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Timeline 1980-1989

Last Modified July 29, 1998

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Carrie Mowery takes over role of Jackie Marler (1980)

Jennifer Richards (Geraldine Court) & Morgan Richards (Kristin Vigard) are introduced (1/80)

Nola Reardon (Lisa Brown) & Bea Reardon (Lee Lawson) are introduced; Roger hides out at boardinghouse (2/80)

Kelly Nelson (John Wesley Shipp) is introduced (2/80)

Roger kidnaps Chrissy & Holly in Dominican Republic (3/80)

Kevin Bacon begins playing Tim (TJ) Werner (3/80)

Roger falls off a cliff to his presumed death (4/1/80)

Ben McFarren & Amanda Wexler marry (4/80)

Morgan is kidnapped (4/80)

Alan Spaulding & Hope marry (5/80)

Vanessa Chamberlain (Maeve Kinkead) and Henry Chamberlain (William Roerick) are introduced (6/80)

Morgan Richards and Kelly Nelson get involved; Nola schemes to get Kelly (Summer 1980)

Jennifer Richards realizes that Amanda Wexler is her daughter; Amanda miscarries & gets depressed (Summer 1980)

Lucille Wexler is killed in a struggle with Jennifer Richards (10/80)

Justin Marler learns that Phillip Spaulding is his son; Jackie & Justin Marler remarry (1980)

Holly departs Springfield for Switzerland (1980)

Peter Simon takes over role of Ed Bauer (1981)

Amanda learns she is Alan's daughter by Jennifer Richards (1/81)

Ed & Rita divorce because of Rita's affair w/Alan (1981)

Kevin Bacon leaves role of TJ Werner (2/81)

Adam Thorpe & Sara McIntyre marry (3/81)

Tony Reardon (Gregory Beecroft) is introduced (mid-1981)

Trish Lewis (Rebecca Hollen) arrives in Springfield (1981)

Kelly Nelson & Morgan Richards marry (8/81)

Nola goes to work for Quinton McCord (Michael Tylo); Beulah Garrick plays Violet Renfield (1981)

Hope gives birth to Alan-Michael Spaulding (9/81)

Jackie Marler gives birth to Samantha (9/81)

Diane Ballard & Joe Bradley are murdered (10/81)


Lesley Ann Monroe (Carolyn Ann Clark) is introduced (10/81?)

Josh Lewis (Robert Newman) arrives in Springfield (10/81)

Lesley Ann and Floyd Parker (Tom Nielson) begin dating (late 1981)

Maureen Reardon (Ellen Dolan) arrives (late 1981 or early 1982)

GL changes its opening logo and theme (late 1981 or early 1982)

Nola Reardon gives birth to Kelly Louise, later renamed Anastasia (1/82)

Ross Marler & Carrie Todd (Jane Elliott) get married (3/82)

Jennifer Richards & Mark Evans elope (6/82)

Phillip Spaulding (Grant Aleksander) and Freddy Bauer (Phil McGregor) return from prep school. (6/82)

Jackie Marler presumed dead in plane crash (7/82)

Ed Bauer marries Maureen Reardon (2/83)

Michael O'Leary takes over role of Freddy Bauer, now known as "Rick" (1983)

The Cradle Will Fall airs [TV movie featuring members of GL cast, including Ross, Ed, Bert, Hope, Lesley Ann] (5/83)

Mindy Lewis (Krista Tesreau) comes to Springfield (5/83)

Lillian Raines (Tina Sloan) & Beth Raines (Judi Evans) are introduced (5/83)

Phillip meets Beth (6/83)

Billy Lewis (Jordan Clarke) comes to Springfield; meets Vanessa at Nola & Quint's (Michael Tylo) engagement party (6/83)

Nola Reardon & Quinton Chamberlain marry... Mrs. Renfield leaves town (6/83)

Rick, Mindy, Phillip & Beth graduate high school (6/83)

Eli Simms murders Bill Bauer (Ed Bryce) in Chicago; Alan & Hope separate; Ross proposes to Amanda (8/8/83)

Maureen announces that she's pregnant (8/9/83)

Amanda breaks engagement with Ross and takes half-brother Matthew out of town to live with Jennifer (8/12/83)

Trish Lewis accepts a job working on Ross Marler's campaign (8/18/83)

Henry has a heart attack (8/22/83)

HB Lewis (Larry Gates) is introduced (8/24/83)

Mindy's birthday party; Bradley Raines tells Phillip that he's really Jackie & Justin Marler's son (8/26/83)

Tony & Annabelle set a wedding date (8/30/83)

Phillip & Mindy make love in the stables (9/6/83)

Phillip admits to Rick that he loves Beth (9/8/83)

Phillip breaks up with Mindy; Phillip & Beth declare their love (9/13/83)

Maureen miscarries (9/15/83)

Phillip moves to the stables (9/20/83)

Vanessa takes job as executive VP at Spaulding; Justin & Samantha move to Arizona for her health (9/23/83)

Nola discovers she's pregnant (9/30/83)

Lesley Ann moves out of Floyd's apartment (10/13/83)

Eli Simms kills Annabelle's therapist; Hope attends her first AA meeting (10/14/83)

Hillary moves in with Lesley Ann (10/18/83)

Ed has microsurgery on his hand (10/26/83)

Mindy is voted Homecoming Queen; Bradley rapes Beth (10/28/83)

Billy is presumed dead when his car blows up (10/31/83)

Billy turns up alive; Billy & Vanessa admit they love each other; Eli takes a shot at HB (11/2/83)

Annabelle remembers her mother drowning; Eli tries to kill Annabelle but Tony saves her; HB Lewis shoots & kills Eli (11/11/83)

Tom Reardon's gravesite is found; everyone learns that Eli killed Tom (11/14/83)

Hope serves Alan with divorce papers (11/16/83)

Warren Andrews dumps Lesley Ann (11/17/83)

Billy & Vanessa announce their engagement (11/18/83)

Lesley Ann attempts suicide; Floyd & Katie Parker (Denise Pence) find her (11/23/83)

Reva Shayne (Kim Zimmer) is introduced; Warren asks Lesley Ann to move in with him; Phillip gets in a fight with the Galahads -- introduction of Lujack (Vincent Irizarry) (11/28/83)

Floyd wins the lottery (12/1/83)

Hillary meets Dr. Jim Reardon, who is masquerading as Dr. Stevens to do secret research at Cedars (12/2/83)

Phillip & Mindy make love again as he tries to get over Beth (12/5/83)

Beth moves to the boardinghouse (12/9/83)

Katie gets hired as Dr. Stevens' assistant (12/14/83)

Kelly Nelson & Dr. Claire Ramsey (Susan Pratt) make love & he proposes (12/15/83)

Beth & Phillip run off to NYC; Warren proposes to Lesley Ann; Bert goes to visit her sister-in-law, Meta; Hope takes a job in NYC (12/18/83)

Mindy & Rick go to NYC (Xmas 1983)

Richard Van Vleet takes over role of Ed Bauer (1984)

Vanessa Chamberlain & Billy Lewis marry... Alexandra Spaulding (Beverlee McKinsey) is introduced (2/84)

Bradley Raines goes to jail... Beth & Phillip get engaged (2/84)

Mindy announces she is pregnant... Mindy & Phillip marry... Beth & Lujack get involved... Mindy miscarries (3/84)

Lesley Ann Munroe & Warren Andrews marry (3/84)

Mindy & Phillip divorce (5/84)

Tony Reardon & Annabelle Simms marry; Nola gives birth to Anthony James Chamberlain [later known as AJ and then J] (5/84)

Lesley Ann dies of the Dreaming Death (5/84)

Reva & HB marry (5/84)

Fletcher Reade (Charles Jay Hammer) is introduced (5/84)

Evil real-estate agent Susan Piper (Carrie Nye) is introduced (6/25/84)

Reva christens herself "the Slut of Springfield" in the country club fountain (7/30/84)

India Von Halkein (Mary Kay Adams) is introduced (8/84)

Fletcher gets involved with Claire Ramsey (Summer/Fall 1984)

Roxie Shayne (Kristi Ferrell) arrives in Springfield, soon gets involved with Rick Bauer (9/84)

Richard Van Vleet takes over role of Ed Bauer; Hillary Bauer dies in an explosion [part of Brandon Spaulding is alive with a mistress & daughter in Barbados plot] (9/24/84)

Beth is blinded in an explosion at Lujack's club (10/84)

Mike Bauer leaves Springfield for Washington, DC (10/84)

Annabelle, Tony, Jim, Fletcher and Claire find Brandon Spaulding with his wife Sharina and his daughter Victoria on Barbados [end of the Susan Piper story] (10-11/84)

Susan Piper (Carrie Nye) dies (11/84)

Reva learns she is pregnant... HB Lewis has a heart attack (11/84)

Rick & Mindy split up (11/84)

Annabelle & Jim leave for Barbados (11/84)

Vanessa gives birth to Harlan Billy Lewis III [Little Billy, Bill] (11/84) NOTE: The Schemering book is wrong when it says 12/85 for this birth. A January 1985 issue of Soap Opera Digest discusses the Lewises bringing their newborn son home on Christmas Day 1984.

India blackmails Phillip into marriage... Beth regains her sight (12/84)

Kyle Sampson (Larkin Malloy) is introduced (12/84)

Bert/Charita Bauer loses a leg to cancer (1984)

John Bolger takes over role of Phillip Spaulding (1985)

Jim Reardon joins a think tank in Aspen (1985)

Trish Lewis leaves Springfield to work in Europe (1985)

Reva loses HB's baby (2/85)

Beth Raines & Lujack get engaged; Floyd Parker shoots & kills Andy Ferris (2/14/85)

Charita Bauer dies (2/28/85)

Ed Bauer & Claire Ramsey make love, mistakenly believing Maureen & Fletcher have been killed in Beirut. They conceive Michelle (2/85)

Roxie goes to Alaska (early 1985)

Kurt Corday (Mark Lewis) & Roxie Shayne get married (4/85)

Claire Ramsey gives birth to Michelle Bauer (10/85)

Mindy marries Kurt Corday (11/85)

Jesse Matthews (Rebecca Staab) and Calla Matthews (Lisby Larson) arrive in Springfield (11/4/85)

Lujack dies in an explosion; Reva goes to Rio to divorce HB so she can marry Kyle Sampson (12/85)

Maeve Stoddard (Leslie Denniston) marries Kyle Sampson; Reva attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge (12/85)

Peter Simon returns to role of Ed Bauer (1986)

Johnny Bauer (James Goodwin) is introduced (1986)

Phillip & India divorce (2/86)

Bert Bauer dies (3/86)

Ellen Parker takes over the role of Maureen Bauer (3/86)

Kyle Sampson shoots & kills Cain Harris (5/86)

Maeve Stoddard Sampson gives birth to Ben (later adopted by Fletcher Reade) (5/86)

Maeve tells Kyle that their baby was stillborn & asks for a divorce; India is arrested for embezzlement (6/3/86)

Claire briefly awakens from her coma (6/5/86)

Kurt & Mindy host a house-raising (6/6/86)

India is sentenced to 30 days community service at Stony Lake (6/10/86)

Beth & Phillip make love (6/11/86)

Ross gets involved with Calla Matthews (Lillian's sister)

Fletcher gets involved with Maeve Stoddard (spring/summer 1986)

Dinah Marler (Jennifer Gatti) is introduced (6/16/86)

India befriends Dorie (Kimi Parks) (6/18/86)

Jesse Matthews gets involved with Simon Luvonaczek (Shawn Thompson) (June 1986)

Claire awakens from her coma (6/27/86)

Ross proposes to Calla (7/11/86)

Phillip proposes to Beth (7/22/86)

Beth Raines disappears, presumed dead after Alan produces a body (7/86)

Bea Reardon comes back to Springfield (autumn 1986)

Reva leaves Kyle Sampson at the altar... Josh (Robert Newman) comes back to Springfield (10/86)

Kurt goes to Venezuela & is killed there (late 1986)

Dinah learns she is Vanessa's & Ross's daughter (Xmas 1986)

India von Halkein adopts Dorrie (winter 1986)

Claire Ramsey has a brain operation and leaves Springfield with the doctor (12/86)

Chelsea Reardon (Kassie Wesley) comes to Springfield (12/86)

Christine Valere comes to Springfield (12/86)

Lillian Raines (Tina Sloan) & Hawk Shayne (Gil Rogers) get engaged (late 1986/early 1987)

Rusty Shayne (Terrell Anthony) comes to Springfield (late 1986/early 1987)

Alan's art forgery scam (winter 1986/87)

Billy leaves Springfield to work in Venezuela (1/87)

Calla Matthews leaves Springfield (1/87)

Jessie Mathews and Simon leave Springfield (1/87)

Rick leaves Springfield to work in Chicago (1/87)

Sarah Shayne (Audrey Peters) comes to Springfield (1/87)

Grant Aleksander returns as Phillip Spaulding (1987)

Phillip gets involved with Chelsea (1/87)

Vanessa and Billy get divorced (1/87)

Henry Chamberlain has a heart attack; Vanessa takes his place at Spaulding Enterprises (2/87)

Roxie Shayne and Johnny Bauer get involved (spring 1987)

Paul Valere is murdered (Spring 1987)

HB gets involved with Alexandra Spaulding (spring 1987)

Mindy Lewis and Rusty Shayne get involved (spring 1987)

India von Halkein leaves Springfield with Dorrie to live with the Baron in Europe (spring 1987)

Ross & Vanessa get involved (spring 1987)

Will Jeffries (Joseph Breen) comes to Springfield (spring 1987)

Reva gives birth to Marah (6/87)

Alan Spaulding is arrested for the murder of Paul Valere (6/87)

Rusty Shayne is shot by Paul Valere's partner and almost dies (6/87)

Chelsea and Jackson Freemont find out that Warren Andrews murdered Paul Valere (6/87)

Christine Valere leaves Springfield (6/87)

Paige Turco takes over role of Dinah Marler (7/87)

Alan-Michael Spaulding (Carl Tye Evans) returns to Springfield (7/4/87)

Rick Bauer (Michael O'Leary) returns to Springfield (7/87)

Meredith Reade (Nicole Goulet) is introduced (7/87)

Reva & Josh get test results showing that Kyle Sampson is Marah's father (summer 1987)

Phillip moves into the lighthouse (summer 1987)

Reva learns about Josh's marriage to Sonni (summer 1987)

Alan-Michael, Dinah Marler and Cameron Stewart (Ian Ziering) start college (9/87)

Alan Spaulding falls in love with Reva (9/87)

Vanessa & Ross split up (9/87)

Johnny Bauer & Roxie Shayne get engaged; Johnny is diagnosed with cancer (9/87)

Dinah falls in love with Alan-Michael (autumn 1987)

Sonni/Solita (Michelle Forbes) returns from the dead... Josh & Reva separate (10/87)

Chelsea moves into the lighthouse with Phillip (10/87)

Alan finds out that Josh is really Marah's father (only he and Alexandra know) (10/87)

Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) & Pops Cooper introduced (10/87)

Phillip and Reva start working for Spaulding (10/87)

Alan and Vanessa get engaged (10/87)

Sonni and Josh (re)marry ... Alexandra prevents Miss Sally from telling HB that Josh is Marah's father... Miss Sally dies of a heart attack (10/87)

Meredith Reade falls in love with Rick Bauer (10/87)

Harley Davidson Cooper (Beth Ehlers) introduced; gives birth to Daisy (10/31/87)

Alexandra and HB get engaged (late 1987)

Rose, a drug addict, is introduced; Rusty and Mindy help her (late 1987)

Maeve and Fletcher separate (12/87)

Vanessa breaks her engagement with Alan; flies to Venezuela to be with Billy Lewis, who has fallen off the wagon (12/31/87)

Reva is involved with Alan Spaulding (late 1987/early 1988)

Reva tries to save Josh when he falls through the ice; hypothermia leaves her comatose. Alan marries Reva while she is comatose [the marriage was annulled when Reva awoke] (2/88)

Johnny's cancer miraculously cured (3/88)

Marah's paternity is in question (3/88)

Dinah is kissed/assaulted by Cameron's drunken father, George (3/88)

Alan-Michael & Dinah are involved; Harley interferes (4/88)

Rusty falls in love with Rose (4/88)

Rusty & Rose make love (5/88)

Sonni has a miscarriage (5/88)

Phillip wrests Spaulding from Alan... Blake Lindsey (nee Christina Blake Thorpe, played by Elizabeth Dennehy) is introduced (5/88)

Rusty breaks up with Mindy (6/88)

Planned Lewis/Spaulding merger falls through... HB breaks off engagement to Alex (6/88)

Phillip & Chelsea break up (6/88)

Maeve & Fletcher get married... Maeve dies in helicopter crash... Phillip & Meredith sleep together, conceive a baby (7/4/88)

Roxie has a nervous breakdown & is committed to a sanitarium in Switzerland (7/88)

Johnny & Chelsea get involved (Summer or Fall 1988)

Harley & Alan-Michael get involved (July/August 1988)

Rusty shoots & kills Nicky (8/88)

Hawk & Lillian break off engagement (8/88)

Mindy & Frank get involved (8/88)

Reva finds Alan (Daniel Pilon) in Mexico & they make love (8/88)

Cameron & Dinah Marler make love (8/88)

Rick Bauer proposes to Meredith Reade (9/88)

Phillip tries to buy Harley off to keep her away from Alan-Michael (9/88)

Will turns up alive... Sonni confesses to Alex about their affair (9/88)

Phillip & Blake get involved (9/88)

Josh & Reva make love (autumn 1988)

Rick & Meredith get married (11/88)

Phillip & Blake make love (11/88)

Johnny & Chelsea get involved (11/88)

Mindy marries Will Jeffries... Krista Tesreau leaves role of Mindy (12/88)

Fletcher & Alex crash on a deserted island (1/89)

Roger returns, disguised as Adam Malek (1/89)

Reva helps Sonni remember Solita's death in a struggle on a bridge in Venezuela (2/89)

Samantha Marler (Suzy Cote) returns as a teen-ager (early 2/89)

Harley & Alan-Michael get married... Nadine Cooper (Jean Carol) is introduced (2/14/89)

Holly returns from Switzerland (3/89)

Ed & Maureen separate; Ed gets involved with Holly (3/89)

Sonni goes to sanitarium to resolve her multiple-personality disorder (4/89)

Reva learns Josh is Marah's father; Meredith Reade Bauer loses Phillip Spaulding's baby (4/89)

Rusty & Rose get married (4/89)

Hawk & Sarah Shayne remarry (4/89)

Holly starts running WSPR (4/89)

Sonni is cured of multiple personality disorder... Sonni & Josh get divorced (late 4/89)

Will Jeffries kidnaps Marah Shayne (4/25/89)


Gilly Grant (Amelia Marshall) is introduced (5/89)

Johnny & Chelsea get their own TV show (5/89)

Alan calls off engagement to Nadine (5/89)

Will kills Rose Shayne (5/89)

Roger/Adam is unmasked when Blake & Phillip first attempt marriage (5/89)

Dylan (Morgan Englund) is released from jail & comes to Springfield (5/89)

Alan goes to prison (6/89)

Mindy (Kimberly Simms) returns to Springfield (7/89)

Reva & Josh get married... Hampton Speakes (Vince Williams) is introduced... Vanessa returns to Springfield (7/14/89)

Sherry Stringfield takes over role of Blake... Phillip & Blake get married. (7/89)

Nadine & Ross break up (8/89)

Dana Jones (Katell Plevin) masquerades as Beth (9/89)

Dylan befriends his daughter, Daisy Lemay (9/89)

Mindy pretends to reconcile with Will, then gaslights him (9/89)

Reva learns she is pregnant (9/89)

Alan-Michael & Harley move into garage apartment (9/89)

Sonni & Roger sleep together (9/89)

Johnny & Chelsea get engaged (9/89)

Gilly Grant & Hampton Speakes start dating (9/89)

Gary Swanson arrives (9/89)

Neil Everest (Patrick O'Connell) & Beth (Beth Chamberlin) come to Springfield (9/89)

Harley moves out on Alan-Michael (10/89)

Ed fires Sonni; she moves out on Roger (10/89)

Dylan & Harley sleep together; Sam catches them in bed (10/89)

Alan-Michael kidnaps Daisy (10/89)

Will Jeffries falls to his death from a balcony at the Cliff Hotel (11/89)

Dylan learns he is Reva & Billy's son (11/89)

Blake commits Phillip to a mental institution (11/89)

Maureen & Ed renew their vows (Thanksgiving 1989)

Phillip sees Beth (12/4/89)

Sonni leaves town for San Francisco (12/89)

Rae Rooney arrives in Springfield (12/89)

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