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Site Volunteers

Last Modified April 3, 2016

This Guiding Light web page wouldn't be complete without the efforts of all the volunteers that have developed pages and/or provided information for it.

How to Help:

I am no longer adding new projects to this page

Site Volunteers:

The people listed below have volunteered to develop pages and/or provide information for this site.

The Guiding Light Updaters (listed on the updates page)
The Question Corner Volunteers (listed on the Question Corner volunteers page)
Marni Centor - mccb AT idt DOT net (Timeline and Frequently Asked Questions)
Wesley - swampfox AT nr DOT infi DOT net (Rotisserie Soaps)
Tina Jones - tjones AT tiac DOT net (Newsgroups)
Sylvi - sylvi AT iglou DOT com (IRC)

Also- a big thank you goes out to all of you who contribute to the page in other ways, by adding lines to the lines of the day page, pointing out errors, and everything else you do. This site wouldn't be nearly as useful without all the help I get.

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Cari D. Burstein - cdaveb AT anybrowser DOT org