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Welcome to the AnyBrowser Pages, home of the Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW, and a few other sites run by Cari D. Burstein and friends. Below is a list of the sites available on this server. Please enjoy! If you have any questions about this server or the sites hosted on it, please mail Cari with your comments.

Sites Hosted Here

Cari D. Burstein's Home Page

* Best viewed with any browser:
Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW
(Encourages accessible web design)

Built With BBEdit
BBEdit Tips and Tricks
(Mac only text editor)

Archived Sites

(hunter dps analyzer for World of Warcraft)

World of Warcraft
Rivkah's World of Warcraft Notes
(Tips site for MMORPG)

Winds of Dawn
(clan site for Mac only MMORPG)

Guiding Light Online Community

The City/Loving Page

Another World Archived Updates


Rivkah's Shadowbane Notes
(Tips site for MMORPG)


Might and Magic VII Maps

High Performance I/O VPS Server Hosting

Cari D. Burstein - cdaveb AT anybrowser DOT org