughter, but the marriage was doomed from the beginning. He had affairs with such women as Hillary Bauer, Diane Ballard and Dr. Renee Dubois. Roger had an anger in him that he couldn't control. This anger led to his raping both Rita Stapleton and Holly. Holly pressed charges and took Roger to trial. Later, Holly shot Roger, but he didn't die. He eventually followed Holly and Christina to Santa Domingo where he ended up kidnapping Holly and dragging her around the jungle at gun point. Eventually, Roger fell from Ed's grasp off a cliff to another supposed death. After bouncing, he was rescued by CIA types who put Roger back together and made him a member of their group, The Agency. Since returning to town, Roger has made an enemy out of almost every male but has had liaisons with almost every female. He has been married to Alex and Jenna Bradshaw (who miscarried their child), dated Sonni Lewis, had affairs with Melinda Lewis (who also miscarried his child), Suzanne Deveraux, Dinah Marler, and was engaged to Holly. He was reunited with the son he never knew he had, but fathered while on a mission with The Agency. Hart Jessup gave Roger his first grandchild, Peter, when Hart had a one nighter with Bridget Reardon. Although family is everything to Roger Thorpe, he's angered everyone related to him. Hart left town because of him and Blake has finally washed her hands of her father. --FollyWorld

Griffin Williams

Civil rights activist, lawyer and now judge. Father of Marcus Williams and Gilly Grant. Griffin came to town when his son was accused of murder, and stayed on to teach at Springfield University, much to the distress of socialite Vivian Grant, who knew that he was the biological father of her daughter Gilly, thanks to an affair they had when she worked with him on voter registration in the South. Vivian rekindled her affair with Griffin to distract him from Gilly, who had developed an attraction for the man she did not know was her father. The truth eventually came out, of course, and Griffin was concerned about the effect of the scandal on his reputation. To engender sympathy, he engineered an assassination attempt on his own life, but the bodyguard paid to wing him wound up shooting him near the heart, requiring life-saving surgery by the man he cuckolded, Dr. Charles Grant. Griffin subsequently went into private law practice, successfully defending Reva Shayne when she was accused of attempting to murder Annie Lewis and her unborn child. Grffin was later appointed to the bench.

Marcus Williams

Sax player extraordinaire and son of Griffin Williams. Marcus came to Springfield to hook up with his old buddy Dinah Marler, with whom he had knocked around Europe, although this friendship has pretty much been ignored or late. Shortly after arriving in Springfield, Marcus was wrongly accused of killing Detective Patrick Cutter, but was cleared when it was proven that the real murderer was psycho cross-dresser Brent Lawrence. Marcus later fell hard for shy songbird Dahlia Crede, and eventually convinced her to return his feelings. The two signed a recording contract, and occasionally share the stage at the Towers Club.


An angel? The mysterious Zachary first appeared when it looked as though newlyweds Lucy and Alan-Michael Spaulding were about to go down with their yacht. He managed to call for help with a broken radio and then mysteriously disappeared, only to reappear in Springfield with a murky mission that included rebuilding the burnt-out lighthouse. He later became Vanessa Reardon's co-conspirator when she decided to fake her death to spare her family the pain of watching her die of a degenerative disease. He planted her wedding rings in her burning car, and then whisked her off to a sanitarium in Switzerland while her family mourned. He also became the love object of Michelle Bauer, who reminded him of someone he had lost in his past. She was momentarily devastated when he disappeared in the lake after rescuing some boaters and was never seen again.
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