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Lines of the Day - 1997

Last Modified April 20, 1999

The lines below are actual lines spoken by Guiding Light characters on episodes that aired. They have been submitted by viewers who thought they deserved the title GL Line of the Day. This page is no longer being updated with new lines.

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(Harley to Annie) Annie: Harley what a suprise, what are you doing here?
Harley: Duh. To see Phillip
Annie:last time i saw him he was with Beth.
Harley: i know he's upstairs.
Annie:Fine go up & see him, but don't get lost.
Harley:I won't Annie, remember I use to live here!
(Submitted by Michelle M, MmM69311)

(Harley to Annie) Annie: Harley what a suprise, what are you doing here?
Harley: Duh. To see Phillip
Annie:last time i saw him he was with Beth.
Harley: i know he's upstairs.
Annie:Fine go up & see him, but don't get lost.
Harley:I won't Annie, remember I use to live here!
(Submitted by MmM69311, MmM69311)

What's with everyone and that line from Dinah to Vanessa!?
I thought it was mean and dosen't deserve to be a Line
of the Day.
(Submitted by Millie)

I'm happy!!
(Submitted by Piglet1810)

(Buzz just came back into the diner after telling Nola that
he was back w/ Jenna for good)
Jenna: Is everything alright?
Buzz: No.
(A look of worry and shock crosses Jenna's face)
Buzz: It's perfect.

Isn't he a sweetheart? I just love them together!!=)
(Submitted by Kathryn)

I've got two!!!
#1= (regarding keeping Beth away from Phillip)
Jenna: You've got to try something new.
Harley: Yeah, but murder is so messy.

#2= (at the Spaulding mansion)
Annie: Harley, why do you use the front door?
The service entrance is around back.
Harley: Be good Annie or I'll tell Alan your
out of your cage.

I came as close as I could. I think Harley can
be so funny!!=)
(Submitted by Millie)

(Dinah to Vanessa)

Dinah: I want to spend the rest of my life hurting you the way you've hurt me.

Way harsh Dinah!
(Submitted by Rachel)

(Dinah to Vanessa)

Dinah: I want to spend the rest of my life hurting you the way you've hurt me.
(Submitted by Rachel)

(talking to Harley about why he went to Beth's table when
Ben was there)
Phillip: Beth is just so much more fragile than you are.

I came as close as I possibly could. I can't stand Beth!
If he only knew what she was up to...
(Submitted by Katie)

Dinah (arguing with Vanessa): You know what I want? I want to dedicate my life to making you hurt, the way you have hurt me.

The old, evil Dinah is back!!! These were her exact words, someone put this quote up with the wrong words.

Dinah (at Vanessa's old house fighting with everyone); Reva! Shut up!

This girl can yell!

Dinah (to Vanessa): You and Cassie are probably kindred spirits! You're both really good at leaving your kids!
(Submitted by Jessica)

Dinah (arguing with Vanessa): You know what I want? I want to dedicate my life to making you hurt, the way you have hurt me.

I think the old, evil Dinah is back!! These were her exact words.....someone had put this quote up with the words wrong.
(Submitted by Jessica)

Dinah (fighting with Vanessa): I want to dedicate my life to making you hurt, the way you have hurt me.

I think the old Dinah is back!! By the way, those were Dinah's exact words......someone put this quote up, but didn't have the words down right.
(Submitted by Jessica)

Michelle: Rick I;m so glad your home Jesse: You cant see can you I think Hart is the hottest guy in the acting business and him and Cassie look great together(but we would look better)
(Submitted by Becky L. and Lynzee S)

Dinah (walking in on Vanessa, Hart, and Cassie): What the hell is going on here??
(Submitted by Jessica, N/A)

Phillip is lunching with Harley at the country club. After Beth walks in on Ben's arm...

Phillip: "What is that jerk doing with my wife?!?"

Harley's mouth drops open and she gives Phillip a shocked and angry stare, wondering how that comment could have escaped from his lips...

(Submitted by Lilla)

Josh: Gives Reva that for your eyez only look!
Gotta Love Josh...What a man.
(Submitted by Bettyna, The Lewises Home)

(Buzz comes back to Jenna after learning the truth. He walks
up to her and says..)
Buzz: I just love you.

I wish it was that simple!!
(Submitted by KLS)

Josh: (to Reva) I just wanted to tell you something, First of all, I love being here with our family its really great. But do you know where I'd rather be?
Reva: Where?
Josh: Some place with you alone...making love, on this our first decent Christmas together in a long time. Now does that make me a bad father?
Reva: No...That makes you a great husband!

I love Josh so much. He is such a sweetie!....Jova always!
(Submitted by RevaRulz)

Dinah: We agreed that we'll spend christmas eve with the
Hart: I don't want to spend christmas eve with the Spauldings
Dinah: Why not?
Hart: I don't like Annie.
(Submitted by Ashleigh)

(Harley to Nola)

Harley: Are you mental?
(Submitted by Rachel)


At Hart's birthday party:

Cassie: What are you doing here?

Annie: Dinah and I are good friends.

Cassie: Do you belong to the same coven?

(Submitted by stacey)

Annie: Merry Christmas! I'm the elf from Hell!
(Submitted by HFStoll)

Harley was having a cat fight with beth about phillip and Harley said sometheing like
"forget it Beth. He's my man now
(Submitted by Carrie)

(Harley to Beth about Phillip)

Forget it Beth. You're not getting him back. He's mine now.
(Submitted by Rachel, -)

it was one day during the week of december 8 - 11
dinah and cassie were talking, dinah was trying to get
cassie to say she would go to the party for hart.
cassie: i won't be able to make it, i have to wash my hair
dinah: oh, ok, that'll take all damn day
ha, i like cassie, but this was pretty funny(cassie's big hair!)
(Submitted by Melissa)

Annie to Dinah (after Dinah tells her that Blake threatened to tell Hart that she rented a baby to only to impress him): "That really bugs me. Some people just cannot be trusted. They go out of their way to ruin other people's lives."
LOL! Annie you kill me.
(Submitted by Alma)

Ben: (to Blake, after she insults him, and sarcastically at that) Oooh, sexy and funny...sort of an irresistible combnation, dont you think?
Blake: Pompous and resistible is that?
(I love Blake!!)
(Submitted by n, n)

This doesn't exactly qualify as a great line, but I was wondering if anyone else noticed a mistake that PB (Jesse) made. Michelle was talking about how happy her family would be that they were getting married and Jesse said, "I don't think your happy's going to find out I'm his future son-in-law." I had to rewind and watch it a few times to get it!
(Submitted by kathy)

When the engagement is announced, and Alan says to Philip: "You don't seem surprised."
Philip: "I just thought it was inevitable"
Amanda: "Like death and taxes"

Amanda has the greatest lines!
(Submitted by kathy)

Annie was making a toast to Alan at the "family" dinner that she held.
Annie: "If it weren't for Alan, who knows where I would be right now?"
Amanda: "In jail where you belong."
I love Amanda!
(Submitted by Jenny Wagner)

Jesse: This is between me and the man that calls himself my father.

(or something like that)
(Submitted by Rachel)


Amanda: Have you seen Alan?

Lizzie: He's in his room. There's some woman in there with him.

Amanda: Hmmmm--did she have blonde hair and ride a broom?

(Submitted by stacey)

Lizzie and Phillip have just been discussing how she got lost in the mansion looking for Phillip's room and kept going to the wrong doors:
Lizzie: 'I opened a door...and I saw Grandpa Alan'
Phillip: 'Oh, honey, that was definitely the wrong room!' :)
(Submitted by n, n)

( Amanda describing Alan's lady ( meaning Annie) to Lizzie}
Lizzie: He's (Alan) with a lady.
Amanda: Was she blonde and was she riding with a broomstick?

Amanda is just hilarious! I love her!
(Submitted by Renee Smith)

(about finding Annie in bed with Alan}
Lizzie: Who is that lady in bed with him?
Phillip: Nobody you need to know.
What a perfect answer!
(Submitted by Renee Smith)

(talking about Alan and Annie's wedding)
Annie: It's going to be the wedding of the year!

Amanda: Who will come? You'll have to hire actors to play the guests!

I love Amanda!
(Submitted by Rachel)

(Annie is leaving the Lewis' and says to Billy)
Annie: I don't need a ride Billy, I have my own car..
Bill: Well then buckle up, because there's lots of crazy people out there behind the wheel!
(Submitted by SKN)

After Billy offers Annie a ride, she said that she brought her own car. Billy's response was:

Well, buckle up! There are a lot of crazy people behind the wheel!
(Submitted by ZPerry)

Phillip speaking to Harley outside the diner: "Let's go back in side, before we freeze off body parts we may want to use later!"
(Submitted by Paula)

Phillip speaking to Harley outside the diner: "Let's go back in side, before we freeze off body parts we may want to use later!"
(Submitted by Paula,

Phillip speaking to Harley outside the diner: "Let's go back in side, before we freeze off parts we may want to use later!"
(Submitted by Paula,

Josh speaking to Alan in the judges office while judge is deciding whether Alan or Cassie will get pemanent custody of Tammy
"Is Annie really worth going to hell for".
(Submitted by Terrie)

Lizzie to Phillip

"Daddy, Cool it!"

Lizzie's so cute!
(Submitted by D)

When Beth comes
"Beth,"Philip says
"Beth,"Says Harley after getting out the shower and is in Phi;ips shirt.
Then Beth's face looks so funny.
(This was my favorite seen, well this and when Harley is all drugged and talking about NY to everyone.)
(Submitted by Mary)

When Cassie is trying to get a hold of Josh on the phone and Reva walks up and says: "I hope he didn't shoot anybody." The look on Cassie's face was priceless!
(Submitted by kathy)


Abby, sotto voice, to Roy: I'm going to get you.

(You go girl!)

(Submitted by stacey)


Alan, observing the Ed/Jack/Jesse/Michelle altercation: I love it when the Bauers have a night on the town!

(Submitted by stacey)

Reva: That's right boys, take all the pictures you want.
But just remember (big cheesy wink) this is my good side!
(Submitted by Melissa Simms)

Reva in bed with Josh instead of Cassie in bed with Josh.
Alan and Annie burst in--look horrified.

Reva: Well what's the matter? Havn't you ever seen a woman in bed with the man she's going to marry?

(Submitted by Melissa Simms)

Dinah had just agreed to go with Ben to his hotel room for champagne and caviar....not knowing he's her uncle...
Dinah: 'After the day I've had, I'm really looking forward to upsetting a few people.'
Ben: (As the elevator doors close)...'This should just about do it...'
(He delivered this line with a little smirk and a leer at Dinah, it was so funny!)
(Submitted by Cheryl, ***)

Cassie: 'Tequila. Straight up. Make that a double'
Bartender: 'One hangover, comin' right up.'
(Submitted by CC, CC)

Buzz to Jenna
"I don't feel like him. I don't understand him--I'm not sure I want to. I hate his khaki pants!"
(Submitted by Jason )

Harley to Phillip: 'We like each other. We enjoy each other's company.'
Phillip: 'What are we, bowling partners?'

And then later...

Harley: 'Phillip, we are NOT starry-eyed teenagers!'
Phillip: (slightly sarcastically) 'I am SO relieved to hear you say that. I was just about to go dig out my Letter-man jacket and give it to you.'
(Submitted by CC, CC)

Reva (while searching Annie's room for the cameo): I have to think like Annie. That is a scary thought.
(Submitted by Aubergine)

(Annie to Phillip and Harley)
Annie: Oh, you're seeing each other. I hope you're as happy as Alan and I are.

Phillip: I think we are. Maybe not as happy as Reva and Josh.
(Submitted by Rachel)

Hart to Dinah (after she blew Cassie's chance to get Tammy back.)
Hart: What the hell is wrong with you Dinah?
(Submitted by Rachel)

Josh (yelling at Annie):
" I don't want to hear another thing about Reva from you ever again. Actually, I don't want to hear anything from you ever again. Take the house, take the money, I don't care. Just STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!!!"
"I have such a great effect on men."

Even though I dislike Annie, I couldn't help laughing at this one!! =)
(Submitted by Jenny, ****)

Nola and Buzz are talking about Harley, whom Buzz can't remember:
Nola: 'She's the one most like you.'
Buzz: 'No wonder you pushed me down the stairs!'
(Submitted by Lucinda, **)

Phillip is telling an amnesiac Buzz that Harley is Buzz's daughter...

Buzz: 'Do I like her?'

Phillip: 'She's your're crazy about her.'

Buzz: 'Why? She has such a loud mouth!'

Phillip: 'She takes after you.'
(Submitted by Lucinda, **)

As Phillip and Harley drive toward the Bauer cabin to find Buzz, they argue about how they never have 'normal' dates....then,

Harley: 'I just hope this date turns out like every other date we've we can laugh about it in the morning.'

Phillip: 'Here's a dating tip: Never tell a guy you're sleeping with that you wake up's like using the word 'little'.'

I just love Phillip!
(Submitted by Jenna, **)

Jay: "It's my mom, she's been acting a little weird lately."
Harley: "How can you tell?"
(Submitted by Jason)

Drew tells Jay that she told impatient customers at company to go to ----- if they wanted fast food.
Jay says, "You told them to go to the competition?!"
Drew: "Hey. I gave them a choice!"
(Submitted by pam)

Reva to Josh after sipping champagne to celebrate the arrival
of the divorce papers: "Divorce never tasted so good." :)

(Submitted by deirdre)

Reva to Josh:
"My miracle is that everytime you make love to me, I fall in love with you all over again."
(Submitted by Jenny, ***)

Dinah to Michael, talking about Matt, Vanessa, and the pregnancy:
"They go around thinking that love conquers all. I'm all for love, but Cupid is not an M.D."

(Submitted by Jenny)

Cassie after Hart agrees to help her get her daughter back... Cassie: I'll pay you back. Even if I have to start stripping again Hart: No, no, no. No more stripping! Forget stripping! Money isn't an issue! Cassie: What about your fiance? Hart: ...she's an issue. LOL! Hart kicks a--!
(Submitted by Deirdre)

Josh to Annie: You and reality parted company a long time ago.
(Submitted by stacey)

Buzz just came out of unconciousness after falling down the stairs at the Bauer cabin and he has amnesia. Nola is telling him who he is.
Buzz: "I work in a diner and my name is Buzz, I want to die."
(Submitted by Jenny Wagner)

Harley: "Phillip and I are friends, who occasionally..."

Jenna: "Occasionally and occasionally and occasionally."
(Submitted by Marsha)

Reva: "Who was it that said, 'I'm the luckiest woman alive'?"
Josh: "I think it was me."
(Submitted by Jason)

(after Annie slaps Alan)
Annie: You bastard!
(Submitted by Rachel)

Don't remember the day but it was about a month back.
Jesse and Michelle where talking at the park. He was talking about how pretty she was. He said
"It would be a trip for you the be the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning."

In another show he said to her
"Some day I'm going to wake up and the first thing I'm going to see is your beutiful hair on the pillow nest to me."

(Submitted by Ashton , DNT72760)

Reva to Annie:
"You wouldn't know rational if it bit you in the butt."
(Submitted by Jase)

(Reva to Annie):
And you see this rug, Josh and I have made love on this rug
so many times that I have lost count!
(Submitted by Jennifer)

(Reva to Annie):
And you see this rug! Josh and I have made on this rug so many time
That I have lost count!!
(Submitted by Jennifer)

Buzz: I'm a man of the '90's!
Jenna: Is that the 1890's or the 1790's?
(Submitted by Andy)

Harley, in her delirium: 'People say I talk too much, but it's only because I talk too much.' The look on Phillip's face was hilarious.
(Submitted by Laura, ***)

Jenna to Nola (discussing the 'break in) "I suppose your right. It's not like someone broke in and put our favorite pet bunny in the blender, now is it." This killed me!!!
(Submitted by Diane)

David Jacobs takes Dinah to lunch and sees Hart, Cassie with Peter and says "The Nanny".
(Submitted by jeanette)

HB's voice, as they show the picture at the end of his memorial: 'Love the good Lord; and love this life He's given you...cherish EVERY damn minute of it! And everything else will take care of itself.' Rest in peace, Larry Gates.
(Submitted by Cheryl)

Harley: Damn. Double damn.
(Submitted by Rachel)

Dinah(to cassie): Don't get an attitude with me, I live here. I just walked in here and found you, whoever you are, half-naked w/my fiance, looking like(disgustedly), like you look!!

DINAH is the bomb!!(Hell has no fury like a woman... well you know the rest:)

(Submitted by Aniya)

Josh to Annie (after her overdose)
"I helped you the same way I would help a drowning dog."
(Submitted by Laurie)

Alan: Amanda, you did this. You are going to help me get
Annie out of that institution.

Amanda: When hell freezes over and becomes an ice rink!
(Submitted by Helen Butalla)

Alan coming home looking for Annie after she escaped the mental hospital:

Alan: Have you seen Annie?

Amanda: Nuts?

She is hilarious! I love her!!
(Submitted by ZPerry)

(Reva to Alan)
Reva: Listen to me you piece of garbage.
(Submitted by Rachel)

(Reva to Alan)
Reva: Listen to me you piece of garbage.
(Submitted by Rachel)

Philip is talking to a pouting Harley at Buzz and Jenna's place

Philip: I love a woman who wakes up happy

Harley: Well, I hope you find one.
(Submitted by Jenn Shumate)

Phillip had just stopped to see Harley, and as usual, she was spazing out about something.
Harley (to Phillip): Frank never let me have drums when I was Coop's age. I bet you had drums when you were his age.
Phillip: I had Ringo Starr playing at my birthday parties.
Harley: That's right, I forgot what your last name was.
(Or something like that - I came as close as I could!)
(Submitted by Jenny Wagner)

Reva talking about Annie to Alan:
Reva: i wouldn't spit on Annie if she were on fire!!
(Submitted by Candie Eads)

Annie: You are NOT going to get away with this!

Reva: I just did.

(Submitted by Carey)

Harley crying to Phillip
(Submitted by haley)

Annie: What's the matter Reva? No comeback?
Reva: (silence) Try this one for size. Rot. In. Hell.
(Submitted by Meg )

Annie telling Alan that she doesn't belong in a loonie bin.
(Submitted by Caroline)

Annie in the Loony bin telling Alan that she is not crazy:
(Submitted by Caroline, yu.)

Annie in the Loony bin telling Alan that she is not crazy:
(Submitted by Caroline, yu.)

In the mental institution, Annie offers proof of her sanity:

Annie: Alan, you know I'm as sane as you are!

Well, and how sane is Alan? LOL!
(Submitted by Lilla)

Annie to Alan in the mental institution:
(Submitted by Mina)

Annie to Alan in the mental institution:
(Submitted by Mina)

Reva (about Alan): That lying sack of Spaulding!
(Submitted by melissa simms )

Phillip walks into the office as Alan and Amanda are bickering about Annie.
Phillip: I can't believe you're still going at it! I thought we were going to try to approximate a family.
Amanda: We're having a nice discussion.
Phillip: No, you're not! You -- You're tearing at each other like a couple of rabid dogs.
Amanda: Well, what did you expect -- the Brady Bunch? You've been living at the Bauers' a long time.
(Submitted by Marsha)

Alan asks Mandy and Rog if they know anything about Annie's "missed" psychiatric appointment:
Mandy: Oh puhleeze! We have better things to do with our time than worry about 12-step Annie's shrink schedule!
(Submitted by SKN)

Buzz: (about Cassie giving Vanessa flowers) Men give women flowers, women give women flowers, and men just don't get any....florally speaking, that is."
(Submitted by Sherry, ****)

(Submitted by PATICE)

I dont quite remember the day. It was after 4th of July and
before Harley and Phillip slept together. This was when
Harley was confessing to Buzz her separation to Malet. She
explain how Malet was alone alot with this other female cop
on the job and they eventually slept together. Harley says.
"I guess they got so tired of doodling on paper so they
decided to doodle each other"
Boy that Harley says the funniest things!!!
(Submitted by Ariarose)

Matt: You think that's what I want? To loose you?
I don't want you to go to the store alone.
I don't wan't you to walk in the garden without me.
Hell, I'm so afraid of loosing you, I don't want you to leave my side.
Tell me you'll never leave me again!
Promise me we'll be together forever!

Vanessa: I promise you that I will never leave you again.
I promise you that we will be together from this life until the next.
(Submitted by Melissa Simms)

Josh and Reva are at the club where Marcus is to perforn Josh: I've booked a suite, I thought we would need lots of room. Reva: Well! I never! (Laying on the southern accent) Josh: Sure you have! I was LOL
(Submitted by las)

(Let's try this again. Sorry, first time here) Last week when Buzz was telling Reva about Jenna and Harley's business. She said, ''Like Charlie's Angels?'' And Buzz said, ''Yeah, without the big hair.''
(Submitted by Terri Boyd)

Last week when Buzz was telling Reva about Jenna and Harley's business. She said,
(Submitted by Terri Boyd)

I loved it when Rick was talking to Michelle about Jesse
"Alright Michelle, make my day, tell me you slept with him!"
(Submitted by blondie, none)

I loved when Amanda was talking with Alan and referred to the MuttonWoman as "Annie of Green Gables Psychiatric Clinic" and "Florence Nightingale on Acid"

I really do believe that this show does humor better than any other!
(Submitted by katio)

I loved when Amanda was talking with Alan and referred to the MuttonWoman as "Annie of Green Gables Psychiatric Clinic" and "Florence Nightingale on Acid". I really do believe that this show does humor better than any other!
(Submitted by katio)

This is not quite it but it is close enough
Abigail at Matt and Vanessas housewarming: "I can smell the
aroma in the air(referring to love)
Buzz walking by: "Its the skunks. There are plenty enough
of them around here!
(Submitted by Vicki Allen)

Matt:Was I a fool to think you'd come back to me, Vanessa
Vanessa (coming up from behind him): I've thought many things of you Matt Reardon,but I never thought you were a fool!
(Submitted by Lauren Bien)


Amanda, referring to the $25 million in bearer bonds used in Jeffrey's sting: There are less expensive ways to get a woman in bed.

Phillip: And you would certainly know!

(Submitted by stacey)

This was a while back, but it was when Jesse and Michelle were in the judge's chambers discussing her reading idea, and Michelle asked for some time along with Jesse:
Judge: 'Are you sure that's such a good idea, to leave you two alone?'
Jesse: 'Yeah, no telling what SHE'LL do to ME next!'
LOL! I loved that one!
(Submitted by Sherry, *****)

Buzz to Jeffery:
(Submitted by Heather)

Jeffrey: Starla, you're alive!
Starley: Last time I checked. But my name's not Starla. It's Harley. . .Davidson. . .Cooper!

(Submitted by Melissa Simms)

Roger (To Billy): What are you going to do, shoot me again?

(Submitted by Cathy Sniegocki)

Harley/Starla: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Phillip,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

(he he he)

(Submitted by G, - - -)

Harley: I knew I remembered some board games in here. Trivia.
Phillip: Trivia, good, I feel trivial.
Harley: Well, can you be trivial in bed?
Phillip: Not usually.
(Submitted by Ron)


Jeffrey (thief, abusive husband, hit-and-run driver, kidnapper) to Jenna: I'm not a thug, I'm a professional.

(Submitted by stacey)

Annie: What else do you want from me, Reva?
Reva: Your head on a platter!
Go Reva!
(Submitted by Amy)

Alan: Your honor, I am here to vouch for Annie's character.

Reva: And who in the hell is going to vouch for yours!

What a great line! Go Reva.

(Submitted by Helen Butalla)


After Rick proposes to Abby:

Abby: I have to consider this.

Rick: Consider this!

Long kiss...

Abby: That's a very good point!

(Submitted by stacey)

Ross to Blake: "...I realized I was too busy being an uptight
block headed, lawyer"
Blake: "Your not an uptight, block headed lawyer, not all the
(Submitted by Heather)

Ross confessing his deep love to Blake: Without you I'd probably never make the tabloids.
(Submitted by jackie)

Ross said to Blake: I missed the fact that you never made breakfast for me.
(Submitted by Marti)

I have two
1)Reva:...When you had that strait flush earlier.
Josh:I think I am about to get another strait flush
Reva:Oh, I can see that!

2)Blake:The fire alarm did not go off
Ross:My fire alarm did.
Blake:Oh boy did it, several times!
Ross:I hope it still works
Blake:Well maybe we ought to test it.
(Submitted by Michelle Ross)


After Annie has been delivered the divorce papers:

Annie: All I have to do is sign these and I'll be an ex.

Alan: Need a pen?

(Submitted by stacey)

Amanda: I'm not giving up on my family, no matter how dysfunctional we are! And believe me, we are......WHACKED!
(Submitted by SKN)

Jenna is trying to be sure that Jeffrey came to the diner -
Jenna: Are you sure it was Jeffrey?
Eleni: Well, it was AL PACINO, or I would still be downstairs!
(Submitted by SKN)

At the Bauer Barbeque:
Amanda: Why didn't anyone think to invite me to the barbeque?
Phillip: Uh, Amanda. I thought you were allergic to paper plates.
(Submitted by Lynn)

A drunk Annie to Alan (After she crashes the BBQ)
"Well Alan, so much for keeping a low profile"
(Submitted by Heather)

A drunk Annie to Alan (After she crashes the BBQ)
"Well Alan, so much for keeping a low profile"
(Submitted by Heather)


After Harley explains to Phillip about her reasons for helping Jenna, i.e., for Buzz:

Phillip: All this family loyalty is really getting to me!
(Submitted by stacey)

Marcus to Michelle: Why would you come down here by yourself??? Are you stupid???

(Yes, yes, yes--it needed to be said!)
(Submitted by stacey)

Josh has told Annie that he is sorry for her plight. Annie reaches out her PAW towards Josh. Josh with this look of"What the he** are you thinking?" Josh to Annie "this changes nothing" Annie with a devastated look.."how long Josh?" Josh "how long What?" Annie "how long were you sleeping with her behind my back?" Josh "Thank you for saying that..I was just about to feel sorry for you." Just about but not quite, right Josh! Then he takes Reva by the Arm and without giving Annie another thought is ready to leave! God I love that man. Josh you're my HERO!
(Submitted by BJ)

At Cross Creek. Josh and Reva are discussing where they are
going to live.
JOSH: Well it sure as Hell isn't going to be the land of Wishes
Hopes and Dreams
(Submitted by Lynn)

At Cross Creek, Reva and Josh are talking about building a
dream house.
REVA: I can't even think about building a dream house knowing
Little Miss Nightmare will be waiting in the wings to haunt us.

(Submitted by Lynn)

Alan (to Josh): and tell Reva to put some clothes on that adultress body of hers!
Josh (after Alan hangs up) : You son of....!

ROTFLMAO! Even though Alan was dissin' my buddy, that was FUNNY!
(Submitted by Kiley, *)

Josh and Reva are on the floor after making love.
JOSH: What?
REVA: You moved.
JOSH: No, I didn't
REVA: Yes, you moved.
JOSH: move, I just shifted.
REVA: No moving, no shifting. I want to stay like this forever.
JOSH: Well, if I can't move then how can I possibly do this?
REVA: Oh, well, then we'll have to make an exception, won't we?
(big, long kiss)
(Submitted by Lynn)

Reva to Josh, about Annie:

I hope she has the same cell I had!
(Submitted by stacey)

Reva(entering the shower) "looking for Me?" Josh "yes I am" Reva looking up into his beautiful baby blues "hello!" Then she says a second" Hello"'s where her eyes avert to that had me LOL. Reva, you are so BAD!
(Submitted by BJ)

Josh, in the shower, wanting Reva to join him:

I'm getting clean in here, but I'm not having any fun!
(Submitted by stacey)

Phillip to Rick, discussing Alan:

My father's favorite thing is to feel needed--it's the closest he comes to a real emotion.
(Submitted by stacey)

After Josh tells Reva how he never gave up on their life together..even when he thought she was dead.Won't give up
on it now.
Reva: Kiss me...softly... Josh..."what" Reva "Just Kiss me" And he the way that only Jova can..great. I thought I'd lose it.
(Submitted by BJ)

Reva: If a girl had to wait for you to set the fire, she'd freeze to death.
Josh: You think you can do better?
Reva: I know I can do better. Me and heat go way back.
(Submitted by Melissa Simms)

Annie on the stand..."There alot of lieing going on around here"
(Submitted by DrDaystrom)

Annie, after Dr. Levine walks in to the court room: I can explain everything...

Josh: Go to hell.
(Submitted by stacey)

Ross asks Annie if she had really been artificially inseminated.

Annie: I swear on my baby's grave that no DOCTOR artificially inseminated me!

Finally, Annie tells the truth about something! (She was inseminated by Fran, who is not a doctor)
(Submitted by Marsha)

Harley (talking to Phillip about Mallet): Someone has to stay home and take care of Lola.

Phillip: Who's Lola?

Harley: The dog.

Phillip: For a moment I thought you had an addition to the family.

Harley: Yeah,she's really pretty, blue eyes, I mean one blue eye and one brown eye.

(Harley was really talking about the girl who Mallet cheated on her with)
(Submitted by Jessica)

Josh to Annie:

So, all of these people--Blake, Fran and Reva are lying and you're the only one telling the truth?
(Submitted by stacey)

Annie: "Marah, what did your father say to you? What were y'all talking about? What did he say? Marah! Marah"

As Annie is shaking the life out of Marah, Reva walks out.

Reva: "Get you hands off of my baby! Don't touch my children!"

You go Reva, kick her ***!!!

To top it off, Fran came! I love Annie's expressions when she gets real worried!!
(Submitted by ZPerry)

Josh tells Marah how dangerous it was for her to come home alone on the bus.

MARAH: Look, I sat next to a nun, and I didn't even talk to her.
(Submitted by Marsha)

Josh: I'll call you tommorrow. There's alot of stuff we
have to work out.

Annie: More than you know Bud.

( I wrote this in because even though I don't like what Annie
is doing she is so bad you have to laugh at the things she
(Submitted by Cynthia)

Josh talking with the nurse at yet another of Annie's doctor's...

Josh: There has to be some way of getting in touch with him, he is a doctor.
Nurse: He's in Egypt, on a camel.

Did we get the hint of scarcasim in her voice? Go Josh!
(Submitted by Diane)

Ross and Annie after Blake told the truth about what had been going on.

Ross: So none of what Blake is saying is true?
Annie: No! I don't know why she's doing this to me. She's always lying. You've been a victim of her lies yourself. You know how she is.

(The look Ross gave her said, "Yes, and I'm beginning to understand how you are too, Annie"
(Submitted by Barb)

Billy to Josh when they were looking for proof that Annie saw yet another doctor when she miscarried...

"Check on the refrigerator. Women like to stick stuff under those little magnets."

That is totally something that Billy would say...some people would call it sexist. I call it Billy! It was great.
(Submitted by Barb)

(Frank is coming into the Diner to greet Eleni and Harley behind the counter.

Eleni-So, Frank, how was work?
Frank-Well, there were two robbers, two prostitutes, and two cups of coffee.
Harley-Wow, so how was work?

(Submitted by A.Johanson)

Reva: Do you know something? I have always felt that we were married. No matter where we were, no matter who we were with. . .It didn't matter, and nothing can change that. We Are husband and wife.
(Submitted by Melissa Simms)

Holly to Blake (about Roger): "...Follow daddy's advice...his aversion to the truth has made him the family man he is today."
(Submitted by stacey)

Holly to Blake (about Roger): "...Folllow daddy's advice...his aversion to the truth has made him the family man he is today."
(Submitted by stacey)

(Buzz is going to the courthouse, after he got hit by the car)

ELENI: Make sure you look both ways before crossing the street, Buzz.

(Submitted by Shawn, hi!)

Jenna to Buzz:
"Whatever am I going to do with you?"
"I don't know, but can I watch??"

-I'll have to remember this one! :-)

(Submitted by Christy)

this is not word for word, but i loved it! the character speaking is the judge in reva's murder case, speaking just as the trial is getting underway:

hey you back there with the wspr camera; i already determined that there would be no cameras in this courtroom; this will not become a media circus; we are NOT in los angeles!
(Submitted by alliewhoop)

(While Annie is comforting Alan in the hospital, after she
has slammed him on the head with a vase, and they blame it
on Fran)...
Something to the effect of,
Alan: "Annie, you tell Fran I'm not going to hold her
liable for the damages"

Annie's face was the best!!!! Go Reva & Josh!!!!
(Submitted by Jen)

Holly to Roger: "Somehow, your version what is right always gets people hurt."

Holly to Blake (about testifying against Annie): "It's not the end result that counts, it's doing the right thing that matters" (or something along those lines.) Very philosophical!

You go Holly!!!
(Submitted by Brooke)

Jenna: You are incorrigible.
Buzz : No, I am in love! Amazingly (kiss) mind-bogglingly (kiss) studiply (kiss) in love.

(Submitted by Melissa Simms )

Annie (to Alan, re the excuse that she was at the mansion as his nurse):
It was the first thing that popped into my head; a lie.
(Submitted by dana)

Josh to Alan:
"Save your lies for the witness stand."
(Submitted by Alma)

Josh to Alan: If you and Annie do become involved, you better watch your back.
I didn't and look where it got me.
(Submitted by Stacey)

Reva: You know, as much as I know that we're in for the fight of our lives, I would like nothing more than to just be able to bolt the door and spend a week in bed making love to you.
Josh: I wasn't even thinking about making it to the bedroom, I was thinking about throwing you right down here on the floor and . . . spending a bit of time.
I want to feel your skin against my skin.
I want to feel your heart beating in your chest.
And I want to hear hear that little sound you make at the moment. . .
Reva: Shh. Don't. Or we'll never get out of here.

(Submitted by Melissa Simms)

Reva (to Fran) : Now you must tell me the truth or i'll beat it out of you!!

something close to that.
(Submitted by Kiley)

Shayne to Reva (Not Annie!)

"Don't cry, Mama!"
(Submitted by Melissa Simms)

After Bill has been talking to "Tess" he asks Matt why he
calls himself "Robert."

Matt: You're the one who told me not to use my real name
because of all the wack-jobs out there!
(Submitted by Stacey)

Dinah to Matt when she was nagging him about not showing up for
the date she made for him because he was up all night
playing on the computer with "Tess".

"What if you're really talking to some sex crazed teenager!!"

Yeh well being sex crazed is something Dianh should know
all about!!!
(Submitted by Becky Poland )

Josh to Annie
"If you are telling me the truth, then we have a chance, I believe that."
(Heh, heh, heh.)
(Submitted by Melissa Simms)

Josh: There is no proof of any of the allegations you've made against her. But, in spite of that, in spite of reason, in spite of logic, I Believe You!

Reva: You Do?!

J: And not just because I love you, which I do very much. There's much more than that.

R: What?! Why are you so sure of me?

J: Because I Know You. Better than I know myself. I know your Heart, and I know your Soul.

R: Oh Bud, thank you! Thank You! (Laughing for joy and relief!)
(Submitted by Melissa Simms)

While Blake and Ross were in the car together.

Ross: "Do me a favor, and don't go on to any talk shows."
Blake: "Ross!!"
Ross: "It was a joke!"
Blake: "I din't know we were aloud to make those anymore!"

(I know it's not word for word, but I found that dialogue to be quite funny!)
(Submitted by ZPerry)

At the Spaulding cocktail:

"Reva! Don't, stop! Stop yelling at me! Reva! No!!!" Then Annie takes herself down a nice little fall. That evil witch!

I would have really liked to see Reva do it!
(Submitted by ZPerry)

"after tonight ...Annie will never be able to hurt us again"
If she only knew !
(Submitted by S. Mitchell)

Before the Spauldings party, (where Annie will pull her next stunt on Reva), Reva says to Josh
(Submitted by Susan Mitchell)

At the Spaulding party:
Amanda: "...After all, when life hands you lemons..."
Ross: "You hack'em up and put them in alcohol."
(Submitted by Alma)

Reva: (to Josh) : You are here in my heart and you will always be in my hear
Josh: (to Reva) : I miss your laugh, I miss doing things with you and the kids. I miss waking up next to you in the morning
(Submitted by Donna Carter)

Annie: (to Reva, after telling her she faked being her sister)
Do you know what I regret the most?

Reva: That you got caught!!!?

You go, Reva!!
(Submitted by Laura, n/a)

Reva to Abi
" The only thing that is going to make me happy is Annie's head on a platter, with a big old apple shoved in that lying mouth of hers!"
" I'm not upset! I'm just going to rip out that lying tongue of hers and boil it for breakfast!"
(Submitted by hope)

ANNIE (To Reva): ...if you would just sit down.

REVA: I don't want to sit down, and if you weren't pregnant
Annie, you wouldn't be sitting, you'd be horizontal!
(Submitted by MaryJo)

Dinah tells Matt about her relationship with Hart: "I always see things his way...except when he's wrong."
(Submitted by Marsha)

Reva : "i dont know how annie did it, but i am going to kill her with my bare hands!"

YOU GO REVA!!!! Annie deserves everythign taht's coming to her, but not Reva, and no matter what, Josh is gonna be with Reva!

(ps -- sorry about the below one, i have no clue what happened)
(Submitted by Knowall)

Reva :
(Submitted by Knowall)

Blake: Why don't you just blame me for global warming?

Ross: Well, you were pretty hot to trot the night you
were with Rick.

Blake: Yeah, I'll bet the temperature wasn't the only
thing rising with you and Amanda.
(Submitted by Beryl)

Roger to Amanda: "I think we should confine meetings to the office from now on. You'll be less likely to assault me there."
Roger can play Amanda like a fiddle!
(Submitted by Gwen, n/a)

I know this is on the page already...but it isn't word for word:

Reva, in the chapel, talking to her mother...about Annie
"No offense, but who the hell did you sleep with to produce her?"
(Submitted by Erinn)

Reva, in the chapel:

No offense, mama, but who did you sleep with to get her?

(meaning Annie)
(Submitted by Stacey)

As Annie cries (as usual) and runs out of the park, "I am going to kill you Reva Shane!!" (Reva Reva Reva!)
(Submitted by ZPerry)

Abby volunteers to a demonstration. Hmmm...mouth to mouth rescussitation?! Do I feel a kiss from Rick coming on?
(Submitted by ZPerry)

Reva says "I don't mean to be disrespectful mama, but I don't like Annie, in fact, I hate her guts!"
(Submitted by ZPerry)

At the hospital...Fran to Annie after Annie thanked her for her help.
"Blackmail is a powerful motivator."
(Submitted by Alma Hernandez)

Josh says to Reva on the Hospital Roof. " I am not buying what you are selling",
Josh is trying to make Reva tell him why she will not be with him

(Submitted by vanessa soon, churchidrl)

Roger to Vanessa: "You have grown quite cynical since you died and went to Switzerland!" I don't care if he is the vilian, he's hilarious!
(Submitted by noelle padgitt)

Ross: It's over, forget it, just simply foget it Blake: *gives him a big long suprising kiss* Forget THAT!
(Submitted by Nichole)

Phillip: Maybe Aunt Alex is on a romantic getaway with Hawk Shayne.
Alan: Hawk Shayne's idea of a romantic getaway is the upper bunk of a chicken coop.
(Submitted by Lilla J.)

Nola discovers J's latest assignment in photography class -- nude models.

J's friend Rodney: The professor, he just sprung it on us.
Nola: You know, let's hope nothing else gets sprung.
(Submitted by Brad Beam)

Not sure of the correct day, but it happened last week.

Buzz enters the Spaulding Mansion to give Alex back the
check. As he looks at Alan, Amanda, and Roger who are
waiting to have dinner, he says to Alex:

"What a guest list, I hope you aren't serving anything
that requires sharp utensils!"

(Submitted by Helen Butalla)

Reva's connection to Dannie:"She was crawling around on the floor trying to sniff all the little white specks she could find..."

So, Dannie was a drug addict...Annie was a drug addict...Could they be one in the same?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
(Submitted by Brian A. Mach)

Josh says to Annie while in doctors office: "I just know you
are working hard on your sobriety for you and the baby."
Annie says "For us.", then her stomach gurgles embarassingly
(Submitted by Mark Walton)

Annie's doctor says "Some couples want to know the exact date and time in which their baby was concieved"

Wouldn't it be romantic if Josh knew that it was on a cold table with a turkey baster!!!!!
(Submitted by ZPerry)

Annie to Josh: This pregnancy will be so much more fun with you involved.

--The same could be said of the conception
(Submitted by Liz)

Blake (to Annie): If I could get out of this bed, I would throttle you! Oh, if only...
(Submitted by Sara)

Annie tells Blake in the hospital that it won't end this way.
Annie: It won't end this way.
Blake: Your obsessed! First with drugs and Booze, and now with Josh!
Annie: I'm still your friend. All I've done is help you.
Blake: GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

Rick (flubbing as he tries to explain to Abby about Kevin): "Doctor's aren't supposed to operate on their patients."

(Submitted by Marni)

Rick to Lilian in the ER:
Rick:"I'm gonna do the surgery..."
Lilian:"No, Rick, you can't, you can't..."
Rick:"Lilian, yes I am. I'm not going to let him die.."
Lilian:"But, Rick, you shouldn't, you can't..."
Rick:"I'm not going to let him die! HE'S MY SON!!!!"
(Submitted by Brian A. Mach)

Rick was telling Abby about Kevin being his son.
Abby: It can't be! That's gross!!!
Rick: I know it's gross honey, but its true!
Abby: Ohh get away from me.
Rick: Please love me! Don't leave me Abby! I love you!
Abby: I don't want your love!

I cried during this scene. I can't believe that they are breaking up.

(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

In todays episode; Blake woke up out of her coma and saw
Ross looking at her with hate in his eyes! Ross said, you have lied to me Blake. Blake said, Oh my gosh, you know about the boys it was just a thing Ross, I thought our relationship was over back then. Ross said, Well, it
it is over now.
(Submitted by MBart2303)

Rick just told Ross about the baby
Rick:...In some way it's a blessing"
Ross: "You sleep with my wife, get her pregnet
and you think it's a blessing?"
(Submitted by Alena Goldberg)

Holly to Roger (or more to herself) as they sit by Blake's bedside:

Things will never be the same again.
(Submitted by Stacey)

In Dallas, Buzz is kisses Jenna in the cloak room. Buzz says to the lady looking on "Excuse Us?!" And she says, "Well, excuse me!!!"

Jenna says, "Boy, you really know how to clear a room!"
(Submitted by sandy)

Blake is in tears because Annie is blackmailing her.
Blake: I feel like I'm going to be torn up into shreds!
Holly: I know how you feel sweetheart.
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

Funky lines:

Amanda wanted to break up with Roger.
Roger: Well then just give me your ring back!
Amanda: We were not even engaged!
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

Reva sees josh in park.
Reva: When I see you i can't think strait! I have to go!
Josh: Why are you running away?
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

Matt to Dina about their relationship: "...but making up with her was the best." And later,"Who can say that they have the memories that I have of your mother?"
(Submitted by Brian A. Mach)

Matt to Dina about his and Vannessa's relationship:
"Who can honestly say that they have the memories that I have of your mother."
(Submitted by Brian A. Mach)

Abby is talking to Rick, when all of the sudden a baby in the crib
starts crying over at Blake's house. With no sign of the cry,
Abby says: " It's O.K. little baby.

Now I read some things about the actress, and it says that she really is death.
It just seems weird that she could know that they are crying without knowing the exact minuets
when to say her part. She must be a talented actress!
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

Blake talking to Annie re: bugging Ross's phone
Blake: Annie you're suppose to be my friend.
Annie: I am
Blake:Then don't ask me to do this to Ross, or his clients.
as my friend how can you?
Annie: Blake, I know things about you, your husband doesn't
know, so I say I'm your best friend. (with friends like Annie, ect)
(Submitted by Tari)

Buzz called Coop's baby sitter in England to see how he was doing
for Jenna.
Buzz to Jenna: The sitter said that the baby was drawing pictures of you.
jenna: Well, I'm the only mother hes ever known.
Buzz: I talked to him. Well, not actully talk to him but,
he wished to blow you a big kiss.
Buzz blows a kiss to Jenna
Buzz: from him straight to you.
jenna starts crying.
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

Josh came over to Reva's house. When they depart:
Reva: Josh, I want to be with you, hold you, talk to you, touch
you. But we can't, we just can't!
Josh: (softly) I love you.
Josh leaves and as he walks away:
Reva; I love you too.
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

Blake comes rushing over to Annie and Josh's house.
Blake: I'm so worried about you Annie!

When she started talking to Annie she didn't seem to worried!
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

This was a while back...way back.The first was when Philip was at the hopital and Rick was treating him (before Rick left for Chicago). Rick hears code Blue for Phil's room and rushes in. He looks at Phil and looks back saying:
...and Phil says to Rick:"What..It was itching." He has taken off the electrothinggies (this was a few years back!)

or the time Phil was in an airplane which was having difficulties..He crashes to the ground of the plane and says to ? :"want some macadamian nuts?"
(If anyone is familiar with the two lines posted by me could you e-mail me as to exactly what happened...This happened a few years back...Thanks!)
(Submitted by Joanne2)

Annie just got done taking her pregnacy test and it turned
Annie: Oh my gosh, it finally worked, I'M PREGNET!"
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

Rick asked Abby to marry him.
After a long talk,
Abby: Yes, Yes, what I'm saying is YES!
Rick: You're going to marry me?
Abby: I can't believe I'm saying this but YES!!!

I really can't believe that Rick was once married to Annie!
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

Rick and Abby, while talking about faults...
Rick: Abby, I snore!! I snore!!
Abby: I'm deaf, Rick.
(Submitted by Erinn)

Jenna tells her husband dramaticlly,
" Whatever Buzz and I had is in the Past!"
husband, " Well, I'm glad to know that."
Jenna lays down and says, " I've got to get over Buzz"
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

Most NAUSEATING Line of the Day:
Josh (to Annie at the Cedars Ball): I'm going to get you some coffee.

Annie: Could I have tea... or better yet make it milk. (As she pats her tummy.)

Funny, I didn't know that milk was served at extravagant galas!!!
(Submitted by Leigh Ann)

Zachery tells Vannessa that he over did it in Springfield.
Vanassa says, " You fell in love didn't you?"
Zachery leaves and tells her that he will never see her
agian, but will be watching over her.
(Submitted by Sally Hammon)

(Josh and Reva alone at the lighthouse)
JOSH: "I dream about you, Reva"
REVA: "Josh, don't"
JOSH: "I dream that I can smell your perfume"
REVA: "Then you wake up to Annie"
Reva's right, Josh! What the HELL are you still doing with that whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Submitted by Michelle Levitz)

In the spirit of the 60th Anniversary, here is my favourite
line that aired sometime in the late 70s or early 80s. It's
too hilarious. I'll never forget it...
Closing the door behind her, with her coat over her arm [why
doesn't anyone put their coat on BEFORE they leave their
house?] Hope pauses and mutters to herself...

HOPE BAUER: There's nothing as depressing as a March windstorm.
(Submitted by Elwood, n/a)

Roger: "I'm going to the lighthouse to see if I can help."
Amanda: "Those people don't want your help, they hate you!"

Well, there's no point in being blunt, is there?
(Submitted by Kristin)

Alex raises her glass for a toast and says to Allan (about Reva as she tangos by them) "Thank God for being rid of that scarlet harlot" It was priceless!!!
(Submitted by Amy)

Reva while at the ball: "I can't help it if I'm popular."
Harley: "That's a nice name for it."
(Submitted by Kristin)

When Buzz is at the very
(Submitted by Elaine)

When Buzz was telling Annie that she was right about Josh and Reva being at Cross Creek together

Buzz: "You said you thought they were together doing another round of ALWAYS, I doubted it, but Honey, you were right."

Actually, Buzz has had many a good line lately
(Submitted by Janet)

Alex: "Do you realize that 60 years ago, your grandfather, Brandon, created this whole Spaulding Foundation in order to bring Cedars Hospital to Springfield from Selby Flats?"

BRILLIANT use of history to set up the meaning of the ball; and the reason for all of the wonderful visits from old friends!!!!
(Submitted by aliewhoop)

Nola to Quint: You look like Nanook of the North.
(Submitted by Kathy, none)

Jenna and Reva *discussing* Buzz and Reva's relationship:

Reva: It killed me to have to have to lie to him.
Jenna: Did it? You don't look dead!
(Submitted by SKN)

Annie: Josh, I can't tell you what it feels like feeling your baby growing inside me.
(Or something to that effect.)
Well, at least she's telling the truth.
(Submitted by Care)

When Buzz was at the store to get his tux,
he briefly stopped to talk with Jenna. After
he was done, he said to the store employee,
"Show me your monkey suits". As Buzz and the
store employee were walking away, Buzz also
said, "And, watch it on the inseams"!.
(Submitted by Helen A Butalla)

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