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Last Modified April 3, 2016

Below is a list of other Guiding Light sites as well as some other sources for soap opera information. Most of the descriptions below are written by the maintainers of those sites, not by me.


General Guiding Light Pages

The Women of Springfield

The Women of Springfield has history and many pictures of some of the author's personal favorite GL men of the past and present.

Jennifer's Guiding Light Page and Weekly Poll

Guiding Light News/Spoilers

Soap Dish News

Guiding Light Actor/Character Pages

Quint and Nola Homepage

The Unofficial Homepage of Guiding Light's Quinton and Nola Chamberlain. Celebrate this wonderful love story and revisit the glory days of this couple through scene transcriptions, pictures, sounds and video clips from the 1980's as well as current fan contributed stories and commentary.

The Rick and Abby Homepage

Soap Opera Sites

Soap Opera FAQs

Guiding Light

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