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Timeline 1950-1969

Last Modified July 29, 1998

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Charita Bauer takes over the role of Bert Bauer (2/50)

Meta Bauer and Ted White marry (2/6/50)

Chuckie dies (9/20/50)

Meta shoots and kills Ted (9/22/50)

Meta is vindicated in the Ted White case (4/51)

Meta marries Joe Roberts (9/7/51)

Trudy Bauer (Helen Wagner) marries Clyde Palmer (1951)

Bert gives birth to Mike Bauer (3/52)

GL begins airing on TV (6/30/52)

Kathy Roberts (Susan Douglas) marries Bob Lang (1952)

Bob Lang is killed in an automobile accident (1952)

Kathy marries Dick Grant (1952)

Ellen Demming takes over role of Meta Bauer (Bill's sister) (1/53)

Kathy gives birth to Robin (5/53)

Joey Roberts marries Lois (1954)

Bert gives birth to William Edward Bauer (Ed) (12/31/54)

Joe Roberts dies of cancer (12/24/55)

Radio version of GL discontinued (8/56)

Dr. Bruce Banning (Les Damon) introduced (1956)

Mike Bauer runs away from home (1956)

Dr. Jim Kelly and Lila Taylor are wed (1956)

Zena Bethune takes over the role of Robin Lang (1957?)

Lisa Howard takes over the role of Trudy Bauer (1957)

Kathy marries Mark Holden (Whitfield Connor) (2/57)

Papa Bauer celebrates his 65th birthday (3/14/57)

Dick Grant and Marie Wallace are wed (5/31/57)

Kathy Roberts Holden dies in auto accident (3/58)

Mark Holden marries Ruth Jannings (1958)

Ed Bryce takes over role of Bill Bauer (1959)

Dr. Paul Fletcher and Anne Benedict are wed (1959)

Mark Holden marries Ruth Jannings (1959)

Pat Collins takes over role of Ed Bauer (1959)

Meta Roberts and Dr. Bruce Banning are wed (2/60)

Mike Bauer secretly marries Robin Lang Holden (marriage later annulled because they are underage)... Karl Jannings is killed in a struggle with Mike (7/60)

Barnard Hughes takes over role of Dr. Bruce Banning (1961)

Dick & Marie Grant adopt Phil Collins (6/61)

Robin marries Alex Bowden (8/61)

Bert has surgery for uterine cancer (1/62)

Sheldon Golomb originates role of Johnny Fletcher (1962)

Anne Fletcher killed in accidental shooting (10/62)

Donald Melvin takes over role of Johnny Fletcher (1963)

Mike marries Julie Conrad (Sandra Smith) in a shotgun wedding (5/63)

Julie gives birth to Hope Bauer (Jennifer Kirschner) (9/63)

Eugene Smith takes over role of Bill Bauer (1964)

Robin secretly marries Paul Fletcher (4/64)

Nurse Jane Fletcher (Chase Crosley) comes to Selby Flats (1964)

Ed Bryce resumes role of Bill Bauer (1965)

Peggy Scott (Fran Myers) is introduced (1965)

Gillian Spencer takes over role of Robin Fletcher (1965)

Daniel Fortas takes over role of Johnny Fletcher (1965)

Mike graduates law school; Ed begins studying surgery (1965)

Bill Bauer & Maggie Scott have an affair (1965)

Jane Fletcher marries George Hayes (7/65)

Don Scardino takes over role of Johnny Fletcher (1965)

Guiding Light's location is moved from Selby Flats, CA to Springfield, USA, "somewhere in the Midwest" (1966)

Meta & Bruce Banning move to New York City(1966)

Julie Bauer dies in an insane asylum; Mike & Hope move to Bay City, MI & become characters on Another World (2/66)

Bill Bauer falls off the wagon, eventually joins AA (1966)

Ruby Dee originates role of Martha Frazier; Billy Dee Williams originates role of Dr. Jim Frazier (1966)

Robert Gentry takes over role of Ed Bauer (1966)

Lynne Adams originates role of Leslie Jackson (1966)

Jane Hayes gives birth to Amy (6/66)

First color broadcast (3/13/67)

Erik Howell takes over role of Johnny Fletcher (1967)

Victoria Wyndham originates role of Charlotte Waring (1967)

Johnny Fletcher marries Peggy Scott (4/67)

Ben Scott dies of a heart attack (5/67)

Ed Bauer marries Leslie Jackson (9/67)

Robin Fletcher dies in a car accident (10/67)

GL switches from live broadcasts to videotape (1968)

Maggie Scott dies after unsuccessful surgery (3/68)

Mike Bauer and Hope Bauer (Paula Schwartz) return to Springfield & Mike falls in love with Leslie Bauer (4/68)

Johnny Fletcher & Tracy Delmar (aka Charlotte Waring) get engaged (5/68)

GL expands from 15 to 30 minutes; Bill Bauer has a successful heart transplant (9/9/68)

Peggy Scott marries Marty Dillman; Johnny Fletcher marries Tracy Delmar a.k.a. Charlotte Waring (10/68)

Marty Dillman is murdered (12/68)

Don Stewart takes over role of Mike Bauer (12/68)

Elissa Leeds takes over role of Hope Bauer (1968)

Mart Hulswit takes over role of Ed Bauer (1969)

Peggy Dillman gives birth to William Bauer Dillman ("Billy") (3/69)

Ed is arrested for drunken driving & is dismissed from hospital staff (4/69)

Johnny Fletcher marries Peggy Dillman; Sara McIntyre (Millette Alexander) & Lee Gantry marry (12/69)

Guiding Light

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