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Timeline 1970-1979

Last Modified July 29, 1998

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"La Lumiere" debuts as GL's theme song (first quarter 1970)

Sydney Walker takes over role of Dr. Bruce Banning (1970)

Melinda Fee takes over role of Charlotte Waring (1970)

Ken Norris (Roger Newman) is introduced (1970)

Mike Bauer marries Charlotte Waring (4/70)

Leslie Bauer gives birth to Frederick (Freddy, Rick) Bauer (Albert Zungallo) (8/70)

Lee Gantry falls through an attic window & dies (12/70)

Sara McIntyre marries Joe Werner (12/31/70)

Holly Norris (Lynn Deerfield) and Stanley Norris (Michael Higgins) are introduced (1970)

Kathryn Hays takes over role of Leslie Bauer (1971)

William Smithers takes over role of Stanley Norris (1971)

Michael Zaslow debuts as Roger Thorpe (4/1/71)

Holly & Roger go on their first date... Leslie Bauer & Stanley Norris are involved (4/71)

Ed & Leslie divorce (1971)

Leslie Bauer marries Stanley Norris (7/2/71)

Stanley Norris is murdered (9/71)

Barbara Rodell takes over role of Leslie Norris (1971)

Garry Hannoch takes over role of Freddy Bauer (1972)

Janet Mason marries Ken Norris (Roger Newman) (3/72)

Flip Malone kidnaps Charlotte (4/72)

Johnny Fletcher has a nervous breakdown (8/72)

Mike & Charlotte divorce (1973)

Papa Bauer dies in his sleep (2/73)

Ed Bauer marries Holly Norris (5/73)

Mike Bauer marries Leslie (6/73)

Kit Vested murders Charlotte Bauer (8/73)

Kit Vested is killed (1974)

William Roerick takes over role of Dr. Bruce Banning; Meta & Bruce leave Springfield again (1974)

Lynne Adams resumes role of Leslie Bauer (1974)

Tisch Raye takes over the role of Hope Bauer (1975)

Ken Norris shoots Ed Bauer in the hand (4/75)

Holly gives birth to Christina (Chrissy, Blake) (7/75)

Maureen Garrett takes over the role of Holly (1976)

Robbie Berridge takes over the role of Freddy Bauer (1976)

Robin Mattson takes over the role of Hope Bauer (1976)

Justin (Tom O'Rourke) & Jackie Marler (Cindy Pickett) are introduced (1976)

Roger marries Peggy Fletcher (Fran Myers) (2/76)

Leslie Bauer is hit by a car & dies (6/76)

Ed & Holly divorce (7/76)

Malcolm Granger dies under suspicious circumstances (10/76)

Joe Werner dies (11/76)

"The" is dropped from show's title; now known simply as Guiding Light (1977)

Katherine Justice takes over the role of Hope Bauer (1977)

Rita Stapleton (Lenore Kasdorf) is acquitted in the Granger murder trial (4/77)

Roger & Peggy divorce (1977)

Hillary Bauer (Linda McCullough) arrives in Springfield (1977)

Bill Bauer (Ed Bryce) returns from the dead (9/77)

Guiding Light expands to 1-hour format (11/7/77)

Alan (Chris Bernau), Elizabeth (Lezlie Dalton) & Phillip Spaulding (Jarrod Ross) move to Springfield (11/77)

Diane Ballard (Safra Landon) is introduced (1977)

Alan & Elizabeth Spaulding divorce; Mike Bauer handles divorce for Elizabeth & begins dating her (1978)

Sara McIntyre marries Dean Blackford... Ben McFarren (Stephan Yates) marries Eve Stapleton (5/78)

Amanda Wexler (Kathleen Cullen), Lucille Wexler (Rita Lloyd) and Gordon Middleton (Marcus Smythe) are introduced (1978)

Amanda Wexler & Gordon Middleton marry (9/78)

Roger Thorpe rapes Rita Stapleton (10/78)

Ed Bauer marries Rita (11/78)

Marsha Clark takes over the role of Hillary Bauer (12/78)

Roger & Holly marry (1/79)

Dean Blackford dies in an accident (1/79)

Alan marries Jackie Marler (2/79)

Roger rapes Holly (3/6/79)

Ross Marler (Jerry verDorn) arrives in Springfield (3/79)

Elvera Roussel takes over the role of Hope Bauer (3/19/79)

Roger's trial ends... Holly shoots Roger (he is presumed dead) (6/79)

Alan & Hope are stranded on an island (Summer 1979)

Brandon Spaulding dies [or so it would appear] (9/79)

Justin Marler & Elizabeth Spaulding marry (10/79)

Eve divorces Ben because of his affair with Diane Ballard (1979?)

Guiding Light

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