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Petition to End the Reva Clone Story

Last Modified May 7, 2023

Below is information about the petition to the writers of Guiding Light to put a stop to the idiotic Reva cloning story.

Guiding Light is planning to do a story that will change the face of the show forever: they are planning to clone Reva. I do not doubt that there are some viewers who will actually like this story, but I would like to bring to the attention of the powers in charge of Guiding Light that there is a multitude of unhappy viewers, who have been disrespected time and time again with poorly thought out and poorly written stories, and who will not take it anymore. The whole concept of cloning Reva as a storyline is ridiculous and offensive, to say the least, not to mention illogical and against many fans religious and/or moral beliefs. If you'd like to read more about what's wrong with the cloning story they're planning, see my list of top ten reasons why the Reva cloning story sucks.

According to Michael Logan in "TV Guide", the clone baby will be born on March 6th. This means that they have probably already started taping and it's too late to stop the story from happening completely. On March 6th, I will stop watching Guiding Light, and will consider the show dead from that point on. My Guiding Light site will be converted to a memorial for the old Guiding Light- the one that has been ruined by years of idiotic storylines and lack of respect for viewer intelligence.

The only chance to salvage the show is to stop this story dead in its tracks and stop insulting the viewers. The show needs to return to well thought out and more realistic stories, more emphasis on character personalities shaping stories instead of bending their personalities to fit the stories, more emphasis on a balance of characters and stories instead of focusing only on a few major characters, and it needs to stop driving away longtime viewers. These pitiful attempts to gain higher ratings in the short run are devastating to the long time viewership, and they sully the name of "Guiding Light", the longest running soap opera.

Many Guiding Light fans signed the petition to end this story- it was up for one week from midnight 2/22/98 to midnight 3/1/98. There is a count of signatures and some statistics from the petition below. I will be printing all the petitions and sending them to Guiding Light (they were already emailed there). If you'd still like to express your feelings about this story, and missed your chance to sign the petition, you can email Guiding Light at or send your comments to CBS via postal mail.

1373 petitions were submitted in the course of one week, which averages out to one signature every 8 minutes.

Average age: 44.27 (1327 gave their ages)
Average years watching: 17.04 (1329 gave their years watching)

Response to the story:
Still watching: 875 (63.73%)
Will stop watching: 308 (22.43%)
No longer watching: 47 (3.42%)
Other: 143 (10.42%)

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