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Roger & Alex make love (1/90)

Roger fleeces Henry at poker, winning Henry's Spaulding stock (1/90)

Looney Rae Rooney stalks Chelsea (Winter-Spring 1990)

Frank & Dana get engaged (2/90)

Phillip proposes to Beth (2/14/90)

Reva gives birth to Shayne Lewis (2/90)

Dana breaks her engagement with Frank (late 2/90)

Fifth Street fire... Pops Cooper dies... Blake & Alan-Michael sleep together (2/90)

Alexandra & Roger marry (3/12/90)

Beth tells Phillip she's pregnant by Neil (3/19/90)

Rae kills Dana (3/90)

Blake fakes a pregnancy test ... Harley gets it on video (late 4/90)

Beth learns her baby is Phillip's (4/23/90)

Reva runs off to India ... Harley becomes Lewis nanny (early 5/90)

Justin Marler (Christopher Pennock) returns to Springfield with Daniel St. John (David Bishins)... Johnny Bauer leaves Springfield and Chelsea Reardon to be with Roxie Shayne (5/14/90)

Roger loses Towers to Billy ... Mindy & Roger get involved ... Towers explosion ... Neil killed; Phillip suspect ... Billy asks Vanessa to run the Towers (6/90)

Blake & Phillip divorce; Harley & Alan-Michael divorce (6/90)

Blake & Alan-Michael marry (6/90)

Blake & Alan-Michael honeymoon ... Alan-Michael kidnapped by Gary ... Holly & Roger help Blake ... Roger saves Alan-Michael (now played by Rick Hearst) (6/90)

Ross & Holly get engaged (before 7/4/90)

Reva drives her car off a bridge in the Florida keys (her body is never found)... Samantha paralyzed (7/23/90)

Billy hits the bottle, leaves Vanessa at altar ... Phillip fakes his death ... Blake "miscarries" (late 8/90)

A.C. Mallet (Mark Derwin) comes to Springfield to investigate Phillip's "death"; involved w/Asst. DA Lisa Dravecky (8/90)

Phillip hides on a Mediterranean island & runs into India (8/27/90)

Mindy moves into Roger's apartment

Marah starts kindergarten (9/90)

Rick & Beth get married to throw the cops off Phillip's scent.. India comes to Springfield... Samantha's 18th birthday party @ diner; Josh attends w/Harley & has some fun (9/17/90)

Phillip returns from island (10/4/90)

Holly tries to seduce Roger in Mexico to break his pre-nup with Alex; they wind up discussing the rape... Ross & Holly break up (10/90 - 11/90)

Harley burns Reva's clothes ... Harley & Josh get involved... Beth gives birth to Lizzie Spaulding (Thanksgiving 1990)

Blake accidentally shoots Alan-Michael... Gary kidnaps Blake (11/26/90)

Mindy hires Harley to work in her design firm... Rick is barred from practicing medicine (early 12/90)

Phillip exonerated ... Gary reveals truth about Blake's faked pregnancy (12/10/90)

Harley goes to NY ... Matt Weiss steals dress design ... Hamp proposes to Gilly (Xmas 1990)

Harley & Josh get engaged (New Year's Eve 1991)

India leaves Springfield (1/91)

GL changes opening sequence & theme music (1/91)

Blake & Alan-Michael divorce (late 1/91)

Billy spots Reva in travelogue ... Josh goes to Italy ... Vanessa named president of Lewis Oil ... Rick leaves town... Chelsea leaves for England (late 1/91)

Billy marries Nadine while drunk in Las Vegas (late 1/91)

Mindy & Roger go to Chicago ... Harley & Lillian pitch in to finish Beth's wedding dress ... Beth & Phillip marry, leave town ... Samantha has operation (2/91)

Holly moves into Revabend & Blake moves in with her (2/91)

Suzanne Devereaux arrives in Springfield (3/5/91)

Kat Speakes (Nia Long) runs away to Springfield (3/11/91)

Francesca (Nadia Capone) is introduced (3/14/91)

Mindy learns she is pregnant (3/26/91)

Hart Jessup (Jeff Phillips) joins GL... Holly & David St. John become friendly (4/2/91)

Josh breaks off with Harley, sends for Marah & Shayne (4/91)

Harley moves in with Mindy (4/91)

Grandpa Jessup dies (4/16/91)

Stavros Kouperakis (Eugene Troobnik) & Eleni Andros (Melina Kanakaredes) arrive in Springfield (4/91)

Mindy miscarries ... Roger learns Hart is his son ... Fashion show @ Nadine's ... Alex learns about Mindy & Roger's affair (5/7/91)

Mindy moves to lighthouse ... Harley moves to boardinghouse

Samantha finds out about Jean Wetherill (5/91)

Bridget Reardon (Melissa Hayden) arrives in Springfield (5/21/91)

Francesca & Mallet have secret meetings at Lighthouse (5/91)

Eleni dates Dylan (May - July 1991)

Francesca's dad beats up Mallet (early July 1991?)

Billy & Vanessa have a one-nighter @ Cross Creek ... Nadine catches them in bed (early 7/91)

Alex dumps Roger in front of crowd at country club... they quickly divorce (7/4/91)

Mindy & Mallet go to NYC to stop Francesca's wedding (7/15/91)

Alan-Michael and Vanessa vie for Spaulding presidency (7/91)

Billy & Nadine renew vows (late 7/91)

Mindy meets Nick McHenry (Vincent Irizzary) in NYC ... Julie Camaletti (Jocelyn Seagrave) comes to Springfield (late 7/91)

Julie & Hart start dating (late July/early August 1991)

Roger has an affair with Suzanne Devereaux & begins working with Holly at WSPR (8/91)

Harley gets arrested for prostitution (8/91)

Hamp and Gilly get engaged (8/91)

Eleni Andros & Dylan Lewis break up (8/91)

Ed helps Daniel help Holly buy Ross' half of WSPR (Ross gave it up because he was taking over as DA) (8/91)

Nick & Mindy get involved (8/91)

Harley joins police academy... Mallet joins the police force (9/91)

Alan-Michael becomes smitten with Eleni (9/91)

Bridget has the hots for Dylan; she helps Hart & Julie get together behind Mallet's back (9/91)

Kat tries to break up Hamp & Gilly by telling about Gilly's arrest for prostitution (9/91)

Vanessa wins Man of the Year Award (9/91)

Roger brings Jean Wetherill to town to try to break up Holly and Daniel (9/91)

Dylan is almost killed in an explosion caused by Elvis (10/91)

Daniel named head of neurology at Cedars (10/91)

Frank secretly buys house for Eleni (11/91)

Maureen takes job as Vanessa's assistant (11/91)

Alex tells Billy about Roger's affair with Mindy. Billy beats up Roger & Holly takes pity on Roger (11/91)

Daniel St. John kills Jean Wetherill (late 11/91)

Lillian gets breast cancer (12/17/91)

Roger proposes to Holly & is rebuffed (12/91)

Daniel St. John proposes to Holly (12/91)

Frank goes to Paris ... Alex learns she had twins & Eric gave one away ... Eleni goes to France w/Alan-Michael & finds Musette in Frank's bed (12/91)

Vanessa almost raped; saved by Fletcher (2/3/92)

Blake calls immigration on Eleni ... Alan-Michael & Eleni marry in airport to avoid her deportation ... Frank trashes his house (2/92)

Holly & Daniel elope but it turns into a hostage situation. Daniel locks Harley in a root cellar; Mallet rescues her ... Daniel killed (2/14/92)

Nick & Mindy get engaged (2?/92)

Eve Guthrie comes to town as part of Roger & Alex's plot to break up Nick & Mindy (2?/92)

Harley & Mallet get involved (Cross Creek) ... Maureen finds out about Lillian's cancer (4/92)

Samantha disappears, but no one in Springfield notices (4/92)

Springfield goes to "the Capital": Ross looks into possible Senate bid ... Harley & Mallet spot Jenna-the-jewel-thief Bradshaw (Fiona Hutchison)... Nick receives a posthumous journalism award for his dad (4/92)

Harley secretly graduates from police academy (4/15/92)

Harley & Mallet investigate Jenna

Gilly & Hamp get married ... David Grant's (Monti Sharp) first appearance (4/30/92)

Julie turns 18 ... Hart & Bridget make Peter ... Hart learns of Roger's treachery & leaves town (5/92)

David gets job at diner, steals Ed's credit card

Vanessa & Fletch get involved

Billy finds out that Nadine leaked Vanessa's name to a tabloid, dumps Nadine & moves into lighthouse w/Mindy

Nick & Eve go to Cambrai to rescue Paul (6/92)

Mindy leaves Nick @ altar & disappears ... Jenna steals Spaulding jewels, hides them in Michelle's (Rachel Miner) hair @ Mindy's wedding ... Ross & Blake get together ... Blackout (6/26/92)

Roger & Jenna get involved

Alex leaves Springfield ... Vanessa is named president of Spaulding

Dylan deflowers Julie

Alan-Michael switches Eleni's pills (Summer 92)

Eleni finds out about Musette & dumps Alan-Michael; sleeps with Frank on the floor of his house

Holly catches Blake in bed with Ross; Blake runs away for a few weeks (7/92)

Liz Keifer takes over the role of Blake (8/92)

Alexandra leaves town & eventually disappears [Beverlee McKinsey quit] (8/92)

Musette & Mallet blown up (early 9/92)

Eleni goes to Greece because mom is sick; Alan-Michael follows her & she (maybe) sleeps with him under the influence of sleeping pills; sleeps with Frank later on another Greek island

Eleni gets pregnant (9/92)

Bridget, Kat & Julie start college (9/92)

Mallet & Harley move into firehouse ... Julie moves to boardinghouse & starts working @ Company (9?/92)

Bridget learns she is pregnant, takes "job" at WSPR, moves in with Nadine ... Nadine fakes pregnancy ... Billy moves back in with Nadine, but in separate bedroom (9?/92)

Vanessa leaves Fletch at altar (9/21/92)

Lillian is all better ... Ed sleeps with Lillian (Sept/Oct 1992)

Harley gets a dog for Mallet (at Eve's suggestion) (10/92)

Eleni learns she is pregnant, goes back to Alan-Michael (Oct/Nov 1992?)

Mallet regains hearing (Nov 1992)

Ross's Election Dream episode (11/3/92)

Ross wins Senate seat, but gives it up for the love of Blake (11/92)

Harley taken hostage by Pierre ... Pierre killed, Alan-Michael takes a bullet for Harley ... Nick agrees to keep quiet about Alan-Michael's involvement with Pierre (between 11/92 & late 12/92)

Bridget goes to "Appalachia" (aka Nadine's attic) to hide her pregnancy (12/92)

Nick Spaulding & Eve Guthrie get involved (12/92)

Holly accidentally OD's on pills & booze after telling Blake she doesn't love her. Roger revives Holly. (12/92)

Jenna learns she's not a Chamberlain (Xmas 1992)

Mallet regains use of legs ... Harley & Mallet get engaged (Xmas 1992)

Maureen dies following car crash... Harley & Mallet go to Washington & learn that Buzz Cooper is not listed on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial (1/8/93)

Blake sleeps with Alan-Michael; discovered by Eleni (1/93)

Harley starts looking for her dad (1/93)

Dylan & Julie go to NYC ... Mindy (Ann Hamilton) returns & gets job as Towers hostess (1/93)

Buzz Cooper (Justin Deas) is introduced (2/5/93)

Blake is flooded out of garage apt & moves in with Ross (2/93)

Frank & Fletcher search for Alex in Malaysia ... Eleni learns Frank is her baby's father, goes to Malaysia ... (2/8/93)

Buzz arrives in Springfield; takes the alias Rex Mancini (2/11/93)

Buzz learns Nadine is faking her pregnancy (2/15/93)

Alan-Michael loses document proving that Jenna has no claims on Spaulding (2/93)

Kat & David move into the boardinghouse

Bridget gives birth to Peter w/David's help ... Kat thinks David stood her up (2/15/93)

Kat & David have sex (2/22/93)

Roger & Jenna steal Spaulding (2/25/93)

Jenna moves into Spaulding mansion...Alan-Michael & Nick take over the Springfield Journal...Vanessa returns to work for Lewis Oil (3/1/93)

Nick & Eve go to New Orleans; Eve buys a "Mindy" wig

Nick breaks up with Eve

Buzz gets the dirt on HB; Gilly exposes HB

Eve attacks Mindy; Eve is institutionalized (5/93)

Hart (Leonard Stabb) returns (Spring 1993)

Mallet learns that Rex is Buzz Cooper (Spring 1993)

Alan-Michael & Eleni divorce

Frank & Eleni marry ... Eleni gives birth ... Vanessa makes Nadine tell Billy the truth about Peter ... Harley learns that Rex is Buzz Cooper, her father (5/12/93)

Buzz reveals his true identity to his son, Frank

Billy divorces Nadine

Bridget gives Peter to Billy & Vanessa (6/93)

Billy & Vanessa remarry (6/93)

Holly sells her WSPR shares to Jenna & buys into the Springfield Journal (6/93)

Roger & Ed save Holly at the Cliff House; Holly & Roger make love; Roger proposes & Holly rejects him. (7/4/93)

David Grant kills Vinny Morrison (Kevin McClatchy) & goes on the lam (7/12/93)

Macauley West (Joe Lando) does a 6-week stint in Springfield; his boathouse survives as a new place for displaced Springfield residents to live (summer 1993)

Eve is released from the psychiatric hospital (7/93)

Roger & Jenna get married (8/10?/93)

Leonard Stabb (Hart) injured in hang-gliding accident; replaced by Sean McDermott

Josh Lewis (Robert Newman) returns ... Hart sleeps w/ Julie ... Bridget breaks up Julie & Dylan's wedding ... Dylan burns down house (8/93)

Dylan buys Hart's farm ... Hart leaves town (9/93)

Ed & Eve get involved (9/93)

Harley & Mallet get married; leave town ... Lucy Cooper (Sonia Satra) arrives in Springfield ... Julie moves in with Frank & Eleni (late 9/93)

Eleni meets Bess Lowell at the Willows (10/8/93)

Buzz tells Nadine about Lucy's mom; Buzz & Nadine sleep together (10/93)

Marina has surgery to restore her hearing (10/22/93)

Detective Patrick Cutter (Scott Hoxby) arrives in Springfield ... Eleni is kidnapped by George (Sherilyn Fenn) (early 11/93)

Tangie Hill (Marcy Walker) arrives in Springfield (11/93)

Bridget gives final custody of Peter to Lewises (Thanksgiving 1993)

Nick & Mindy's engagement party ... Roger is shot (12/93)

Court order returns Spaulding Enterprises to Spaulding control (12/93)

Marah, Shayne & Sarah return to Springfield... Holly finds Roger alive in her basement (Xmas 1993)

Blake & Ross get engaged (post-Xmas 1993)

Billy hits the bottle again ... Roger learns Peter is his grandson ... Lighthouse fire (New Year's Eve 1994)

Bridget moves to boardinghouse & begins running it & Company; Nick & Mindy move to Spaulding mansion (1/94)

Roger is apprehended by the police & names Billy as the shooter (1/26/94)

Billy confesses to shooting Roger (2/94)

Holly & Roger decide to give it another shot (2/94)

Bridget decides to pursue custody of Peter with Ed's support (3/94)

Mindy & Nick get married (4/94)

Eleni & Frank separate (5/94)

Pauly Hardman returns to jail; Buzz released into Nadine's custody (6/94)

Bridget & Vanessa agree to joint custody of Peter (6/6/94)

Blake & Ross marry (6/13/94)

Roger buys Hart's farm from Dylan (6/94)

Bridget & Dylan do it for the first time (7/1/94)

Kat goes to Europe (7/11/94)

First appearance of Matt Reardon (Kurt McKinney); First appearance of Ron Raines as Alan Spaulding; Nadine & Buzz's first appearance on SoulMates (7/15/94)

Alan-Michael learns that Alan has been released from prison (7/19/94)

Bridget turns 20 & takes title to the boardinghouse (7/27-29/94)

Vanessa & Matt have an affair to remember; Alan-Michael gets blown up (8/5/94)

Frank & Eleni renew their vows; Dylan's truck is hijacked (8/12/94)

David receives letter from Kat stating she's staying in Europe; Gabriella (Veronica Cruz) makes her first appearance (8/19/94)

Eve moves in with Ed (late summer 1994)

Michelle & Bill share their first kiss (9/2/94)

Buzz & Nadine get remarried in Las Vegas (9/16/94)

Ed & Eve announce their engagement... Vanessa & Matt come face-to-face (9/23/94)

GL airs 12,000th TV episode (10/2/94)

Alan & Alan-Michael finally see each other; Tangie shoots Alan by accident (10/3/94)

Ed & Eve's engagement party; Ed takes his first drink in 13 years (10/22/94)

Dylan is blinded in a hit-&-run car accident; Ed worries that he did it in a drunken blackout (10/31/94)

"Howie" doubles for Ross in a scheme cooked up by Alan. (11/94)

Gabriella's Uncle Carlos is arrested for blinding Dylan & numerous other infractions. Motive never explained. (12/7/94)

Alex turns Alan's assets over to him... Josh meets Nurse Annie Dutton (Cynthia Watros) (12/9/94)

Jenna leaves Springfield (12/12/94)

Mindy takes some time off from her marriage (12/14/94)

David marries Gabriella Lopez to prevent her deportation (12/16/94)

Holly thinks Roger slept with Alex; Holly & Fletch share "5 extraordinary minutes" on her desk (12/19/94)

Jenna announces the birth of Henry Cooper Bradshaw (Xmas 94)

Dylan goes to Duluth to attend a program for the blind [exit Morgan Englund]... Tangie & Alan-Michael almost do it, but Alan interferes (12/31/94)

Fifth Street Fire #2... Josh saves Lucy & Marina... Buzz saves the diner... Frank & Eleni lose their house... Matt & Vanessa go public (1/1/95)

Tangie accepts post as Asst. Managing Editor of the Journal... Sid is arrested for arson (1/13/95)

Gabriella disappears (1/17/95)

Alan-Michael accepts presidency of Spaulding (1/19/95)

Holly & Roger reconcile (1/20/95)

Eleni goes to Crete to settle a dispute with Christos, her former betrothed (2/1/95)

Holly learns that Roger didn't sleep with Alex & lets him move back in; Roger suspects there is another man (2/95)

Mindy goes back to Nick in hopes of adopting a baby (2/10/95)

Dinah Marler (Wendy Moniz) returns to Springfield (2/20/95)

Mindy & Nick split up again (2/23/95)

Holly breaks up with Roger (3/1/95)

Jennifer Roszell takes over the role of Eleni Cooper (3/7/95)

Blake has a birthday; Ed & Eve abort their wedding; Rick Bauer (Michael O'Leary) returns to Springfield (3/31/95)

Brent Lawrence (Frank Beaty) rapes Lucy (4/7/95)

Fifth Street Ball... Fletch declares his love for Holly... Dinah steals proceeds & sleeps with Roger... Matt & Vanessa get engaged (4/14-20/95)

Reva's "spirit" appears to Josh (4/25/95)

Roger stages a car accident and fakes amnesia; Holly allows him to recover at her house; Holly proposes to Fletcher (5/95)

Sean Reardon visits Springfield (5/19/95)

Eve Guthrie dies (5/25/95)

Viktor "kidnaps" Dinah (6/7/95)

Alan-Michael shoots Brent Lawrence (6/23/95)

Viktor releases Dinah (6/29/95)

Holly & Fletcher get married (7/10/95)

Dinah & Roger show up together at the Towers (7/27/95)

Reva regains consciousness in Goshen (7/??/95)

Buzz meets Reva/Rebecca (7/??/95)

Gilly breaks off her engagement with Sid (8/4/95)

Hawk Shayne (Gil Rogers) returns to Springfield... Nola Reardon (Lisa Brown) returns to Springfield (8/8/95)

Marcus Williams (Kevin Mambo) arrives in Springfield (8/11/95)

Alan gets run down by Reva/Rebecca in Goshen... Susan (HIV-positive) Bates (Nancy Bell) gets a job at Spaulding... Brent returns from the dead as Marian Crane... Abigail Blume (Amy Cox Ecklund) & Charlotte Blume (Tandy Cronyn) are introduced (8/14/95)

Reva is declared legally dead... Holly learns she is pregnant (8/18/95)

Tangie Hill leaves Springfield for a job in Washington, DC (8/21/95)

Roger & Dinah get engaged (8/30/95)

Josh learns about Annie's past with Rick, and dumps her (9/95)

Roger & Dinah get married (9/22/95)

Vanessa & Matt get married; Marian/Brent claims first victim at docks (10/4/95)

Amanda Spaulding (Toby Poser) returns to Springfield (10/9/95)

Brent/Marian kills Nadine (10/20/95)

Rick & Annie get divorced in Mexico; Josh & Annie get re-engaged (10/24/95)

Reva & Alan bring Abigail to Springfield for medical treatment (10/27/95)

Hart Jessup (Marshall Hilliard) returns to Springfield (11/4/95)

Brent/Marian kills Patrick Cutter; Marcus is prime suspect (11/13/95)

Griffin Williams comes to Springfield; Susan & Nick have safe sex (11/28/95)

William Roerick (actor who portrayed Henry Chamberlain) dies (11/30/95)

Michelle Bauer (Rebecca Budig) returns from Europe (11/30/95)

Hart learns that Peter is his son (12/1/95)

Holly & Fletcher learn that their baby will have Down Syndrome (12/6/95)

Brent/Marian attacks Susan, sending her into a coma; Josh & Annie get married at the carousel; Reva is discovered to be alive (12/11/95)

Susan awakes from her coma (12/31/95)

Blake & Rick have a drunken boink after Blake sees Ross with Amanda (2/21/96)

Susan & Nick get married (2/26/96)

Marah runs away from home (2/28/96)

Henry Chamberlain's funeral (3/6/96)

Dahlia Crede (Sharon Leal) is introduced (3/12/96)

Buzz & Reva announce they are married (3/13/96)

Josh & Annie marry again in the Cedars chapel (3/29/96)

Dahlia is left in Frank & Eleni's care while her mother is in jail (4/3/96)

Blake learns that she is pregnant (4/4/96)

Holly Lindsey Reade gives birth to Meg (played by real-life Down Syndrome baby Jacqueline Falchier) (4/5/96)

Blake learns she is pregnant with twins (4/12/96)

Lucy Cooper and Alan-Michael Spaulding get married at Universal Studios; Phillip Spaulding (Grant Aleksander) returns; Marcus tells Dahlia that her mother was a prostitute & is in jail for armed robbery (5/8/96)

Blake discovers that her twins have different fathers -- one is Ross's & one is Rick's (5/15/96)

Frank Grillo replaces Marshall Hilliard as Hart (5/96)

Lucy & Alan-Michael are rescued from a storm at sea by the mysterious Zachary (Brody Hutzler) (6/96)

Buzz & Reva consummate their marriage (6/96)

Hart & Dinah convince Roger that he shot & killed Hart (6/10/96)

Quinton Chamberlain (Michael Tylo) returns to Springfield to conduct an archeological dig (6/96)

Ed Bauer leaves Springfield to do research in Africa (6/21/96)

Amanda's past as the Malibu Madam, aka Mandy Harper, is revealed to the general public by Alan-Michael... Michael Dietz takes over role of Alan-Michael... Ethan Erickson takes over role of J Chamberlain (7/3/96)

Vivian reveals to Griffin & Gilly that Griffin is Gilly's father (7/8/96)

Gilly leaves town to find herself (7/96)

Roger is committed to a psychiatric hospital (7/17/96)

Vanessa learns she has an incurable, degenerative disease, with only a few weeks of useful life left (8/4/96)

Rick & Abigail go on their first date (8/29/96)

Vanessa goes to Switzerland after faking her death in a car crash (9/4/96)

Guiding Light is first daytime drama to be inducted into the Soap Opera Hall of Fame (9/30/96)

Annie withdraws from drugs & booze at the Bauer cabin with Phillip (late 10/96)

Blake gives birth to twins at the Bauer cabin; Roger saves Dinah from being buried alive in the Jessup grain silo (Halloween -- 11/5/96)

Meta Bauer (Mary Stuart) returns to Springfield (11/22/96)

Sarah Shayne, on her deathbed, confesses to Reva that she had another child she gave away. (11/26/96)

Phillip's daughter Lizzie comes for a visit. Actor Larry Gates (H.B. Lewis) dies (12/12/96)

Annie lies to Josh that she's pregnant (12/17/96)

Jenna Bradshaw (Fiona Hutchison) returns to Springfield with her son, Henry Cooper "Coop" Bradshaw (12/26/96)

Dylan Lewis visits Springfield (1/2/97)

Actor Vince Williams (Hampton Speakes) dies of pancreatic cancer (1/6/97)

Jeffrey Morgan (Ramy Zada) is introduced (1/15/97)

Guiding Light celebrates 60 years of broadcasting with an on-air anniversary ball... Zachary disappears (1/20-1/27/97)

Rick proposes to Abigail (1/28/97)

Annie's pregnancy test is positive (1/30/97)

Lucy & Alan-Michael say good-bye and leave Springfield (2/7/97)

Rick reveals to Ross that one of Blake's twins (Kevin) is his son (2/19/97)

Abigail breaks her engagement to Rick (2/21/97)

Amanda learns that she is really Brandon's daughter (3/10/97)

HB is taken ill in France (3/17/97)

Amanda breaks her engagement to Roger (3/28/97)

Michael Burke (Peter Hermann) joins cast as Vanessa's physical therapist (4/14/97)

Annie flings herself down the Spaulding staircase in an attempt to blame Reva for her miscarriage... Ross appointed D.A. (5/2/97)

Harley returns to Springfield for Buzz's birthday (5/29/97)

Bridget & Peter move to Duluth to live with Dylan Lewis (6/18/97)

Annie confesses during trial; charges against Reva dropped (6/20/97)

Bill, Michelle & Dahlia graduate high school; Michelle meets Jesse (Paulo Benediti) (6/27/97)

Amanda starts wearing Roger's engagement ring again; Amanda & Roger make love (7/16/97)

Harley & Phillip make love in NYC (7/25/97)

Alan & Annie find Cassie Layne (Laura Sisk Wright) stripping in Chicago (8/1/97)

Matt & Vanessa are reunited after he finishes building a house for her (8/4/97)

Alan & Annie consummate their relationship (8/8/97)

Dahlia gives her virginity to Marcus (8/11/97)

Abby is attacked & left for dead by Roy Meacham (8/25/97)

HB Lewis dies (9/5/97)

Memorial for HB Lewis with guest appearances by Mindy (Kimberly Simms), Rusty (Terrell Anthony), Trish (Rebecca Hollen), Dylan (Morgan Englund), Peter (Joseph Phillips), Hawk (Gil Rogers) (9/11/97)

Vanessa learns she is pregnant (9/12/97)

Ed Bauer (Robert Gentry) returns from Africa (9/26/97)

Buzz loses his memory in a fall down the stairs at the Bauer cabin (10/3/97)

Jenna learns that the baby she is carrying is Jeffrey's, not Buzz's (10/13/97)

Ben Warren (Hunt Block) debuts as Roy's attorney (11/5/97)

Abby fatally shoots Roy after he is released on a technicality (11/21/97)

Alan & Annie decide to get married (12/1/97)

Ross resigns as DA (12/4/97)

The house where Reva, Josh, Abby & Cassie lives burns to a crisp. Michelle is blinded. (12/15-16/97)

Michelle loses her virginity to Jesse, then runs off to a school for the blind (1/5/98)

Annie's wedding to Alan is halted & she is arrested on bigamy & drug charges (1/26/98)

Vanessa gives birth to Maureen Bauer Reardon, several months premature (2/2/98)

Rick & Abby get married (2/20/98)

Annie leaves Reva to die in a pilotless airplane as she parachutes to freedom (Cynthia Watros's departure) (2/24/98)

Michael Burke makes a clone using Reva's frozen eggs. (3/9/98)

Roger marries Amanda and they move to California; Fletcher leaves Springfield and Holly, taking Meg with him (3/11/98)

Spring 1998

Carl Stevens (Joseph Murphy) is shot in the back and killed by an unknown assailant (4/14/98)

Michelle regains her sight with experimental surgery (4/30/98)

Reva returns to Springfield from Florida (5/8/98)


Abby is released from prison; Beth and Ben sleep together (5/18/98)

Dinah learns she is pregnant by Rob Layne (5/28/98)

Summer 1998

Sean McCullough (Bill Bumiller) arrives in Springfield (6/25/98)

Reva introduces her clone as "cousin Dolly" (7/10/98)

Phillip "officially" proposes to Harley (with ring) (7/21/98)

Michael Burke dies in explosion at Spaulding lab (7/29/98)


Guiding Light

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