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The lines below are actual lines spoken by Guiding Light characters on episodes that aired. They have been submitted by viewers who thought they deserved the title GL Line of the Day. This page is no longer being updated with new lines.

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(Little) Bill: How could Dinah get pregnant staying in a convent?
Vanessa: It's a long story....
(Submitted by Brad Beam)

Reva: I'm a tramp

(Submitted by Lilly Pest)

Carmen:Your a treasure.Ben:Ya'well treasures can be expensive.Carmen:They can also be buried.

Carmen:Iforgot the camera.Ben:I don't think your nefew would apperciate flashbulbs going off at him,knowing his family he'd probaly think somebody was shooting at him.
(Submitted by margaret gormn , @WEBTV.NET)

Carmen:Iforgot the camera.Ben:I don't think your nefew would apperciate flashbulbs going off at him,knowing his family he'd probaly think somebody was shooting at him.
(Submitted by margaret gormn , @WEBTV.NET)

I actually have 2 favorite lines:
Then was when Ben's murder was being investigated:
Frank: Ross, do you have any idea of who would want to do this to your brother?
Ross: My God Frank, is that a serious question?
(I mean forreal though, that was a stupid question)

My second favorite. This is when Pilar and Carmen were arguing about the murder:
Carmen: Oh my God. You tried to kill him before. And now, you told everyone about it?
Pilar (crying hysterically): Yeah, well I'm not as good as you are at covering up things.

(Submitted by Roslyn)

(After Richard proposed to Cassie)

Cassie (thinking to herself): Look at him, he's nervous....Besides, when was the last time you got a proposal in an alley?
That whole scene was so cute the way Cassie was thinking those thoughts to herself.
(Submitted by Angie)

(After Frank and David were questioning Carmen about Ben's murder).

Grandma Santos: (clapping her hands) Bravo, bravo. That was quite a performance. I think the police believed that your outraging tears were real.
Carmen: They were real, you spiteful old woman!
(Submitted by Terry)

Cassie's thought to herself while she is talking to Richard:

"Calm down before all the blood goes to your head and you look all red and ugly."

(Submitted by Vickie)

Carmen: I watch the soaps, I go to mass...
I'm just like your mother...

Jesse: My mother's dead.

Carmen: A little more lively then.
(Submitted by Heather)

Billy is comparing her and Richard to a bottle of Scotch and an alcoholic:

Reva: He's not a bottle of Scotch, Billy.

Billy: No, but he's smooth and he sure looks like he's gonna age well.
(Submitted by Vickie)

Cassie to Richard, Reva, and Josh when they are all stuck at Cross Creek:

"So, anybody wanna play post office?"

(Submitted by Vickie)

Buzz after his rendevous, wine and all, with Selena in her hospital room:

"Well, I never thought a hospital could be so much fun!"
(Submitted by Vickie)

Billy to Ben regarding Bill being in jail:

"When I don't have anything to lose, I don't behave well. Ask around."
(Submitted by Vickie)

its not word for word but when ben was sort of visualizing telling drew that he's her dad
Drew:Well..I guess you have your good side
(Submitted by ashley, unk)

In Alan's ICU room-
Alan: You know, for the life of me, India, I can't figure out why we haven't gotten along all these years until recently.
India: Well, it's really very simple, Alan- You hated me and I hated you.
(Submitted by Angela)

Danny to Michelle after Michelle got off the phone.

Michelle: How was your meeting?(Michelle is in a towel)

Danny: Ah, Who Cares! If i would have known you were wearing my favorite out-fit it would have been over a lot sooner.
(Submitted by Beth )

Hi,my favorite line was yesterday when Danny told
Michelle, "I love you...more than my own life."
(Submitted by Mag1)

"It's a lot louder than it used to be, and I think that's
all because of rock n' roll." -- Meta, to Abby
(Submitted by Brad Beam)

Carmen saying to Danny

(Submitted by julie)

Reva just discovered Annie and Teri in the same hospital room and she is telling Rick about it.

Rick (looking between Annie and Teri): "What is this?"

Reva: "Well, I'll tell you one thing; it ain't the double-mint twins!"
(Submitted by Angel)

While the 9 mothers are thinking of what to do......

Harley: I'm not going to sit around here and wait for the Men In Black to find my kids!
(Submitted by Lisa)

ANNIE: Holly kidnaps nine kids, and they say I'm crazy?
(Submitted by Brad Beam)


Drew and Michelle are talking on the eve of Michelle and Danny's wedding and Michelle shows her "The Dress":

Drew: You're wearing his mother's wedding dress? That has a major ick factor!

(Submitted by stacey)


After Holly has kidnapped young Springfield:

Alan: It's obvious that she's criminally insane!

Reva: And you would know all about criminally insane women!

(Submitted by stacey)

Michelle: Excuse me Jesse, Danny and I were just about to have sex, you wanna come and watch?

(Submitted by Rachel, -)

The guards outside of the Santos house look like rejects from World Wrestling Federation.

The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) is a Pro Wrestling! E-mail me for more info!
(Submitted by Doug)

Alan: (mocking announcer voice) The part of Alexandra Spaulding is now being played by... (I forget the rest)

(Submitted by Nora)

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