Guiding Light:

Timeline 1930-1949

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The Guiding Light premieres on radio, based in Chicago (1/25/37)

Ned Holden and Mary Ruthledge are engaged (1937)

Abe Kransky dies from influenza (1937)

Fredrika shoots and kills Paul Holden (1938)

Rose Kransky has child out of wedlock (1939)

Ned and Mary get married (6/41)

Johnny Kransky dies in an automobile accident (1941)

Ellis Smith and Torchy Reynolds Holden marry (1942)

Norma Greenman dies of a heart attack (1943)

Dr. Richard Gaylord becomes minister in Five Points (1945)

GL moves production to Hollywood (1946)

Reverend Ruthledge (Arthur Peterson) dies (1946)

Tim Lawrence dies in a plane crash (7/46)

Dr. Jonathan MacNeill marries Claire Lawrence (10/46)

Theo Goetz originates role of Frederick (Papa) Bauer (1947)

Ray and Charlotte marry (1947)

Dr. Charles Matthews opens the Church of the Good Samaritan in Selby Flats, CA, the story's new location (1947)

Roger Collins marries Susan McClain (1948)

Meta Bauer (Jone Allison) poses as Jan Carter (7/48)

GL production moves to New York from Hollywood; GL story moves from Five Points, USA to Selby Flats, CA (1949)

Bert Miller (Ann Shepherd) and Bill Bauer (Lyle Sudrow) are married (12/9/49)

Mama Bauer dies (12/49)

Guiding Light

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