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Last Modified September 27, 1998

Here are pictures and sound clips from GL. Any movies featured on this page may have a limited run. As a general rule, I will only be putting pictures on this page of characters no longer on the show, old pictures, and special events. I do take requests- but I don't usually have the time to fill them. For more pictures, and pictures of current characters, you may want to try the other GL sites, especially CBS's page, linked to from the main page of this site. I have tried not to duplicate their efforts- I'm just trying to fill in the blanks with pictures not provided on other sites.

Guiding Light Theme Song:

.wav format (123 K)

Vince Williams (played Hamptom Speakes - in rememberance):

Hamp Speakes
Hamp and Gilly
Hamp with his sax

Larry Gates (the late, great H.B. Lewis):

H.B. Lewis
H.B. and Reva
H.B., Josh, and Billy

Bauer Power:

Bert Bauer
Bert Bauer (different picture)
Bill and Bert Bauer
Papa Bauer

William Roerick (Henry Chamberlin - in rememberance):

Henry and Nola
Henry at Nola and Quint's Wedding
Bea and Henry

Past GL Favorites:

Ben and Michelle (Rachel Miner)
Nadine Cooper
Maureen Reardon Bauer
Harley and A.C. Mallet
Ashley Peldon at 4 1/2-5 (when she was Marah) and at 11 (about 2 years ago)
Peter Reardon

Vanessa and Nola (catfight):

Vanessa and Nola (graphic)
"You Cow" (.wav file - 264K)
"You little vixen...I'm gonna fix you good!" (.wav file - 857K)

Pictures on other sites:

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