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A Brief History of the Guiding Light from 1971 to 1980
As it Primarily Relates to Holly and Roger

We start our story long ago in Springfield. Ed and Mike Bauer are brothers. Ed and Mike were both in love with Leslie Bauer - mother of one year old Rick, ex-wife of Ed, and lover of rich, manipulative Stanley Norris - father of an estranged Holly. Twenty-year-old Holly was being wooed by young Roger Thorpe, a lacky of Stanley's who was promised a bright corporate future to get his [Stanley's] daughter and her stocks into line. Roger, willing to do just about anything to get ahead, did.

Leslie married Stanley (not a terribly happy marriage) and soon, as luck would have it, Stanley was murdered, Leslie indicted, and Mike at Leslie's side as her lawyer was off to find the real killer. The murderer was not Leslie (to find out who it was, peruse a copy of C. Schemering's Guiding Light A 50th Anniversary Celebration).

Roger began making advances on Janet Mason while maintaining a fluctuating romance with neurotic and insecure Holly. Holly was so upset to see Roger one day exiting from Janet's apartment that she ran into the street and was hit by a car. Janet spurned Roger. Holly was unable to walk. Young Dr. Ed Bauer took a special interest in Holly, believing her problem was depression and was not physical. He confided in Holly his own bouts with alcoholism and feelings of impotence (so to speak) and Holly began to walk again. She and Ed began to date - while Ed was still seeing his old flame, Janet. Janet was soon aware that she was pregnant with Ken Norris' [Holly's brother's] child and Ed went out and got drunk when Janet and Ken reconciled. Holly was with Ed and they went off to Las Vegas to get married that night.

The next morning, Ed apologized for his drunken actions, suggesting an annulment, but insecure Holly lied, claiming the marriage had been consummated and so an annulment was not possible (Ed had been so drunk he could barely walk ...). Meanwhile, Mike finally received a divorce from Charlotte. He and Leslie were about to be married when Leslie's father had a heart attack so the marriage was postponed.

Holly and Ed tried to make their marriage work but Ed and Janet grew closer when Ed had to help with Janet's pregnancy. Ken went a bit crazy but settled down and Ed and Janet's new relationship never blossomed. In June 1973, Mike and Leslie were married. (Ed and Holly had married in May). Hope, Mike's daughter, left for boarding school. Ken and Janet attempted to reconcile, but Ken grew angrier and angrier about Ed. Ken was blinded in a car accident - forcing him to move in with his mother, Barbara, and his new stepfather, Adam Thorpe [Roger's father].

Holly was growing more and more upset with Ed's long hours at the hospital and his attraction to Janet. Roger returned to Springfield and moved in with Barbara and his father. His wild ways seemed to be a thing of the past and Roger claimed that he just wanted to settle down and have a family. Barbara believed that Roger had changed and told Holly so. Holly was still obsessed with Roger and these stories only fed the flames of her desire to be with him. Roger began dating Peggy Fletcher and Holly spent her time telling Roger how bad Peggy was for him. Roger took it all in stride until his financial problems became severe. He took out loans from loan-sharks and become very susceptible to Holly's remarks. Roger was rather insecure and they wound up in bed.

Afterwards, they both said it would never happen again, but it did, and it did, and did. Soon, Peggy got her divorce and she and Roger seemed set to be married. Roger planned to cut it off with Holly and make their relationship platonic. Ed noticed that Holly and Roger had become close and was jealous. Holly then found out that she was pregnant With Roger's child! (Guess!). But, undaunted, Holly seduced her dimwitted husband Ed who was rather unaware of his own marital problems, and soon announced her pregnancy. Ed was overjoyed.

Roger's financial problems deepened with the loan-sharks and he was badly beaten. Peggy, for many reasons, fled their relationship. Holly, using the money from her inheritance, payed off Roger's debt with the loan-sharks. Ed did not know the reason for Holly's generosity - she was still hung up on Roger and was still fantasizing about a life with him. Ken regained his sight, but not Janet. In an insane fit, Ken shot Ed in the chest. Ed was rushed to Cedars, saved, but his left hand was partially paralyzed. Janet, guilt stricken, left town and Ken was committed. Ed's only glimmer of light was the prospect of the birth of his (!) child.

Holly was wracked with guilt over her deceitfulness. She still wanted Roger but she also wanted her marriage to good young Dr. Ed Bauer. She kept a keen eye on Roger's renewed affair with Peggy. When Holly's brother Andy returned to Springfield from Vietnam she confided in him. Andy was a writer and began a book called "Valerie's Story" based on Holly's bizarre life. Holly went into labor, "prematurely", and had a girl, named Christina. Christina soon became deathly ill and died (just kidding) and was in need of a blood transfusion. Holly had had hepatitis as a child so she could not help, and Ed's blood was not the correct type so Roger donated the blood anonymously and the baby lived (we are in July 1975 now, if you're keeping track).

Finally, Holly could hold her secret any longer and told Ed the truth about Christina's paternity and her feelings for Roger. Ed walked out and told Roger that he would tell Peggy in two weeks if Roger did not. Roger told Peggy and she eventually forgave him and they were married in a rather small ceremony (only Bert Bauer and Adam Thorpe attended).

At boarding school, Hope had her troubles and she and father Mike did not see eye to eye. Hope moved in with Bert. Mike and Leslie's marriage stood the strain of outside influences. Meanwhile, Ed was getting drunk again. His career as a surgeon seemed doomed because of the paralysis. During his recuperation from more surgery, he attracted the attention of new nurse Rita Stapleton. Rita thought Ed was a nice, warm, stable, and rich guy and was, consequently, interested. Ed and Rita grew close as Ed realized that his marriage to Holly was over. Rita had a sister, Eve, who was involved in many plots which I do omit here for they are not relevant to the Holly/Roger relationship.

With luck it seemed that Ed would regain the use of his hand and he told Rita that he loved her. She reciprocated and they planned to be married. Ed's divorce from Holly was about to become final but Holly had a change of heart and tried to contact Ed. Rita never let Ed get the message. Holly left for Europe. Holly's mother, Barbara, found a copy of Andy's "Valerie's Story" - recognized it as Holly's story and began to hate Roger with a passion. She took it out on her husband, Adam Thorpe, who could do nothing. The two soon divorced.

Meanwhile, Hope was involved with Ben and Eve and Lucille. Mike and Hope were not getting along too well. Mike and Leslie were also having some problems. Leslie was soon hit by a car (driven by Spence Jeffers) and was rushed to Cedars. She told Mike that he had been a good husband and to tell Freddy (Rick) that he would be a fine man like his father and uncle and then Leslie died (June, 1976).

Justin Marler, a rather brash heart specialist, came to Springfield. Justin's ex-supervisor in Chicago, Dr. Scott, had a spoiled daughter named Jackie who was Justin's ex-wife. She came to Springfield and casued havoc in the lives of Justin and his new lover Sara Werner. Jackie's motives were not clear.

At the same time, Rita was having problems. She was accused of murder and, duly, Mike Bauer flew to her aid. She was acquitted, and Ed proposed. Rita was not happy about the proposal, for the night of the murder, she had been with another man - Roger Thorpe. Roger had pleaded with Rita to let the past lie since he did not want to break up his marriage with Peggy. Rita agreed to all of this since she knew how Ed felt about Roger sleeping with Holly during that marriage. But when Rita was about to be convicted (after Ed had proposed) Roger stepped forward and told the truth. He and Peggy were divorced and Peggy and her son moved to Boise, Idaho.

Ed was upset and wanted nothing whatsoever to do with Rita. He began seeing Holly again. Ed and Holly pretended that little Christina was really their child. Alas, Ed's desire for Rita became too much and Holly realized this. Rita and Ed got back together without much of a fight from Holly. Holly never gave up hope, though, as Ed and Rita never seemed to really want to get married. Eve and Ben eventually were married too, leaving Hope high and dry.

In November of 1977, Spaulding Enterprises moved its new headquarters to happy Springfield. Mike was hired as chief counsel by the president of the company, Alan Spaulding (who had a wife called Elizabeth and a son, Phillip). Alan was adulterous with Philips' governess, Diane Ballard. Elizabeth filed for divorce - and custody of Phillip. Mike, who had supported her all along, agreed to act as her lawyer in the divorce. He was also quite enamoured with her (trying to fill the void made by Leslie's death). Mike had also been dating Jackie Marler - but she was too wild for his conservative tastes.

Mike was honored as Man of the Year (locally, of course) and Bill Bauer returned. He was not dead as everyone had assumed. He had raised a daughter named Hillary who came to Springfield. She decided to stay, and took up nursing.

Alan paid off a Spanish nobleman named Ramon DeVillar to falsify records saying that he was Elizabeth's lover. Alan won custody of Phillip. Mike proposed to Elizabeth, she accepted, and Alan was upset. He [Alan] told Elizabeth that her dreams of children were impossible - she could not have any. Alan then told her that Mike knew this. Shocked, Elizabeth broke up with Mike.

Jackie began seeing Alan so that she could get close to Phillip - because she was Phillip's real mother! Several years earlier, a pregnant Jackie had caught Justin in flagrante delicto and ran off to Europe (Switzerland?) for a divorce. She let Justin believe that she had an abortion, but she placed the child up for adoption -- with Elizabeth's obstetrician. When Elizabeth's baby was stillborn, Alan paid to have Jackie's baby substituted. Jackie had known for years where Phillip was. She accepted Alan's proposal so she could be near Phillip.

Elizabeth and Mike did eventually get back together and they too planned to marry. Mike pursued DeVillar (who wound up dead) and managed to get the custody suit opened up again - getting Elizabeth custody of Phillip. Phillip was unhappy with Mike (Alan always spoke ill of him) and did not like the new arrangement. Phillip was in need of heart surgery soon thereafter and was rushed to Cedars were Justin saved him (not knowing that Phillip was really his son). Elizabeth and Justin grew close and married.

Ed finally got on the wagon and he and Rita planned their marriage. Holly dreamt of ruining those plans but she did not go through with her machinations - she had a life of her own again and she was being pursued by Roger. Roger was upset because Christina was, legally, Ed Bauer's child and not his. He [Roger] had just been pronounced sterile (!).

Roger had an affair with Hillary solely because she was a Bauer. She fell for Roger. Roger also made advances toward Rita - who was at that time Ed's fiancee. Rita refused Roger's propositions and Roger forced himself upon Rita and he raped her. Because of her past affair with Roger, Rita thought that no one would believe that Roger had raped her and she did not go to the police. At this time, Roger was sleeping with Hillary and also flirting with Holly. Holly and Roger planned to marry and Hillary felt cheap.

Rita and Ed were finally married, and Holly and Roger were also married (January, 1979) but Holly was not too happy with Roger and did not tell Christina who her real father was. Roger grew angry and abusive. Roger then raped Holly. Holly did not back down and filed charges against Roger for Marital Rape - a new charge at the time - so the case garnered quite a bit of publicity.

Roger, who was working for Spaulding Enterprises, knew all about the DeVillar affidavit and blackmailed Alan. Roger was promoted to VP. Alan hired, for Roger, an ambitious young attorney, Ross Marler (Justin's younger brother and therefore Phillip's uncle). On the stand, Ross tore Holly's life apart and made Roger appear innocent. As Roger was about to be acquitted, Rita stepped forward and told of how Roger had raped her too. Roger was found guilty and a bond was posted for him.

Roger went on a rampage, threatening everyone. When he started to beat Ed, Holly (reliving her brutal rape) shot Roger three times. Holly was subsequently convicted of murder - but Roger was not really dead. Alan had Roger secreted to a private clinic in Puerto Rico. Christina did not get along well with Rita, much to Ed's chagrin, so she [Christina] stayed with Barbara.

Alan's new employee, Hope Bauer, went on an ill-fated plane trip with Alan. Their plane went down in the Caribbean and Alan and Hope swam to a deserted island. They shed their dislike for one another, and, eventually, their clothes. Jackie and Mike fell in love while searching for Alan and Hope, who too fell in love. Alan confessed to Hope that he had been a bastard but from then on out he would be on the straight and narrow. When they were eventually rescued and their romance realized, Jackie filed for divorce. Though Mike tried to convince Hope that Alan was no good, she would not listen and she and Alan planned to marry.

While in prison, Holly was stabbed. Ed rushed to her side, abandoning Rita in the Carribean (they were on vacation). Rita met an old flame at a nightclub and wound up in bed with him. She returned to Springfield to find out that she was pregnant - and she did not know who the father was.

Amanda married Ben, much to the dismay of Lucille, who brought in young, ambitious lawyer Ross Marler to break them up and then marry Amanda. Amanda was called to the bedside of the dying Brandon Spaulding, patriarch of the Spaulding family. As it turned out (omitting months of detail), Amanda was really Alan's daughter. Brandon left all of his shares in Spaulding Enterprises to Amanda.

Mike was still interested in Elizabeth. Jackie caught him and Elizabeth in bed (together). Meanwhile, Roger was plotting his revenge against Ed, Holly and Rita. He returned to Springfield planning to kidnap his daughter at Cedars' charity bazaar. He dressed as a clown but he was found out before he could get Christina. He chased Rita (who recognized his voice) into a House of Mirrors, pulled a gun and dragged the pregnant Rita away to a remote cabin.

Roger allowed Rita to call the hospital for the results of a test to determine the paternity of her baby. When she found out that Ed was the father, Roger was incensed and tied Rita to a bed. The police were closing in and Roger fled, although Rita was screaming that she was in labor. As he made his getaway, Roger knocked over a lantern, setting the cabin on fire. Rita was rescued in the nick of time by Mike and Ed but lost the baby.

To keep Holly and Christina safe from Roger, who was still on the loose, Ed flew them down to Santo Domingo. Roger had tapped Ed's phone, though, and was in the Dominican Republic to greet them. Roger again tried to take Christina but Holly distracted him and Chrissie escaped. Roger dragged Holly through the jungle with the Bauer boys on his heels. Roger and Holly argued and Mike and Ed caught up. Roger shot Ed in the arm while Mike got away with Holly. Roger then nearly fell off a cliff. His only hope for survival was Ed, who struggled to pull Roger back up. Roger/Ed lost their grip and Roger plunged with a horrible scream to his presumed demise (April 1, 1980). There is more, of course.

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