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Last Modified April 3, 2016

Welcome to the Guiding Light Online Community. Here you'll find a multitude of information on Guiding Light and links to other Guiding Light and related sites. This site is no longer updated but the information listed on the site is still provided for the convenience of fans.

Note: This page is not affiliated with CBS or Guiding Light in any way. It is a page for Guiding Light fans by a Guiding Light fan. For comments about the page, mail me at cdaveb AT anybrowser DOT org.

This page has relied upon many volunteers for the information listed here. To see who's been volunteering their time, see the GL Page Volunteers section.

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I'm still not watching the show any more or doing updates to the site, but I cleaned some of the out of date links out for the convenience of folks still using the resources here.


Since I am no longer posting much information about the current Guiding Light on this page, you should probably check one of the many other Guiding Light sites for information about the current show. You can still find the FAQ, Archived Updates and other information on this site.


Due to the Reva cloning story, I am no longer watching Guiding Light. As a result of this, I have converted this site to a memorial to the show. Guiding Light information on this site will be mostly about the past show at this point (I will keep the updates and the list of links to other GL sites). You can also read about the petition against the clone story that was conducted and the results of it. (The story is no longer running, but I'm leaving the petition info up in case anyone still wants to read it)

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